Yokohama ADVAN Sport Sizes & review

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The ADVAN Sport is Yokohama’s Max Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sophisticated sports cars, sports coupes and high performance sedans. The ADVAN Sport is designed to combine a high degree of comfort, high-speed durability, and a high level of traction in dry and wet conditions. Like all summer tires, the ADVAN Sport is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The ADVAN Sport features a silica blend tread compound developed to provide grip that’s less affected by ambient temperatures. The compound is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern featuring five main ribs including a massive, outboard shoulder zone to blend handling with ride and noise comfort. Four wide, circumferential grooves help water flow through the footprint to resist hydroplaning.

The tire’s internal structure features two wide steel belts reinforced by spirally wound nylon cap plies to provide strength and uniform ride quality, while the sidewalls are tuned to resist lateral deflection and provide predictable handling.


  1. Factory tire on my Nismo 370z. The tires are good until they start to wear around 16000 miles after that you have to really be carful In the rain and hydroplaning. I’m going with the Potenza re-11’s for my next tire.

  2. These came as OEM on my 2014 Audi A7. Good tires for summer and they hug the road well. The low profile 20″ tires looks great on this car . Very soft rubber and feel great even in rain but not built for long tread life. Used only mid-May to mid-October each year. I’ll be lucky to get to the end of next summer 2017 at which time they will likely be done as per UTOG rating.

  3. This was a great OEM tire on my 370Z. They lasted 20k miles. When it came time to replace them, I went with Michelin Pilot Sports since those were cheaper at the TR (and I had Pilots on my old 350Z). Both brands are great in the dry, though the Yokos were better in the rain. The Yokos also seemed to perform better when the winter temperature dropped into the 40s – less under-steer. (I know these are summer tires, but I didn’t want all-season or snow tires in the South.) If the price is competitive, these tires get the edge over the Michelins.

  4. Main complaints are noise from this tire is excessive and feels like tire sidewall rolls significantly when making sharp turns or U-turns

  5. Original Factory Tire. Looked great when new. Now at 11,800 miles they are shot. Terrible wear. I do not drive anything but normal as I have an electronic monitoring device on my car from my insurance company that monitors my driving. Do not recommend for my type of vehicle.

  6. These are the tires that came with my 2010 Nissan 370Z. I’m not an aggressive driver but these tires really grip the road great – probably because they are summer tires. I live in Southern California so there’s been a drought the entire time I’ve owned the car so I almost never drive in the rain. My one complaint is that these tires are very, very, very noisy and for that reason I’m going to try something else.

  7. porsche dealer put these on my 2012 cayenne S when I bought it this spring. I got 7000 miles on them and the rears are already shot and are at the, for lack of better term, at the wear bars. I have had a couple different cayennes (06 was last) and I know these vehicles eat tires in general. but 7000 miles. really. That is the worst I have ever seen. Don’t buy these!

  8. Being summer tires, these Yokohama Advan Sport do not disappoint with regard to traction and stability at high speeds on dry roads. They even absorb vibrations quite well. The big problem is that the rubber is so soft that you should expect to have them last two summers or 10k miles, whichever comes first. At the beginning of Sept. I was driving under wet conditions (not monsoon but a mild steady rain) and at 70 mph my car began hydroplaning and then fishtailing wildly. I survived and checked the tires as soon as I could only to find that there was very little tread depth left. I literally put only 9,700 miles on them without a single rubber peeling start, so that’s how quickly the rubber goes from regular highway use.

  9. The tires lasted 10k miles to the wear bars with mostly regular driving. At least 5k of the 10k miles were regular high way driving. Very little spirited driving because this is my wife’s car. I would have probably worn them at 8k miles. There are too expensive compared to other brands when considering price and wear. I hope they change the compound or they will not be in the market for long. Grip is great in the dry but so are other tires that last longer. Lite rain grip is also great but not over puddles although that may be the 295 tire size.

  10. Great tires with good traction, however the life expectancy is very low 15-20k. Love the tires and will purchase again if the price is right. I’m driving a 2017 Nissan 370z, once I get the after-market exhaust on this car I may have less miles on my tires.

  11. Great tire, does everything very good but gets noisy after some time, although its quite comfortable over bumpy roads for a sport tire. This is one of the best all rounders, but in something it excells is in its great comunication with the driver over whats happening in the road, there are no surprises with this tire. Great levels of handling and predictability. i recommend it to every spirited driver.

  12. These are the stock tires on my car. As far as performance is concerned, they’re great tires. However, for the price, I’m not impressed. Other, less expensive brands are just as responsive, have a longer tread life, and are much quieter than these are. At 15k miles, these things were way past due for replacement, and I don’t drive like a maniac. For a daily driver, I think my money is better spent on a different brand.

  13. Took these off at 31,000 miles. They had probably another 5-8K left but I could not stand the noise any longer. At around half life, the whining road noise started and got worse until I had had enough. Braking, cornering grip was very good until the end. Acceleration grip varied, but would give up too easily, in my opinion. Ride deteriorated some as the tires wore. For the price, there are better tires out there.

  14. These wear fast and ride quality is severely compromised after 10k miles. Wear pattern is strange and focused on the inside tread. Mine ultimately failed by splitting open on the inside tread. My mechanic says that he has seen the same type of wear on Yoko’s on other cars. I’m up for new tires and definitely will never buy Yoko’s again.

  15. These are on my 650 hp toy with breaks and suspension. The dry traction and handling is indescribably good ! I’ve had these up to 165mph or about 265kph and felt smooth and confident. I’ve had it in the rain a few times and for what it is it’s a good tire. I don’t care what tire I put on there it will be useless in the rain. I won’t have it in the snow so… Tread-wear is crazy, I mean 60000k and I’ve had some parking lot fun and dump the clutch stuff and looks like 3/4 tread still left, amazingly! This tire won’t burnout like a lesser tire. It snaps your neck and hooks hard. In a corner, the passenger is against the door. Laff. With the 6 piston breaks the breaking wants to pop your eyes out. 295’s in front 315’s in back. 30/18 inch.

  16. I have the full JCW suspention and with the factory run flats the ride was very choppy especially in the city. I wanted a tire that could match the suspension but give an acceptable ride for daily commuting, with the ocassional track day thown in. The Advan Sport fits this criteria and the nimble feeling of the MINI has been retained. Dry traction on these tires are excellent. In wet conditions they instill confidence. Cornering is very stable with lots of feedback. Turn in could be a little more responsive, but that is the trade off for the outstanding ride comfort. These tires excell at highway speeds. They do not tramline and are quiet for a performance tire, even on rain grooved surfaces. I am hoping to get a least 17-18k miles out of a set of four. I drive about that many miles per year and a new set of tires and an alignment once a year is totally acceptable for the way drive. I will be taking the car to the track in October and will try to give an update on how the tires do there. So far, I am very pleased. Thanks to the Tire Rack associate who recommended these and with the $40 rebate, these tires should not be passed up by anyone with a MINI Cooper S or JCW.

  17. Great tire for aggressive drivers that wont consider comfort nor noise levels in their every day driving, if that is so , this is your tire. Grip is great although not the best compared to other tires but responsiveness and cornering stability are top notch. You will have to change this tire every 10k to 15 miles.

  18. I’m not an agressive driver by any means. These tires are great but they wear very quickly and unevenly compared to other high performance summer tires I’ve owned over the years on other vehicles. I’ve put 10,000 miles on them but they were probably done after a summer and a half of driving. By the end of the second summer they were already down to wear bars so I probably only got 8,000 miles out of them before they needed to be replaced. If they weren’t so pricey this would not have been a problem but when I purchased them, Yoko was touting that treadwear was better than ever and considering that I had owned two sets of Yoko high performance tires in the past (when I used to drive much more agressively) I kind of had higher expectations for treadwear. I think even the PZero’s didn’t wear as quickly as these tires and those tires aren’t famous for their treadwear by any stretch of the imagination.I’m replacing these with Continental ExtremeContactDWs this summer.

  19. Good tire for road holding, traction, and hydroplaning resistance, however, the the treadwear is not what was expected for a $250 tire. I have 15K on it,I would like to get 5K more if possible, but it doesnt look like it. My previous Kuhmo Escta’s lasted 27K with proper rotation and were a lot less expensive.

  20. 9k and the tread is completely cooked. Regularly rotated, had an alignment right after getting them installed, all the typical recommended steps. Potenza RE050A were the OEM tires that came on the car and I beat them all to ——–. They lasted 18k. I’ve been much more conservative with my driving on these tires and they’re done after 9k. Performance wise, I’d have to say they’re a bit better with responsiveness and stability than the Potenza, not a huge difference though to make up for 9k less in use.Trying to quickly determine my next tire, most likely won’t be the Advan Sport though.

  21. All I gotta say is Im a freak when I drive. I haul buggy everywhere. I have staggered sizes on my ride. I had to change my rears out at 36k mi. they were toast, of course, I never imagined I would get 20k mi on them. Since the fronts were still very good, I left them and changed the rears only. with 50k miles on the front, it still has plenty of tread and performance left. I will end up replacing them all 4as a set. I would guess roughly at 60k miles. My tires came on the car from the dealership new. I am not sure what the others are saying about these tires, but I swear by them and want no other tire on my car. They handle great, respond well, and even at 140mph, i know they are gonna take care of me! Quick note, I drop the hammer on my car until I smoke the tires at least once a day…….over 25k miles on my rears, and they are still going strong! They are a performance tire….Use them that way!

  22. In the last 10 years these are easily the best summer tires I’ve had for the car. They are quiet, even when pushed. Sidewalls are stiff to go with the solid predictable grip. I’m bad at rotating on time, but treadwear has been great for a summer tire – especially with this much performance at this price. Even a recent wet lapping day didn’t phase them.

  23. Worst tires I’ve had on the M. Had Advan Neova 08’s before these and loved them. The Advan Sports have zero grip in the wet…and even though there’s a ton torque in the rear end of the M, the Neova 08’s and the Pilot Sports I’ve had in the past were far superior.

  24. Advan Sport performance was subpar compared to the factory oem Pirelli P zeros that was equipped on my Cls 55 AMG. Most disappointing was the tread wear. I thought it would have exceeded the Pirellis.

  25. im really happy with these tires. i owned a set of Goodyear tires before and they didnt even last a year. Was forced to change them because not only did they have poor grip in the dry but they made the car completely uncontrollable in the rain. driving in a straight line on a wet road was almost impossible, let alone drive up a rained 2 days ago and i was just amazed at the grip. been driving a little more aggressively simply because the tires hug the road. paid $70 less for a new set than i did on my old goodyears… great value, would definitely buy again

  26. Bought these tires to replace the Continental ContiSport 3 which were OEM on my car, which had only 15,000 km in them.Immediately I felt the difference with the new Advan S . Feel and comfort improved, probably more filtered than the ContiSport but driving pleasure now suits me better, and by the way these Advan S are not N rated (Porsche recommends only N rated tires) and so far they deliver.Will post more after the first 1000 km.

  27. Using these on a 350Z for track days, excellent tires on both dry and rainy days. These are a great step on the path to real racing compounds. I’ve had much better high temp performance on track with these than w/others like Pilot Sports. The Pilots overheated and started deforming the tread blocks, under same conditions the next day these held up perfectly, never overheated. For their price they are a great tire to use while building skills.

  28. These were original equipment to the unit. They were terrible. They rode like hard rubber and later in the wear cycle, like stone tires. If the vehicle hadn’t had computer traction control, the bloody thing wouldn’t have stayed on the road. The warning on the New window sticker of only lasting 15,000 miles wasn’t exactly correct, but I should have replaced them after around 25,000 miles…I was sick of them by then.

  29. These are the noisiest tires I’ve ever experienced in a passenger car. Even the major car magazine reviews mention this, yet Tire Rack survey’s shows a high rating on noise that doesn’t seem anywhere close to reality. All the A7’s I drove with the 20″ wheels came with this tire. The 19″ tires (different tires) are far more quiet. Low profile tires on Porsche 911 (Michelin) are worlds apart on noise. If you can handle the different noises going through your car cabin all the time, the dry performance is solid and confidence-inspiring. Not enough experience in wet as I don’t push it, but seems solid and much better than average.

  30. These were the stock tires on my vehicle and drove extremely well when new. While I had no problem whatsoever breaking the rear loose in a straight line or in turning situations (even at speed!), skid entrance was predicatable and controlable. The vehicle turned in very good lateral accerleration numbers (measured). Beginning at 50% treadwear, performance began to drop off dramatically, until even on dry pavement it feels as if I am driving on marbles. If not for the electronic traction control (I originally NEVER used this “feature”) I would be afraid to drive the car with these tires installed. With 1/8″ tread remaining before the wear bars were exposed I was driving a Jet-Ski when it rained! I will NEVER purchase a set of these tires, opting instead for RE-11’s, Continental DWS’s, or Michelin Pilot SS’s (which I’m buying now). I have driven vehicles with these tires installed so I do have a baseline to form an opinion from.

  31. Yokohoma tire has been extremely satisfying and the Tire Rack organization is a quality operation who makes the transaction one of pleasure and confidence in your decision and whatever guidence you request.

  32. I purchased the car last year with the Yokohama Advance Sports tires on it not realizing these were summer performance tires. They aren’t kidding – these tires are horrid in cold and snow, don’t do well in summer rain, and are loud to boot. Not sure that these tires have any selling points and would never recommend to anyone.

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