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Do you want to buy a new tire for your car, but what about sizing? Not sure if the existing tire will match your vehicle? Would you like to upgrade from the factory to aftermarket wheels?

These are great questions, and our website will provide answers depending on the vehicle.

The variety of products in the tire market is wider than ever. Numerous tire manufacturers now offer all types of car tires. If you consult our independent tire tests from the official US tire members before buying, you will get valuable tips to understand these offers. To give tire buyers a comprehensive overview of recommended tire models, we have compiled the results of the current relevant tire tests by car models.

How a tire performs on dry and wet roads, the snow and ice can only be proved by the extensive tests. 

We analyze tests conducted by the various other North American and European consumer protection organizations according to precisely defined methods. For each test model, a good number of tires, divided into small quantities, are bought in free trade from up to different retailers. These methodologies exclude possible errors of small statistical samples.

Our blog provides the most interesting information from the life of cars’ tires. Here you will learn about the latest trends in car tire sizing as well as find valuable technical information. You do not have to spend long hours on the Internet in search of the right tire size, you just have to check page dedicated specifically to your vehicle, and you will find the answers to all your questions.

You will really like our reviews of car models, where the tire specs, design, related equipment and, of course, technical characteristics are described briefly and accurately. You will learn how to buy car tires profitably, which ones are better a sports car or an SUV, which type of car tire uses less fuel, etc. You will find out a lot of interesting things about the most expensive and modern models, which one cannot but admire.

We have a lot of articles with useful information about how you can perform the replacement of the tires, wheel tuning and much more. You will learn to find a way out of the most difficult situations, for example, if you punch a wheel away from civilization. We advise on several techniques that will make your car more stylish and do not need a lot of money spent. On top of that, we provide a lot of useful information that will help you properly care for the tires, too.

Compare all tire models of current test reports with each other and find the right tire models quickly and reliably at affordable prices! 


John M. Vincent

Wheels and tires are a significant part of my life. I started learning the tire sizing basics in my 20’s by helping my dad provide a full-service vehicle repair, and in a couple of years, earned an ASE Certified Master Technician. I also completed my Bachelor of Science by May 2013 at Rowan University, studying Chemical Engineering.

I used to be working as an engineer at Bridgestone Tires Akron Technical Center. My responsibilities included but were not limited to technical computing, indoor & outdoor testing of new tires.

Why do I love tires so much? Because they can make a significant impact on the vehicle in terms of style and performance. Tires are my hobby. So I started the website because I want to share my personal experience with different tire brands and, by doing so, keep you and your family safe on the road.

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