Yokohama AVID S33B Sizes & review

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Passenger All-Season tires are for drivers who want a combination of a smooth ride, good wear and S- or T-speed rated durability along with all-season traction, including in light snow. Passenger All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on standard coupes, sedans and family vans, as well as some entry-level pickup, crossover and sport utility vehicles.

O.E. Passenger All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. I drive on interstate highways at posted speed limits, 65 mph. OEM tires and I am purchasing another set of the same tires. Getting 88,000 miles on a set of tires for a front wheel drive van is OK by me. I do rotate the tires about every 10 to 12k. All 4 tires are at the wear bar right now. I’m reading the other reviews that do not have very high rating for this tire and hoping that the new tires perform as well as the old. They are not the cheapest tie available for this vehicle. But I have a Subaru Forester that has Yokohama Geolandar tires that got 100,000 miles on the first set. I bought a second set of them as well. So, I have become a fan of the Yokohama tire brand.

  2. I got these tires already on my 2014 Dodge Caravan , and they are probably one of they worst sets of tires I have ever had . I was really surprised because , Yokohama’s are usually great tires . I have zero traction in the snow , or in the rain . Even sometimes when i am pulling out into traffic the tires spin on dry ground . Then I have people laughing at me , because they think that I am trying to burnt out in a Minivan . All that said i would have been better off with a set of Mickey Thompson’s on the van , they probably would have had more traction . It is like these tires are set of baloney skins . So I will be purchasing new set of tires from the Tire Rack very soon . Last time around I bought Continental Direct Contact tires,and they were a awesome set of tires . And Tire Rack was very helpful and quick to get my order out . Hope this helps and good luck!!!!

  3. These tires came stock with my 2008 Lancer ES. I have 33 000 miles on them, rotated every 6000 miles and have gone thru two winters with them. The treadlife on the side of the tire is in the low 300s so I knew tread life wouldnt last long, but am surprised that I got 30K miles out of them. Traction is fair, no good in deep snow, dry traction is pretty good for this car, road noise is ok, more noise with less tread.

  4. Came stock on my ’12 Impreza. One day I almost died because the tires wouldn’t stop in 300 feet from 40mph while it was raining, they just leisurely slid along the road like a sled. Stopped about 1 foot into the intersectionDry traction is pretty good, I can go around ramps at 48mph on a dry day with hot tires. Could definitely be much better though.Responsiveness… don’t get me started. Try doing cones, you’ll slide all over the place no matter what speed you’re at, you won’t even know what it’s responding to anymore.Light snow is surprisingly infinitely worse than deep snow. I can do normal driving on 30mph roads in 5 inches of snow, but if I go 5mph in a half inch, I’m likely to run up a tree. Ice is bad obviously, they’re not winter tires.Never buying again, buying michelins next time, these are overpriced for the lack of R&D that clearly went into them.

  5. Hard to say whether it’s a good, great, or poor tire, as it’s the only one I’ve had on my Grand Caravan (factory equipment), so some ratings might be different if I’d had different tires on the car to compare with. Ride is OK, but it seems a little harsh at low speeds on broken pavement and separation strips. Good ride at highway speeds. Noise is OK; low tread noise, but some “thumping” is obvious on separation strips. Wet traction is OK too, but I haven’t had any emergency situations or real hydroplaning conditions. Snow traction is poor–tread does not clean at all, snow just packs the tread, making it have the effectiveness of a bald tire. First gear on this car is very low, which doesn’t help in getting it going. Ice traction? Gimme a break–only chains or studded tires are any good on ice. Response to steering input seems pretty quick; again, nothing to compare it with. Wear at 17K miles indicates a probable life of 40-45 thousand miles. Sorry, don’t have a tread depth gauge.

  6. Overall, I am very pleased with this tire. Very even tread wear, acceptable road noise and the tires still have many miles before they will need replaced. However, at 30,000 miles they are beginning to hydroplane a little. I have ordered a set of AVID touring to replace them because of the hydroplaning.

  7. These tires are horrible on my 2014 Chrysler Town & Country. I constantly drive in fear in snow that I will be sliding through a stop sign or into a ditch. Considering I am taking 4 children to and from school in the winter that can be quite scary for all of us to go sliding through an intersection. I can’t wait until I have the money to buy new tires to replace these awful ones! Even on wet pavement with barely any gas these tires spin.

  8. I have driven on these in a Dodge Grand Caravan for 15,000 miles. Strengths: Pretty quiet and smooth tires. Weaknesses: As another reviewer said then spin when first accelerating from the Caravans low first gear on the six-speed transmission. It’s annoying, especially since it’s dry road. Treadwear is poor on the front tires (which is typical in minivans), but these are wearing more quickly than expected for Yokohamas priced at this level. I will not buy these again and can’t wait to be rid of them from the safety standpoint on the treadwear.

  9. Just over 8,000 miles on factory tires and they are out of spec for annual vehicle inspection. I would never buy these tires and it’s not very surprising that Yokahama has removed the mileage warranty for tires purchased after Jan 2014 – because these are pure junk. Don’t buy unless you want to throw your money away.

  10. These tires were on the vehicle when I bought it and they are terrible! The tread life is way too short. I was barely able to get 45000 miles out of them and they should have been replaced a while ago. The grip on anything other than dry roads is not very good, lots of slipping and sliding. I will never buy another Yokohama tire again!

  11. This tire was the OEM, I do a lot of highway driving and city driving in Boston. I changed out my originals at 60,000, the next set at 119,000 and now going in for a set with 171,000 miles. I have no complaints other then all of the pot holes on the New England Roads.

  12. This is an update to a review at 17,000 mi. I now have 52,000 miles on them, and with the help of my newly purchased tread depth gauge, I find they still have 4/32-5/32 of tread left. Probably good for 60-65K mi, not bad for an original equipment tire. Really should get new tires for winter, but may have to suffer thru on these due to finances. Snow traction is terrible. Wet traction is acceptable, but I just don’t push the limits on wet pavement, so maybe I’m not a good source of info on that assessment. Ride is OK, noise is low, handling is secure and predictable, they have worn evenly, and I’ve had no balance problems with them. Overall, a decent, but not outstanding, tire if you live in a sunny state, but if you’re north of the Mason Dixon line, get something else.

  13. Yokohama Avid 33B came stock on the Grand Caravan. The main problem concerns spinning from a stop and faster than expected tread wear. Needed replacing at about 35000 miles. The Fuzion Touring SL seems to be a much better replacement, since it rides so much smoother and doesn’t spin as easily.

  14. OEM on our 2013 Grand Caravan. We purchased vehicle with 16,000mi and tolerated the tires until winter and 23,000mi. Absolute worst tires I have ever owned. The front wore quickly because they would spin so easily. Once the front tires were below 50% tread they were scary on wet pavement, easily hydroplane and no stopping or accelerating traction. Avoid these tires.

  15. Round, black, and hold air. 33,000 miles of mostly highway driving and these tires are bald. They are the original tires that came with the new Dodge Grand Caravan, so I was expecting something better on a top trim model vehicle. The performed about average, so they aren’t bad tires, as long as you don’t mind replacing them every 18 months.

  16. Bought 2 of these tires from the dealer to replace a tire on the rear that could not be repaired due to separating rubber to avoid a potential blowout. I asked the dealer if they had another tire instead. They told me this was the only tire they carried for the van. When I got the tires the van acted the same as it did with the tires with less tread. You could hardly stop the van in wet conditions. Worst tire I have ever owned. Replaced immediately when I got home from my trip with Dunlop Signature II on all 4 tires. There is no comparison. The van now drives and responds the way it is supposed to. This all happened back in 2013 when the van had 26,000 miles on it. 41,000 miles later, the dunlops still have plenty of tread and the van still drives as good as the day I put the dunlops on.

  17. Purchased w/ new vehicle. Fair at best for when all considered. Poor snow traction, slips when raining and poor life cycle. With 16000 miles, already researching for upcoming replacement expected this fall/winter.

  18. With strict maintenance (rotating tires twice per year, checking/fixing alignment every 6 months, and keeping correct air pressure), these tires are probably one of the worst I’ve ever used on a vehicle. I expected better from Yokohama brand/FCA — by choosing these tires, FCA made a definite cost effective decision,not a quality decision. These were original tires on vehicle (bought brand new from Dodge/FCA dealership). Lasted less than 20k miles/little over 2 years, that’s very bad for treadwear in normal driving conditions. Tires would spin out from stop lights/signs (even in very dry conditions)–peeling off in a minivan?. I changed entire set when tread depths were worn down (went with set of runflat– for piece of mind and other vehicle using the same brand/model tire with very little/no issues). The rear tires were between 3/32″ and 4/32″, front were between 4/32″ and 5/32″ at just under 20,000 miles in all weather driving on almost even combination of highway/city roads (no dirt/gravel/off road conditions). Very noisy, especially on highway roads at high speeds.

  19. Tires came as OEM on our 2014 Chrysler T&C. In the first snow experience with this van, we barely made it home having to back down an incline and find another route home. Wet traction is horrible and requires finess when pulling away from a stop. Tires are very noisy and extremely harse riding. 20,000 miles and front are in need for replacement already. Thank goodness we have an SUV for our second vehicleThis is the third Chrysler van we have had and none of the other 2 performed this poorly. I blame the tires and hope when replaced soon the dissatisfaction with our van goes away.

  20. The Yokahoma Avid S33 did not have anything else designating it, temp and treadware “B”. These were on the vehicle when purchased new. I have been driving for 38+ years, these were the worst performing snow/inclement weather tires I have experienced. The front wheel drive with 4 wheel ABS worked on corners that others took at 20+mph, I could not stay in lane at 17mph. I have experienced better with rear wheel drives with three different tires on the vehicle. Fine when dry on the highway.

  21. Very impressed by the wear and snow traction. It’s soft rubber is good for cold climates and a comfortable ride. I had winter tires for my last car and never thought of buying winter tires because these Avid’s did the job. The wear started off at 10/32 and is so far at 8.5/32…replace at 2/32. They are 3.4 yrs old.

  22. Never been so happy for a tire to wear out. These tires were original equipment on my 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan and were completely bald after 18 months and 30,000 miles. It was bad enough that these tires had no grip or control but the noise they made was horrible.

  23. These tires were on the car when bought new in May 2016. One year and 7,000 miles later the front tires (before first factory-scheduled maintenance program rotation) are completely worn on the shoulders. These tires have decent ride comfort but have terrible handling characteristics in dry, wet, or snow. The treadwear is terrible. These tires will probably need replacement by 20,000 miles. These are cheap tires for a reason and that’s why they come standard on the base Subaru Impreza.

  24. Echoing statements made by other Dodge Caravan owners. 2015 caravan with 20000 miles, 8000 of which were on snow tires. So these tires have 13000 miles of mostly city driving and they are done, like totally done. There is even some cracking on the outside edge. Unbelievable. I would be embarrassed to put my corporate name on these things. I bought the top end Dodge Grand Caravan R/T, fully loaded, every option, so not cheap, and still came with these tires. The worst tread wear I have ever experienced. I used snow tires in the winter, rotated in the summer and they are finished. Even when they were brand new, starting on an uphill corner in wet weather, they just spin. After an early light snow in October before I got the snow tires installed, they just spun. Incredibly unsafe. Dodge installed these to save like $300 per vehicle? Just charge me the $300 and use better tires. do not buy these tires.

  25. My only complain of this tire is the treadwear. I got 25k miles and the front tires has 40% tread left. For the price of this tire I expect it to go at least 40k miles but it’s notmgoing to happen. Will be replacing it with a different brand soon.

  26. These tires were Factory OE. From day one they were absolute —-e. Tires slip on the slightest amount of dust on the asphalt. Winter and wet driving conditions these tires are borderline dangerous. I’m probably driven over 3 million miles, commercially and personally combined. These tires are possibly the worst tires I’ve ever driven

  27. Came from factory on my 14 Impreza I bought brand new. I live in Northern NY, 3 miles from Canada and its winter 6 months of the year here. Tires did perform well when brand new. Had to toss @ 16,000 miles and 4 years old because they were shot and weatherchecked between the treads. My driving style is spirited plus, and Im sure Im harder on tires than 97% of people who drive. Overall they surprised me as they were better than I thought at first sight, however I do have that unbeatable Subaru drivetrain. I think they are way overpriced and I got a much better tire to replace these for quite a bit less money too.


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