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The BluEarth Winter V905 is Yokohama’s environmentally conscious Performance Winter / Snow tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sports coupes, high-performance sedans and performance-tuned SUVs looking for high speed winter driving performance, along with confident traction and handling in dry and wet conditions.

Yokohama BluEarth branding is used to identify an ecologically friendly series of tires that are designed to deliver environmentally, human and socially friendly solutions for drivers and their vehicles. BluEarth Winter V905 tires featuring BluEarth branding are identified as such on their “Sizes” and “Specs” pages.

Utilizing a specialized, high-silica compound infused with Orange Oil allows the BlueEarth Winter V905 to remain flexible and provide traction across a wide range of temperatures. The directional tread pattern with wide slanting grooves helps to evacuate water and slush from the contact patch for hydroplaning resistance. The Triple 3D sipes create biting edges for traction on slick surfaces while increasing tread block stiffness for confident handling in dry, wet or snowy conditions.

Internal construction of the BluEarth Winter V905 consists of a two-ply polyester casing to help balance ride comfort and durability, and the two wide, steel belts are reinforced by a nylon cap ply to aid handling responsiveness and deliver high-speed capability.

BluEarth Winter V905 tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Note: Snow platform indicators (the equivalent of “snow wear bars”) are molded into the BluEarth Winter V905’s tread grooves to inform the driver when ice and snow traction will be reduced as the tire’s tread reaches the point where the remaining tread depth becomes less effective in deep snow.

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  1. These tires are incredible on snow and ice. I drove them in 16 inches of snow, with 50 mph winds and temperatures of -4f. The tires were incredibly stable and had great traction. After the blizzard passed, I spent a week driving them in the icy aftermath. Once again, the tires were incredibly stable and had great traction in the icy conditions. Even in dry conditions, the tires are very good. The ride is pleasant for winter tires. They are usually reasonably quiet in most road confpditions. However, on a freshly paved section of highway they were loud. They are much better than my prior winter performance tires, which include Michelin Pilot Alpin PA 4 and Dunlop WinterSport 3D. Buy them with confidence!

  2. Better than I expected. Low noise, very smooth ride, confident at high speeds. One winter season down, it was great in the snow. The treads look like they’ll last at least 3 seasons.

  3. Mating the Yokohama Bluearth Winters with my highly tuned X5 was fantastic. I couldnt find a way to keep my 21″ rims and run snow tires but they made a great snow tire available in 325/30/21, 285/35/21. Perfect. Now they are high performance snow tires so you do hear a lot of noise on pavement and they are stiffly sidewalled, but in the snow and cold they perform flawlessly. Much more grip than any all season could offer.

  4. I purchased these tires based on the fact that a limited amount of options existed currently for the new 2018 E63S AMG. The composition of the tire made sense and they were speed rated. The price was also remarkably good for such a tire. I went square at all 4 corners instead of trying to match the stock staggered setup. I installed them on the factory oem rims. I live in an extremely cold and snowy climate in Canada. I was extremely happy from day one in the way the tires handled in snow, icy, and dry conditions. It has maintained almost all of the character that the stock Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires provided which are currently the most capable non-race UHP tire available. I have used both Blizzak ws80 and Dunlop Winters. I thought I noticed a slight hum at hwy speeds but it did not recreate the noise today on another road. I would expect some noise from winter tires at speed anyways. These are as good as the Blizzaks and better then the Dunlops in winter conditions. I would absolutely purchase these again.

  5. I don’t have many miles on these tires; however, I have put a few hundred miles on them in light as well as heavy snow. I live in Colorado and use winter rated tires exclusively in the snow. I travel to the mountains frequently and conditions change quickly. Previously had more expensive Pirelli Winter tires and loved them. These are very close for a more modest price tag. In heavy snow (more than 6 inches) and very wet snow these tires drift a bit more than the Pirelli’s but they still allow for accurate and confident driving. Don’t have any data on wet traction really and will see about tread wear; however, for the price and performance I will purchase again.

  6. This is my first set of Yokohama winters, and they have not let me down in any situation. Dry, wet, Snow or ice they deliver. Fantastic grip across the board and a very tough and durable tyre. Quite and hardwearing, but then again Yokohama are a very high end tyre manufacturer. Impressed.

  7. This tire I offers much better dry and wet stability than the Blizzaks I’ve run before. Much better overall tire than the Blizzaks. In deep snow they self clean a lot better, allowing for much better traction in deep snow and slush. They don’t have the sheer grip on ice that Nokains have, but it is extremely predictable. Under hard acceleration when I’m purposefully getting it to break loose, it is extremely predicable and you can easily tell what the car will do/it gives you enough grip that even if you do brake all four loose, you can still put the car exactly where you want it. Braking characteristics are excellent and also predictable. After 12,000 miles, they are showing next to no wear, no cupping on the sipes etc etc. Excellent tire for the price. If I can’t afford Nokians for my next set of winter tires, I’ll be grabbing another set of these once they wear out.

  8. Coming from Dunlop wintersport M3’s. I took a chance on these tires as when I ordered there were no reviews at all. Found some from europe where it seems to be a mid to highly rated tire. These were cheaper than replacement dunlops, and a better price than any other ‘name brand’ tire maker. I am very happy so far. They are comfortable and grip very well. I find they tend to bounce slightly during hard cornering on off camber curves (my road is quite curvy). I have driven a couple mornings on some dry packed ice/snow and had no issues with traction so far.These are much quiter and more comfortable than my Pilot AS3+ tires that I run in the summer. The pilots are obviously a little more ‘alive’ but also can be quite harsh on some bumps.

  9. These are good tires on drier and wet asphalt. When its wetter and in snow these tires are mediocre.Tire width has a lot to do with this; as well as, front drive setup in my car. Really a compromise tire that does better in mixed winter conditions than in true winter conditions. Confidence in my perfect handling car is about 75% with these tires.

  10. Great tire at an excellent price. I am on my second set. I use them as an all-season tire in New England. Incredibly smooth and far quieter than the original-equipment run-flats. I got 30,000 miles out of the first set. Would have gotten more save for premature wear in a couple of spots due to (1) overinflation (my fault) and (2) bad alignment.


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