Yokohama AVID Ascend LX Sizes & review

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The AVID Ascend LX is Yokohama’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for drivers of sedans, coupes, crossovers and minivans who want a quiet ride and confident wet performance combined with dependable winter traction and long tread life. The AVID Ascend LX is designed to deliver grip in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

Yokohama BluEarth branding is used to identify an ecologically friendly series of tires that are designed to deliver environmentally, human and socially friendly solutions for drivers and their vehicles. AVID Ascend LX tires branded with the BluEarth symbol are identified on their Sizes and Specs pages.

The symmetric pattern of the AVID Ascend LX features an offset design and a five-block pitch sequence to help reduce pattern and road noise for a comfortable, quiet ride. The tread is molded from Yokohama’s L-2 all-season compound that features a unique polymer blend designed to enhance wear resistance, and the wider, flatter tread contour helps to evenly distribute pressure within the footprint to combat uneven wear and improve tire longevity. The wide, circumferential and lateral grooves evacuate water from the contact patch to resist hydroplaning, and wavy 3D sipes in the shoulders plus notches in the intermediate ribs create biting edges for traction in light snow and on ice.

Internally, a polyester casing aids ride comfort and supports two wide, steel belts. A nylon reinforcement provides high-speed capability and enhances handling and durability.


  1. Replaced Michelins that only lasted 30,000 miles with the new tire from Yokohama. The ride is smoother and quieter. The price was almost half of the Michelin, so if I get even a few more miles out of these, it will be worth the purchase. Really like the tires so far

  2. Yokohama nailed it with these tires. I have a sporty SUV and these tires handle great yet have a compliant ride and are very quiet on all road surfaces. I just tried them in rain, snow and mud and they are very good in those conditions too. Looks like I am getting about 2 MPG better than my old Falken Pro G4s too so if they last any where near their 85K mile warranty, they could be the perfect tire and the only ones I will buy again and for less money than Michelins too–highly recommend!

  3. I only have about 250 miles on these tires but so far they are awesome. I live in North Dakota and they day after they were installed, we received 8″ of snow and the tires performed flawlessly. I haven’t had a chance to drive on a dry road yet but on ice, snow and slush they have exceeded my expectations.

  4. I probably should held off on reviewing these until I’d gotten more miles on them, but my initial impression is so positive I wanted to share. The Golf Alltrack is all around one of the best vehicles I’ve owned, and I’ve owned over 40 cars in my lifetime. That said, the Falkens they put on there at the factory are GARBAGE!!! They were loud, rough riding, and had terrible traction in the dry, wet, and snow. Literally the only tires I’ve considered replacing with less than 5000 miles on them.Lucky me, I finally caught a nail at 35,000 miles, and got my excuse to replace them. Turns out, though, there’s not much out there in the stock size of 205/55 (literally, I think there were 24 tires available, and most were either run flats or winter tires). The 225/50 had the same diameter, and supposedly would not rub, so I hesitantly gave them a go. I say hesitantly, because my experience with track day tires has always been that there’s a trade-off in acceleration and NVH for grip, going with a wider tire… and the Golf Alltrack only rates “adequate” in the acceleration category to start with.Imagine my surprise when they got put on and not only is the car no slower than before, but much quieter and smoother riding as well! Handling, responsiveness, comfort, and quietness are all significantly improved from stock! I can’t attest to rain or snow driving yet, but they can’t be worse than those Falkens were. No idea if MPG has been affected, but given no perceptible change in acceleration I’m guessing any difference will be minor.Seriously, these are the tires this car should have come with in the first place. They’re better in every conceivable way, make the car ride as comfy as an old-fashioned Lincoln Town Car, and are cheaper to boot.

  5. I’ve had these tires on my 2011 Honda Odyssey for about two months. I bought them to replace General Altimax RT43s that only lasted about 25,000 miles (out of a 75,000 mile treadwear warranty). Minivans eat up tires so I’ve tried different brands to see which hold up the best. The Generals were the worst, and I had Continentals on before that which lasted about 50,000 miles. These Yokohamas have an 85,000 mile treadwear warranty so I thought I’d give them a try and at least I would have a good prorated credit if they don’t last very long.I like the tread design and the technology built into the tire. Of course this tire performs well in all categories right now since they’re brand new. They have been driven in the rain and held up fine; good traction and no hydroplaning (again the tires are new).My one complaint is the noise level. Overall the tire is decently quiet and comparable to the other tires I’ve tried, BUT at around 50mph (probably from 47-54mph) a noticeable hum develops. I would say there’s a very slight vibration that goes with the sound, too. It’s not a balance issue either because they have been rebalanced once already since having them installed and the sound was there before and after. At any other speed range the hum is not noticeable. So maybe it’s something common in my type of vehicle or the tire size (235/65-17) but it’s definitely there. It didn’t bother me enough to return the tires under the 30-day trial, but it’s something to consider if you drive a lot around 50mph.I’m hoping the rest of the traits of these tires hold up well.

  6. Yokohama nailed it on this one. Have them only a short time but these tires are the best I ever put on a car. I use to buy only Michelins buy they became noisy as ——–. So far driven in torrential rain, slush an light snow on highway and they stuck to the road like glue. Message to Yokohama: if you read this do not change, upgrade, modify or discontinue these tires. Just wish I can get for my new 2019 RAV4 limited. Very quiet, Highly recommend.

  7. This is an early low mileage review based on comparing the Yokohama Avid Ascend LX to the OE Bridgestone Dueler. I can only rate my impression based on fairly recent memory of the vehicle when new, about 23 months and 30,000 miles ago, and now. I had the good fortune to have the tires mounted on a fairly warm day here in Minnesota, with a combination of dry and wet streets, and some ice and slush on residential streets. The next day we had blizzard conditions with light snow,drifted deep snow, and plowed areas with compacted snow. My main desire is a quiet comfortable ride and good all season traction. We travel all over, but live in snowy Minnesota. The tires were purchased at my local Subaru dealer in Moorhead MN, through Tire Rack. They have a 24 month road hazard program in cooperation with Tire Rack and all participating Subaru dealerships that even includes roadside assistance and service around the country. Added Bonus! The tires balanced easily, and the tech commented they are about as good as he’s seen with required weight and balancing ease. The tires are quiet on the highway, typically with wind noise more pronounced than tire noise on most road surfaces. They transfer impact noise from cracks and road imperfection similarly to the Bridgestones when they were new, but improved over the worn tires. They handled wet, dry, and slushy conditions in a controlled, predictable way with no problems, and inspired confidence compared to the worn tires on compact snow and ice. They probably don’t have the same grip as a dedicated snow tire, but pretty good, better than the Bridgestones in my memory. I can say the Yokohamas track down the highway well and switch lanes and corner well behaved. There was no issues with recovery oscillation when hitting road imperfection. In my opinion these tires beat the originals by a small margin in noise and comfort, about equal in wet and dry grip, and are an improvement on snow and ice. Hopefully they will last longer too!

  8. The Avid Ascend LX is a nice riding tire. It is both compliant and composed over road imperfections providing most of the time a comfortable ride. It is relatively quiet but probably not the quietest tire on the market with tire noise varying with the type of road surface. Where the Avid Ascend LX disappoints is in wet, snow and ice traction, especially snow traction. On wet surfaces one doesn’t completely feel confident in the tire’s ability to the hold the road. In snow the tire struggles to maintain traction, not allowing the driver to go beyond circumspect driving. Because of the tire’s snow performance and questionable wet performance I cannot recommend this tire.

  9. Early results of my Yokohama’s Avid Ascent LX tires for my 2008 Honda Accord. Car has 220,800 miles. Car has always been somewhat noisy as it relates to highway noise coming into the cabin, however, that has always been a constant with the ’08 Honda’s (have 2 of them). But these tires are significantly quieter than the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred tires prior to this new set. Ran them for 78,000 miles. They were good tires, not great, but not bad for the miles and for the price. Will see how long that remains the case as I rack up the miles on the Yokohama’s. So far, the Yokies drive a bit more firm, but they feel much better on stance, responsiveness, and dry pavement capability than the GY’s. I’ve driven only once in the rain, and they feel very good with grip. I was a bit aggressive when taking corners, off the line starts after stops, and going through puddles… and they held up very nicely. I think I am one who looks at a tire’s tread design, shoulder stance, and overall sidewall appearance (along with all the TireRack statistics & testing numbers), and I think this tire is ranking up there fairly high. May not be the best overall, based on the numbers, but looking at overall data and road feel.. this is in the top 3 for my Honda. I’ve had OE Michelins, Toyo, Goodyear, Continental (not on this car), and now Yokohama’s. Not to mention, they ‘look’ awesome on the car. So far, so very good!


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