Yokohama AVID TOURING-S Sizes & review

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The AVID TOURING-S is Yokohama’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans and minivans. It was designed to combine ride quality, smooth handling, durability and traction in any season, including in light snow.

The AVID TOURING-S uses Yokohama’s Tri-plex Tread Compound to provide long tread life and all-season traction. This compound is molded into a symmetric tread design that features Silent Shoulder variable tread block sizes and a central Twin Rail Stability Rib to reduce tread pattern noise while offering confident maneuverability. The intermediate tread blocks feature Tapered Rain Channels working in tandem with circumferential grooves to help evacuate water and enhance wet traction while Cross Traction sipes provide biting edges to increase traction in wintry conditions. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by nylon belt edge strips on top of polyester body plies that are stabilized by tall, tapered rubber sidewall inserts for better absorption of bumps and road vibrations.


  1. I prefer Yokohama over other brands. I do mostly city driving. I get solid handling and ride-comfort with the Avids. The tires are very quiet. With correct tire pressure, I am just concerned that the tread is wearing faster than I expected.

  2. Just over 30,000 miles and they are completely bald in the back and nearly bald in front . Came with the vehicle new so makes sense MFG or Dealer puts cheapest tires possible on vehicle to cut costs . Tire MFG wouldn’t replace the tires.

  3. I put these Yoko AVIDs on my 1991 Volvo 240 wagon and my 2005 Toyota Camry. I have been pleased with the cornering, stopping and wet-weather handling of these tires. I am not pleased with the tread life. I regularly check the tire pressure and rotate them every 5k miles. I was surprised that I got only 36.2k of service from these tires on the Camry. They are ok on the Volvo, but they’ve seen less than 10k of service.

  4. Got my 07 Odyssey with those tires and put 20 000 miles on them. Not sure how many miles they were driven before that, maybe 10-15k? Anyhow, they are pretty much up for replacement, however, within low acceptable limits since the guys at America’s tire did not refuse to rotate and balance. The thread of one of the tires just separated and gave me a horrible vibration, I was really concerned it might have been the power train or something. The tires are not noisy in general and have a good grip in dry weather but very slippery in the wet. No snow in So Cal so may not give an opinion. Will not buy again.

  5. Nice ride quality tirequiet runningdecent wet traction when the tires were pointed straight.Average wet traction when you turned though.not great in snow or ice but acceptable if you drove safety.dry breaking was excellent dry corner was sub par as the tires deflect crazy bad in hard turnsBUT they don’t lose traction45k miles and had 3/32 thread with my 2300lb car (all highway)my new continental contact touring a/s ride just as nice but don’t deflect nearly as much as the avid S tires did

  6. This is one of 3 sets of Avid tires I have had and each one had a significant ride issue later in it life. I did get decent use from them but on this Honda Van the tire developed a large bump on the tread basically overnight and I had to quickly purchase another set of tires because the van was not driveable due to the heavy bump. A 2004 Honda Civic had a similar issue although not as severe.

  7. Overall the tires have been good. The shoulders have worn a little faster than I expected and would like. (and no my alignment is not off) They are quiet and they rode well, at least until two of them slipped chords inside and turned into eggs. One tire has two lumps where the tread is bulged out exactly opposite one another and the other tire has one area. There would probably be enough tread left to go the remaining 20k miles or so of the tread wear warranty if the tires were still round, but they’re not. I’m extremely disappointed that I have to go out and purchase tires a year earlier than I should have to.

  8. Ordering my second set of these for our minivan. We’ve had these tires on our Nissan Quest and our Honda Odyssey and they’re a solid all-rounder. For the first 40k miles, they were great in all conditions. As they got older, thinner, and the rubber got harder, they remained great in the dry and in the wet under braking, but had a knack for hydroplaning easily in standing water and spinning the driven wheels under moderate acceleration. You can spend more or less, but these are a solid, middle-of-the-road tire with great tread life. The only other oddity we noticed on both cars is a modest, high-pitched noise at highway speeds. Normal people won’t notice, but tire-people will.

  9. Put these tires on because Yokohama has always had a good brand name, but after less than two years of just non-winter driving, they are done. The majority of miles are put on highway driving. Just don’t seem to last as long as other top brand names like Michelin. They performed OK. Wouldn’t say there were exception in ride, handling, wet or dry conditions. Definitely did not meet the expectation based on price and brand name.

  10. I was initially upset about needing new tires after 4 years with sidewall cracking and treadwear lines showing at 50K on a 65K tread life, and I was going to buy different tires. After reading reviews of many other tires, for the price I initially paid ($62/tire first pair, $73/tire second pair) and the fact that I was not diligent in maintenance (proper inflation, rotation, alignment, etc.) and the satisfaction in dry and wet weather driving (never hydroplaned or skidded once in winter rain in SF Bay Area) and dirt road driving (N. CA/southern OR) with very little tread, I’ve decided they were very good to me and I’ll probably go with these again. The Prius has a noisy ride but I don’t think the tires are contributing.

  11. I bought these tires about 4 1/2 years and 45,000 miles ago. The best I can say are a very average tire. They do nothing really great, but nothing really bad either. Definitely quieter than the original Michelins that it came with, and traction maybe a little better. The one area of traction that can be improved is off the line acceleration. Believe it or not, the Odyssey has a beast of an engine (especially for a minivan), and even on dry pavement the traction control kick in immediately. Defeat the system, and the tires will spin for 40 feet. Everything else was just average, I guess pretty good for the price but I would gladly pay more for a little better grip even at the expense of some tread life. One thing I will say is that during the third worst snow storm in Chicago history, I was able to get to work that morning (though the vehicle was probably as much a factor as the tires). I am about to order the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring based on the Tire Rack decision guide and the reviews submitted for the Honda Odyssey.

  12. These haven been good tires over the past 4 years. We live in Michigan and run these tires year-round so they see a variety of weather conditions. Decent in the snow, but nothing special. Hydroplaning resistance was excellent when new, noticeably starting to deteriorate now. Quite, comfortable ride. One unusual factor: when driving in open-grid sections of a bridge, the tires wander all over the place – feels like driving on ice-skates. Very unnerving when driving across the Mackinaw bridge. Probably will not purchase again, but whatever we get next may not be that much better.

  13. some hydroplaning tendency so I am replacing them before winter sets in. When new (under 20K) the tires did well in snow and rain. The ride on these is a bit rough, but CRV’s suspension is a bit stiff. They squeal if I start out fast (foot coming off brake while accelerating). Squeal a bit on some corners, but hold corners well. Road noise seems a bit high. I’m going to try a different brand but do think these tires served me well.

  14. I was a little surprised at how many miles I had put on these tires. Overall I’ve been pretty happy with them, however one tire never seemed to have quite the same grip as the other three and is now getting down around 1-2/32nds, while the other three are around 3-4/32nds. They did great in some heavy snow in the St. Louis area, pulling my civic through plow furrows that were hanging up some other drivers. There is a fairly steep hill with a curve at the top in my neighborhood and I can force them to start slipping going up that, especially when the road is wet. Two of the tires had picked up nails or screws at one time – probably around 30k miles. I was able to plug those and only in the last 8-10k miles has one of those tires started to slow leak where I’m having to top it up every couple of weeks. They have been good tires, debating if I’m going to get another set or try something different. Different being a much more expensive tire, but a Honda dealer recommended tire.

  15. These are absolutely excellent tires for the price, and I’d recommend them for nearly any normal vehicle. I’ve had several sets of different Yokohama tires, and have enjoyed every single one of them (including AS530, various AVID and Geolander truck tires). These AVID Touring-S tires have been perfect for 60,544 trouble free miles so far as of today. I’m currently right at 4/32″ tread on all 4 tires so they are getting a little thin, but they have worn pretty evenly as they’ve been rotated every 6,000 miles. I always keep them at 2-5 lbs above the recommended pressure, for mileage sake (except for a few times in the snow where I dropped the pressure to around 20-22 just to make sure my wife could get around for a few days while I wasn’t around). These tires have driven all over the USA east of the Miss. River and dealt with every imaginable road condition; including deep snow and ice in Northern Michigan, to flash floods in Georgia and Florida, to insanely cold polar vortex and burning hot southern temperatures (and everywhere in between, including washboard dirt roads). These tires have performed flawlessly even with my driving style (aggressive, but smart). My only critique of dry performance is that they will squeal early like most normal passenger A/S tires, but they still maintain good traction and feedback throughout hard cornering (as hard of cornering as a Corolla can do, mind you). This includes driving 80mph in barely above freezing temps on West Virginian curvy mountainous roads = no issues. Wet performance is great, even in deep water where the OEM Goodyear Integrity tires would hydroplane easily. Braking has been fantastic, even recently in the cold rain with 4 or 5/32″ tread. Road noise has increased a little bit now that they are getting a little more worn, but nothing above what I’d call normal (once again it’s a Corolla so it’s not OEM sound-dampened like a BMW or Benz). Treadwear is exactly as advertised. Fuel mileage has been great, 35-38 mpg.

  16. like the look and price of the tire but im very nervouse driving in the rain because I have hydroplaned four times and I am not a aggressive driver AT ALL I drive caustously and do not think the traction on wet pavement is good at all. slides turning into corners if the pavement is wet and tires slip at take off so I have to excel slowly.

  17. These tires —-. They are harsh, noisy, with stiff sidewalls that do not absorb bumps. I dropped the tire pressure to 25 lbs and they were still harsh. The noise is terrible, I thought my transmission was going the noise was so loud. They are dangerous in the rain and slid easily. They also develope flat spots overnight so the first few miles each morning were bumpy, noisy and harsh (and I live in Florida, good luck in the cold). I put them on new and stripped them off and sold them on ebay with less than 15,000 miles on them. I will never buy Yokohama tires again.I bought Michelin MXV4 tires which are quiet, smooth and safe in the rain.

  18. When I had these installed in February of 2013 these tires had amazing snow and wet weather traction, however after two years of wear I am finding them to be very slick and hard to not loose grip taking off in any slightly wet conditions.I live in Illinois, and we get some pretty decent snowfall most winters along with very wet Spring and Fall months. When I had them installed on my front wheel drive car with traction control and ABS the traction was superb, I was able to navigate 50 miles of interstate and highway with ease, all the while passing slower vehicles and plowing my own path forward.They still have decent tread left and I know that I can squeeze about 6 more months out of them but it seems as if the rubber has become hard and compacted, any wet pavement will cause these tires to break loose from a stop although I don’t feel them loosing traction while driving down the road or in corners.

  19. This is a follow up to my previous review. I bought new Goodyear Viva 3 tires and did not realize how much better the Goodyears are compared to the Yokohama Touring-S. The Yokohamas are just too harsh over the bumps, plus they don’t corner well. Wet traction is lacking… especially with age. They are much better tires out there. I can’t believe I waited so long to replace these tires.

  20. tires were great when new. Great summer driving and great snow traction. My wife drives the car, mostly short trips, mostly city driving. I noticed at 3 years the side walls started cracking in a fine pattern. At 4 years the stability of the sidewalls started to go and the tires had a loose, wishy – washy feeling. Still had average performance, but noticeably deteriorated.

  21. the tires would sing at highway speed for first 5000 miles..settled down now. They are great on dry, good on wet, average at best on snow/ice.Overall, an above average tire for an average price.I expect a great tire. These are not great. They are Good, not Great. My particular set, had a USA manufacturing location, which I do I’d rather my fellow citizens be gamefully employed.

  22. I have 25,000 miles on these and they are not completely worn out but I am so disappointed with their wet traction and willingness to hydroplane that I am getting rid of them early. They certainly have worn well and are quiet but these are perhaps the worst tires I ever owned for wet traction. My car is a 2004 PT Cruiser so we’re not talking about a very powerful automobile but these spin away from lights in any sort of wet condition. When they were NEW I had a slight fender bender with them from sliding in the wet that I am almost certain would not have happened with a better tire on there. I will be glad to have these off the car. I am about to hand the car down to one of my kids and I would not leave those tires on it and give it to him.

  23. These have proven outstanding tires. They have 30k+ miles on them and well more than 1/2 tread left. We live in the rainy PNW and at the foot of the Cascade mountains. They handle dry summer roads well. Our wet fall and winters, with steady constant rain, really test tires. They have never shown a weak point and channel water well providing great wet traction. Light snow use has been well above average for an all season. On grooved pavement, they are loud. On smooth pavement, they are quiet. Given our wet climate, we have lots of deeply grooved and pebbled pavement so they are louder than other tires, but perform better. Comments about noise from them need to be balanced against road surfaces and conditions in various parts of the country. I am ok w/trading some noise on rough/grooved pavement for the superior wet and snow handling.

  24. I am very happy with these tires so far! These are a great fit for a large sedan like the Town Car I put them on. They are a HUGE improvement over the Dunlop tires that were on it before. We had a heavy rain on the way home from work today and these tires performed so well that I was compelled to write a review!!!

  25. Considering these were the cheapest name brand tires I could get, it’s difficult to complain about them. I drove my car 250 miles in a snowstorm (no traction control) and these tires did much better than I was expecting. I normally get a set of snow tires, but I decided not to this year. Tires did very well changing lanes through slush, stopping and accelerating on un-plowed roads and cornering. I was very cautious accelerating and turning, if I push the tires they don’t do good in the snow but they are better than the Hankook all-seasons on our Civic. Excellent job in dry weather and rain. My only complain is these are pretty noisy tires. I’ve had many different tires, and while these aren’t the loudest I’ve had they are pretty loud. The hard cornering is better than my previous tires, but I drive a Camry so it really doesn’t bother me if the car can’t take sharp turns at 55MPH.

  26. We live in the Seattle area, so wet traction is important. These are the worst tires in the wet next to 10 year old bald tires! The traction control goes off from every stop when it is wet. You have to be very gingerly with the throttle not to get any wheelspin or TCS light flicker. This is a Toyota Sienna and not a high performance sports car. Luckily the van is really front heavy, so you at least get understeer before the stability control kicks in. In a RWD car, I’m sure you’d be getting lots of oversteer. I’ve never experienced such bad wet traction in a tire. I’ve had good luck in the past with Yokahama’s going back to my ’87 CRX Si, but after this experience, I don’t think I will ever buy Yokahama’s ever again. Maybe if you live somewhere it never rains, they’d be ok as they are apparently hard as rocks and will last for ever.

  27. 30,000K This tire has zero wet traction. If there is any light moisture on the road, not just a rain storm, there is no safe traction. Not a tire for novice drivers. Dangerous. Handles OK on dry roads. A little loud but not bad. A good tire if you only drive on dry roads!

  28. Tires are pretty good. The only thing I can add to what other people said is that they may dry rot quickly. Before I bought my car, these tires were driven hard, and the car was stored outside in Florida. When I bought it, half the tread was gone, and there was copious cracks all around the tires. Otherwise, great quiet little tires.

  29. I purchased this tire in 2010 based on the reviews. It seemed ok from the start but nothing exceptional (good or bad). As time/miles went on, things seemed to degrade. The tread wears very well. I replaced these after 60,000 miles, and I could have easily gone much longer based solely on tread depth.Lateral grip steadily degraded over time. They were never good in the snow (braking better than acceleration). I think people were ticked off at me because I couldn’t accelerate from a stop light. Wet traction seemed to get worse quickly. The first 25,000 miles, it was relatively decent (no real complaint), but as it started to wear, it became very poor. It was so bad that my wife considered the car to be a hazard with those tires. She eventually insisted that I replace them. I finally did and am very glad. I wished I would have removed them sooner.

  30. I’m not one that usually writes reviews but I had the strong urge to do so because these tires are absolutely DANGEROUS! Installed a set of new Yokohama AVID Touring S, air pressured per OEM specs and have driven them for a few thousand miles now. Long enough for any slippery mold release to have worn off. These tires have horrible dry and wet traction. The car now feels very disconnected from the road. Braking distances have noticeably increased. Dry traction is sub par and wet traction is nearly none existent. Even moderate throttle application will cause wheel/tire spin. The final straw happened this past weekend on Interstate 5 South going up the Grapevine when there was rain and light snow. These tires constantly hydroplaned and slid all over the road even at slower speeds. No one else on the highway appeared to have the same issue. I didn’t think I was able to get back home without crashing.I noticed many others complaining about the same problems in recent reviews. Perhaps someone goofed at the factory and made a bad batch? Who knows? It’s a shame because I’ve used Yokohamas in the past and had good experiences.Please, avoid these junk tires at all costs!!! Your safety and those in your car and around you are worth much more. I would not even use these AVID Touring S even if they were free. Tires are coming off ASAP.

  31. Replaced Michelin Primacy MXM4’s. Compared to the MXM4’s these are notably quieter and smoother riding. Road bumps are more muted (at same 32psi pressure). Max dry cornering is better (23 vs 21mph in same local round-a-bouts before tire squeal). Transient steering response (dry) not quite as sharp as the MXM4. Wet traction is much better, BUT wet comparo is unfair since comparing new vs well-worn (only 4/32 tread on MXM4s, see TireRack’s excellent articles on treadwear effects on tire performance). Relatively mid winter with no deep snow, but in light snow & some ice these Yoko’s easily kept up with other traffic better than the MXM4’s (which always felt ‘slippy’ vs other traffic even when new).Obviously too soon to comment on wear, but so far I’m very happy. Excellent all-around touring tire for only a little more $$ than ‘no-name’ bargain rubber. Solid 10 for value!

  32. 5 years and 40k miles on these and they’re pretty much done: noisy and poor cornering now. When new these were new they were very quiet and rode quite well. Sidewalls are squishy and there was lots of lateral motion in wind, changing lanes, etc.

  33. I bought these for my 1970 MGB. Tires in the OEM size are notoriously hard to find, and the 185/70R14 at least duplicates the OEM size. This is a car that’s meant for “spirited” driving, and the tires rise to the occasion wonderfully. Cornering stability is excellent, as is dry traction-I’ve yet to break the rear end loose in the time these have been on the car. Driving around town, they do a great job of soaking up potholes to somewhat compensate for the relatively unforgiving suspension on the car but still feel nice and stable on the interstate even at speeds of 90+mph. These tires are more difficult to lock up in heavy braking than anything else I’ve had on the car, which of course is a real testament to their dry traction. I can’t really comment on wet traction as I do my best to avoid driving in the rain, but the times I’ve been caught they’ve given me no trouble. Similarly, the car DOESN’T come out with salt on the road, so I have no idea how good the winter traction is. I also can’t hear them over the sound of the wind, so have no idea about road noise. In any case, though, I’m very happy with them and have been heartily recommending them to other MG owners looking for tires(esp. since many MGs are running around with tires well past their prime).

  34. I purchased these tires as the first set from the OEM tires. I have been very pleased with the wear and performance. I did not get the 65,000 mile warranty but they have performed greatly. I have driven on a variety of road type surfaces and they have held up well. Driving in loose dirt, sand and mud with the AWD vehicle they performed well. Any tire at high speed will hydroplane but these have done well on the interstate at 70 mph. I am ready to purchase a second set and would recommend use to others of similar vehicle.

  35. 57,000 miles and these tires are getting toward the end of their life. They have been good, quiet and problem free. Pretty decent in wet weather, good in dry conditions and acceptable but nothing to brag about in snow even with an all wheel drive vehicle. I did slide into a ditch on level ground after tapping the brakes while driving slowly in very icy conditions but I blame that more on the road conditions than the tires. A little more pricey than when I bought them so I would probably pass on them currently but I feel like I’ve gotten my moneys worth.

  36. They are NOT snow tires. They are NOT high performance tires. They are a reasonably priced everyday tire for everyday driving. They do what they are intended to do with no fuss. Had two previous sets of TRZs which is no longer produced that I really had great luck with. Since then I have had this love affair with Yokohama. On my twelve year old Ford, they work out really well. If I put them on a Porsche, Mustang or new Challenger; not so much. But then their price tag is no where near the high performance tires.


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