Yokohama BluEarth S34 Sizes & review

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The BluEarth S34 is Yokohama’s ecologically oriented Grand Touring All-Season tire chosen as Original Equipment for Toyota Prius v five passenger, front-wheel drive crossover vehicles. Developed to combine year-round traction, handling and comfort with reduced environmental impact, BluEarth S34 tires feature Yokohama’s proprietary technology that uses renewable orange oil to reduce the use of petroleum. Designed to enhance vehicle fuel economy by reducing tire rolling resistance, the BluEarth S34 delivers year-round traction, even in light snow.

Yokohama BluEarth S34 tires feature an all-season tread compound that reduces energy loss while blending dry, wet and wintertime traction. This compound is molded into a symmetric tread design with tie-barred shoulders, intermediate ribs and center blocks for dry road tracking and traction. Four circumferential grooves help water flow from under the footprint to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction while numerous notches and sipes increase the edges that bite into light snow.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon on top of a polyester casing to blend ride comfort and durability.


  1. Tires came on a 2014 Prius v. Front tire popped on curb @ 18,000 Mi. Replaced it with exact tire (expensive) which has been a nightmare since day 1. Alignment was fine. Wines and sings so loud at 45 MPH you can’t stand it. The other tires are noisy as well .

  2. OEM tire came with 2013 Prius V. Rotated regularly until hit wear bars on one of the pairs at 54,900 miles, other pair still has 1/8-1/16 inch left until hits wear bars. Just replaced with Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus SL due to price, reviews. Overall not bad tire, ride performance was good, just did not last as long I would have liked, but the UTQG rating is pretty low for these tires, so it makes sense.

  3. OEM tires came with the Toyota Prius V. Above average performance, MPG, and road noise.Popped like a balloon when a falling rock hit me, but that rock also ripped right through the passenger door. Car still handled very well, at speed, above expectations with a flat tire. No accidents – heavily damaged tire held together – very good job, literally a life saver !Tires are a bit loud. Ultra low rolling friction is great, get those MPG – but I prefer a quiet ride.Prius is pepsi can thin and light metal, also trimmed to reduce weight – so noise is a trade off for high MPG in such a thin and light car.40 MPG – to 48 MPG all day every day… great for long highway drives, a real fuel saver, both the car and the tire.Overall, I would get a quieter Goodyear Comfort Tred or Michelin Primacy MXM4. Reducing noise in an Ultralight Car has proven to be important. Other people might want to sqeeze that extra 2MPG – 4MPG, and have the tires pay for themselves. Summary: Good Tire, A Bit Loud, Holds Up even when damaged, a real fuel saver.

  4. Came as standard equipment, tires are noisy and do not handle well on wet pavement even with traction control. Tires are very worn at 37,000 miles.

  5. I just replaced my original tires. I told the dealer I wanted the exact tires that came with the car. I have NEVER had tires last 77k miles before. These are superior tires and well worth the money.

  6. These OEM tires seem to ride OK and are not noisy or uncomfortable. Wear pattern has been even. But!! at 18,849 miles, the tread wear is much more than I would have expected. Winter is coming here shortly in Colorado, and I’m likely going to buy a new set now in the next few months. Given the price of these tires, I’m surprised at the low UTG tread wear rating, especially compared to other tires in the “eco” group.

  7. These tires were the Original tires when I purchased my car with 5k on it already. I have made it almost 60k miles on them. Handling is great for dessert driving and didn’t feel uneasy with driving when it does rain in the dessert. Mostly drove on the highway between Las Vegas and San Diego and handle the California roads without issue from the potholes or uneven surfaces. The tires handled well on 2 cross country road trip, even in blowing snow. The tires held up well in about 2 inches of snow but were worn to 4/32. When the tires got down to 4/32 tread is when the road noise started to become loud enough to adjust the radio volume to hear over the road noise. Would consider this tire again given the original tires made it to 60k with no warranty from the manufacture.

  8. I was very pleased with these tires in the summertime on dry roads. I got excellent gas mileage and the car handled nicely. However, I am not happy or as comfortable as I’d like to be driving in the winter with them and I hold my breath on wet roads sometimes. I have had 3 incidents with wet roads which made me uncomfortable. 2 of them, the roads were wet and the road was fairly level, but as I went to pull out and accelerate my traction control was kicking in. And no I didn’t not “tromp” on it. The third incident I was going up a mountain and it was raining, not a downpour and the traction control was kicking in there too! In the snow, I get stuck on a short, little incline in my driveway with a few inches of snow on it with the traction control engaged I ended up like a sitting duck! I have to try to take a running start to make it out. I have slid trying to brake for at intersections with slush on the road and I am by no means going to fast! I don’t know for sure but it seems once the treads get full of snow forget having good traction. I am not pleased with these tires and am currently looking to replace them with something much better in the winter.

  9. Easy popped by rock on road.Damage to car and tire blown.Tire held together long enough for safe stop.Difficult to replace, Toyota Dealerships limitted supply.I would recommend people avoid all Yokohama tires becauseThey are generally unavailable outside of Japan.What good are expensive tires if you can not get them replaced when you have an emergency?

  10. I DRIVE A PRIUS!!!! boring commuter car, driven as a commuter car.81000 miles on OEM tires. Where else are you going to get 81000 miles on a set of tires? Would have gone to 90+ if not for a pin-hole leak in the sidewall of one tire. 81000 on the next set- no worries.

  11. This tire came as standard on our 2017 Toyota Prius 3. It seems to wear well but is very very noisy. The cost does not seem to warrant using them again. I will check recommendations of other folks for our car. I am getting 51 mpg with them but too noisy.

  12. We spend most of our driving time in the Prius on the highway. We purchased this vehicle less than two years ago and have accumulated over 39000 miles. Both my wife and I have worked in the tire industry for a combined 75 years and we know that we need to rotate the tires every 5000 miles. Even this did not help with the tread wear. Based on Yokahama’s web site, I can understand their reluctance to warrant the tread wear. Treadlife Warranty: None Uniformity Warranty:First 2/32″ of wearWorkmanship & Materials Warranty:5 Years / Free replacement first year or 2/32″ of wear, then prorated to 2/32″ remaining depthManufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty:NoneManufacturer Warranty Brochure:Download PDF Manufacturer Special Warranty:None ENOUGH SAID…OTHER THAN NOISY, NOISY, NOISY.

  13. These tires came with my new 2019 Prius. I really enjoyed them until about 21000 miles when they got super loud. Only about half the tread is gone. I may buy new tires because I can’t stand the noise. Will never buy any Yokohamas.

  14. OK as a OEM until about 33,000 miles when my fronts wore to the bars pretty quick (OK I might have missed a rotation). I replaced those with Yokohama Avid Ascent GT. Then I quickly heard outrageous droning tire noise coming from the rear. Thought I could put up with it (it had decent tread left) but in the end I couldn’t. So I replaced the backs with the same Ascend GT tires. Glorious quiet (at least for a Mazda 3). I usually get at least 45,000 miles on OEMs but not here. Don’t buy these as a replacement. The Avid Ascend GTs are better in every way and cheaper to boot.


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