Yokohama AVID S33D Sizes & review

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The AVID S33D is one of Yokohama’s low rolling resistance Passenger All-Season tires developed to match the Original Equipment (O.E.) needs of third generation (2010+) Toyota Prius hybrids, as well as for the drivers of other small cars using the P195/65R15 89S size looking to reduce their vehicle’s fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions while retaining all-season traction. The AVID S33D is designed to accommodate dry, wet and wintry conditions, including occasional light snow.

The AVID S33D combines traditional energy efficient tire technologies (low rolling resistance tread compound, narrow tread width, shallow tread depth and optimized internal construction) to maximize vehicle efficiency and driving range.

*Specific sizes featuring low rolling resistance technology are identified as such on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.


  1. I generally drive gently – as might be expected of a mileage conscious Prius driver. I was surprised when the tires barely passed tread wear at first year inspection of two year lease car. I was told to expect to have to purchase new tires for car at lease termination due to excessive wear. Huh? No off-road here. Neighborhood, “in town,” and highway driving only. I’m almost 3,000 miles under lease mileage? Tread wore through (flat tire from tread wear) at 19,000 miles. Very disappointed with the tire.

  2. These are the OE tires on my car. Dry traction is satisfactory, as is wet. Snow/ice traction leaves much to be desired; the tires break traction in light snow very unpredictably and are undriveable in deep snow. Slightly on the noisy side, but not offensive. Wear so far is excellent, much better than I expected with a 320 rating. Currently at 25,000 miles with little discernible wear, no punctures and no leaks. I expect these tires to go 60,000 miles or more at this rate, which is unfortunate as I would like to replace them sooner for something that handles better in snow. Overall, I won’t buy these again with all the other options in this size that manage to be both better tires and cheaper.

  3. Original equipment on new vehicle (AVID S33 nothing after), tire pressure kept at 35psi, rotated every 10,000. I have been driving the past 30+years, these are the worst in the snow I have experienced (including empty rear wheel drive pick up trucks!). They might be ok all season where it does not get cold, do not use if you expect snow. The Ram C/V is essentially a Dodge caravan/ Chrysler town and country without rear seats and windows ( one wheel front wheel drive). Others could take turns 20+mph, the vehicle at 17mph would have all 4 tires abs kick in and not stay in lane through turn. ALWAYS had to prepare and turn slower than others. At 38k, wear mark is little more than half up to surface. I am replacing before snow in Northern Virginia area this January 2016.

  4. OE on Dodge Caravan,2011. Not used in winter. Cheap, crappy tire, lousy traction-wet or dry. Poor handling , soft sidewall. Tires break loose on acceleration unpredictably.I can’t believe I waited this long to buy a good set of tires, I’m ashamed.- Replaced them with Michelin Premier A/S.

  5. Judging by other reviews, this appears to be a light weight vehicle tire. These are factory tires to our van and the have 34k miles. Tread wear is horrible all the way around the car. They have been rotated regularly and the wear is uniform. Looks like Chrysler match the wrong cheap value tire to their mini-van. We will have to replace them at 40k if I am lucky. I will not be buying Yokahoma’s because of this miscalculation by Chrysler.

  6. Tires lasted for 27500 miles with regular balance and rotation every 5000 miles. Avoid unless you like to change out tires often.

  7. Factory tires on Toyota Prius. Reliable tire, and the treadlife was much more than I initially anticipated it to be. If there is anything negative I could say about these tires, it would be how loud they were. At times, road noise was overwhelming in the car. The Prius isn’t exactly the quietest car in the world, but these tires when worn (approximately at 25-0% safe life left) were extremely loud. Other than that, noting negative I can say about them. Would purchase again and would recommend.

  8. OE tires on my Prius. These tires were designed for fuel efficiency, as for everything else tires are poor, shame on Yoko for producing such a bad tire. These tires inhaled derbies such as nails. I had to take to repair seems like every other month. Out of 2 years with Defenders only had to bring in for tire repair, may not make sense to some but some tread design stick to nails like glue and these OE yoko love eatting nails.

  9. Should of had the dealership switch out the tires when I purchased my new van. These tire are an absolutely waste of money and time. Our two year old van with 30K on it has the Avid tires and they are bald. With no tread life warranty, I have no leg to stand on about getting them replaced. I made sure that the air pressure was always where it was suppose to be and the alignment on the vehicle was always good. Tire were also rotated at every oil change. Now I am looking for new tires and even have to cancel my road hazard warranty that has a year left because it will not transfer to new tires. If you are even thinking about these, look at something else, these are not worth the money and you can get a much better tire for the same price and even cheaper.

  10. Absolutely lousy tire. OE on 2015 Prius with 41K and already need replacement despite rotating every 5k and balancing each 10k miles. If you want a LOUD tire with lots of ROAD NOISE and short wear life then this is it!

  11. Yokohama is a good tire company but this tire model # is very disappointing. I just passed 20,000 miles use of these tires, I drive safely and conservatively yet the tread is almost down to the ‘treadwear indicators’. The useful and safe life time of this tire will be very short. I would not get this model # again.

  12. To describe these tires in a word, lousy. The don’t hold the road if its not perfectly dry. Even when its dry the struggle to hold normal turns. They are loud but that is more about the Prius than the tires. Buy any other LRR tire to replace these. You will find with another tire that the Prius will actually handle like a normal car.

  13. Less than 20K miles on these tires on my 2010 Prius and I see its definitely worn out! Yokohamas are known to perform well, but not this one. Lousy tires! Here where I live at, it rains 4-5 times a week, its wet traction is like so poor and I feel almost no road grip on sudden stops when the road is wet. I’ll never buy these tires again! I replaced them with Pirelli P4, definitely better tires, my MPG went down to 44 but at least Im safer when it rains.

  14. These are the OEM tires that came with the car. They seem to do most everything a tire should do well on dry roads. Hydroplaning resistance had been pretty bad since about 20,000 miles. They look as if they will easily reach 40,000 miles without reaching the wear indicators. Our fuel economy with these tires has been averaging above 54 MPG in mixed / mostly highway driving. We will probably try a different tire next time just to have a basis of comparison.

  15. Have no complaints with this tires performance. We did not have a bad winter in Mich. since I bought this tire so I can’t rate performance in deep snow. Besides, the cars low profile is not conducive to heavy snow driving so I use my CRV with 210000 for those days. These tires easily have anothe 5k left but I wll replace for the summer anyway.

  16. These tires came on my 2010 Prius. I never thought they were bad until I started looking for replacement tires. It seems many people are badmouthing the tires although I don’t really know why. I have put almost 40k miles on these tires (almost all highway) and they desperately need replacing. I will have to follow up with this review once I have put a second set of tires on and can make a comparison. Noise? I can’t comment on tire noise because I have no comparison. I’ve never once even thought about whether or not the noise was too loud, so I can’t imagine it would bother anyone else. MPGs? Initially I was getting 53-55mpg (49-51mpg winter) on this car driving very carefully (for me), trying (for the most part) to get as much mileage as possible. Now (two years later), I don’t think twice about flooring it on the highway and would say I waste a little bit more gas than the average driver with my driving style. So I am getting about 46 or 47mpg driving the Prius, driving it as if it were any other car, and not focusing much on the MPGs. Hydroplaning? Only a handful of times a year when hitting some larger puddles of water on the road. Hydroplaning for half a second every once and a while is expected by me, so I don’t think anything of it. Dry traction? Always had traction in the dry. I mean, the Prius is not so powerful that you would be breaking traction in the dry. Wet traction? It’s good. I’d have to take a 270 degree onramp at an uncomfortably high speed in order for the understeer to kick in. And I would normally expect the understeer early than when it actually occurred. I don’t think I ever had any problems stopping in the wet (never had ABS kick in). Snow? Yeah I drove it in the snow. I mean, you won’t be plowing through like a foot of snow in a Prius (with or without these tires), but I never got stuck out in the packed snow leftover after the plows clear the road! And for me, that’s enough to say these are good enough tire for snow.

  17. Extremely disappointing tire in terms of wear rate. Only 27 K and the tread is chunking off in small bits and they are getting close to wear bars. These tires have been well maintained and serviced so there is no excuse for this. Have Michelins on my van and they have been great with over 50k and no issues. Would never buy these tires or any Yokohamas again. Toyota should be ashamed of putting such a poor tire on the Prius.

  18. This tire came with the car from Toyota. my mileage is 49.7 over 34,500 miles so the mileage is pretty decent from these tires. My friend has a 2012 and he is getting 53 while driving harder than I am so I believe there is better mileage available, all other things being equal. The treadwear howver is one of the worst I have had on a car. 34,500 and they’re done? In all fairness the fronts didn’t get rotated the last 5000 mile so the rears had more tread but the fronts were down into the wear bars. For a car that is driven carefully to max out mileage this tire should be going 60,000. So if you are spending about the same for any of these tire brands then I would not buy these. The new michelins are funky but I am hoping they will break in ok. (ride feels like fine washboard and car wanders on freeway.) Only have 200 miles on them so far but Tire Rack says break in is 500 so we’ll see. Oh, and mileage is down too. Go figure?

  19. Came with the car and I am happy with these tires. Predictable/decent performance in wet and dry conditions. I am very impressed with how long the tires lasted. Only complaint is that road noise from these tires got louder as they wore. I just replaced my tires and switched to Michelins mainly for the noise. It was clear as night/day when I drove out of the shop. Surprised how much noise was in the cabin with the Yokos.

  20. Have a little over 27K miles on my car & the tires are pretty much done (3/32nds left). Came with the car new. Decent tire, nothing outstanding about them. Treadwear was not great. Probably switching to the much longer wearing Goodyears after these.

  21. This tire came new on my Prius and has been pretty satisfactory. Some spinning on icy driveways, but once on the road no problems so far even in light snow and somewhat icy roads. After 25,000 miles the tires have worn evenly and have 6/32 of an inch left. Have achieved average of over 50 mph at the pump with a lot of cruising at 65 mph.

  22. These are the original tires on my Prius. They are garbage. I replaced them at 23000 miles. Fronts were down to the wear bars, rears in better shape. Yes, I’m guilty of infrequent rotation because I knew I would not be keeping these tires. Biggest problem was their lack of dependability. I have never had a set of tires with more punctures and leaky valves. Only once have I gotten fewer miles out of original tires and that was in 1975. I replaced these with Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 and could tell an immediate improvement in ride comfort, noise level, and steering response.

  23. What really bothers me is how horrible they are in snow. (snow storm 12/8/2013) No traction at all. I do not feel safe with these tires on the car at all. Just barely touch the brake to slow down and the car is sliding. Pulling out, the tires are spinning. The Prius is not a race car, especially on EV power. Yet even on EV power it’s all it takes to spin the tires on snowy roads pulling out – horrible. Tread wear isn’t that bad, could go another 20,000, but want them off the car now. Otherwise the tires are smooth and quiet. That’s about the only good thing

  24. These are the tires that came on my 2012 Prius when I bought it new. The handling is pretty average. I have been impressed with their longevity, considering they are the factory tires. They are needing to be replaced as the tread is nearly gone. Ride is pretty rough with these tires, but I generally average 50 mpg+ particularly at highway speeds. As the tires have worn, road noise has increased significantly. Plan to look at other options when I replace these tires.

  25. This tire came as standard equipment on my 2012 Prius. I got exceptional fuel mileage throughout the life of the tires, starting out at 50+ MPG and all the way up to 53.5 MPG during hot summer driving. Winter driving was approximately 44 MPG which is good for the hybrid. Unfortunately they wear out a little quicker than what I would like, but if I could get a set every two years at a reasonable price ($70-80 per tire) I would probably buy more.

  26. OE tires on a 2012 Prius Two. Average performance in most areas, except they rode a bit rough and noisy. They handled hydroplaning better than most reviews indicate. Wear and puncture resistance were good up to 40,000 miles. I had 4/32″ left at 48,625 miles, based on not accelerating or cornering too briskly, but with some hard braking.

  27. We have both 2011 and 2012 Prius cars. The 2011 came with Yokohama Avid S33’s and the 2012 came with Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires.The ride comfort and cruising noise level of the Yokohama Avid’s has been considerably better than the Goodyear Assurance tires.They’re not so hot on snow/ice but we use Michlein X-Ice xi3’s for winter so this is not a factor for us.Tread wear so far(20K) has been ok.Gas mileage? Don’t see any difference between the Yokohama Avids and Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max. Who cares; we drive a Prius!

  28. Avid S33D was OE tire on our Prius. This tire has exceeded all expectations, especially longevity for an OE tire. Still have legal tread depth left and remain perfectly round after over 54,000 miles. Noise is average for a tire while not being uncomfortable, plus they have maintained good performance in rain at the limits of wear. A recent trip in Oct of 2014 from Maine to Florida proved the aquaplaning resistance they still have during interstate travel. Even has ability to handle packed snow if driven reasonably, although I have always used snow tires for Winter driving conditions. Can’t really say anything negative about this LRR tire. There are softer riding and quieter tires for the Prius, but it has provided excellent MPG during it’s life on this car. Maintained them at 39-40psi front and 36-37psi rear, rotated every 10K miles. For the price… a very good buy.

  29. These tires have the worst snow/ice traction I’ve ever experienced. They are otherwise fine, except for the shorter life. I’m thinking of getting rid of them a little early for safety concerns (slipping in light or packed snow). My deductible for a small fender bender is more than the cost of a new set of good tires.

  30. The mpg I got w/ Yok AVID S33D’s was definitely better than the Mich ENERGY SAVER A/S I’m getting now. But the ride comfort of the ENERGY SAVER A/S is far superior than AVID S33D’s. Initially, the mpg was nearly 10% down (6 mpg) from the Yok’s, but has leveled off w/ 2000 mi of driving to only 5% down now. I generally love Yok’s tires, but these AVID S33D’s were really bad. AVID S33D’s wear was really bad @ 320BB vs. ENERGY SAVER A/S @ 480AB . Cornering w/ the Yok’s felt like the tires were going to fold over… definitely not confident in the corners like the new Mich’s that replaced them. We’ll have to see how long the Mich’s last.

  31. These tires came with the car. I have rotated them every 5,000-8,000 miles and maintained tire pressures about 2 lb. above specs. My wife and I drive conservatively as would be expected of someone driving a Prius with mpgs in mind. I’m amazed that at 67,000 miles they still have 4/32″ of tread. Mileage was impressive. I got around 48 mpg in winter, 50mpg in summer and 52mpg in spring and fall (with the Prius, ambient temps affect mileage more than with typical cars.) All mileages were calculated, not using the computed mileage as shown on the dashboard (computed mileage typically ran 2.5 to 3.5 mpg higher than actual calculated mpg.) They are reliable on wet roads and satisfactory in snow up to a few inches.


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