Yokohama ADVAN A10F Sizes & review

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The ADVAN A10F is Yokohama’s Ultra High Performance Summer tire originally developed as Original Equipment (O.E.) for Lexus GS 350, 450, 460 and Hybrid powered high performance four-door luxury sedans. The ADVAN A10F is designed to generate traction, handling and stopping power in dry and wet conditions, however like all summer tires, it is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The ADVAN A10F features a high performance summer tread compound molded into a symmetric tread pattern featuring continuous center ribs flanked by independent intermediate tread blocks and notched shoulders to blend stability and handling with traction. Circumferential grooves help water flow through the footprint to resist hydroplaning. The tire’s internal structure features two wide steel belts reinforced by spirally wound nylon to combine durability with uniformity. The sidewalls are tuned to resist lateral deflection and provide predictable response.


  1. These were OEM tires on my 2007 Lexus GS350. The first 2,000 miles, they were noisy. Between miles 2,000 – 20,000, tires gave good grip in dry weather but doesn’t perform well in wet. .The tread wear is now 5/32 for all tires and I will replace them with another brand that offers better value. With only 26,700 mils on the car, I *should* get another 15,000+ miles of the tread. But that ain’t gonna happen. These tires are not worth $350/each; especially when there are excellent tires at 70% the price with nearly twice the amount of miles worth of tread. FWIW, my driving is 80% city/20% hwy in (mostly) sunny southern California.

  2. OEM Tire on 2010 Lexus GS460. (Did not purchase from Tirerack — Love Tirerack.)One of the brand new tires developed a sidewall blister and air leak within 100 miles of delivery of new vehicle. No side-wall damage or scuffing – brand new tire was simply defective. Took Lexus almost a week to locate a replacement 245/40-18 (GS460 was special order car, almost none stocked for 2010.) Tire performance seems otherwise ok — nothing special. Given the choice would never choose this tire. Overpriced OEM tire with no great attribute and personally got one with a defect.

  3. These tires came on my GS 350 and have superb grip and cornering capability when driving on windy mountain roads in East Tennessee. However, on the straightaway, especially interstate highways with truck ruts, these tires are unpredictable. You have to really pay close attention because they respond quickly to changes in the road surface and can/have jerked the car off course easily. They are also very noisy, defying Lexus’ promotion of quiet rides. I’m looking for something that provides more predictability, lower noise, longer treadlife, and greater assurance on wet surfaces along with the added ability to handle reasonably well in light snows; all this while retaining excellent traction and handling. I’m looking at all season tires, either Ultra HP, or Grand Touring.

  4. Rotated tires every 7,500 miles. Great summer tire, haven’t had much snow driving. No problems with tires, getting ready to order a second set.

  5. OEM Tire was decent for 10K miles. The next 10K, below average, and the last 10K had me shopping for the right tire frequently. Finally replaced when tread was pretty much gone at 30K. The road noise from this tire was exceptionally bad in a Lexus of all cars. One of the tires had at least one small knot on a sidewall that had me worried for about the last 7K miles. It wasn’t all that prominent, but I knew it was a blowout waiting to happen. I was just careful about the pot holes. The traction was pretty bad in dry conditions, and almost terrible in wet conditions, even worse for the last 10K miles. The tread life doesn’t stack up to what it should have been, but it wasn’t terrible at 30K. I didn’t become a ‘spirited’ driver until I decided I didn’t care about the tires any more, so I probably could have given them another 2k miles or so.

  6. This tire has been a good, general purpose tire for use in the Deep South–no snow, but plenty of rain and fog. It has not been put to the high speed test because the car is not a high-speed car!


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