Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 R Sizes & review

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The ADVAN Neova AD08 R (R for new Revolution in street tire tread compounding) is Yokohama’s Extreme Performance Summer tire developed to excite sports car, sports coupe and performance sedan enthusiasts who have a passion for fast and fun driving. ADVAN Neova AD08 R is designed to increase grip and improve handling on dry and wet roads. However, like all Extreme Performance Summer tires, these tires are not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 RADVAN Neova AD08 R tire’s tread compound features more carbon to increase dry grip and Micro Silica to enhance wet grip. A Macromolecule polymer blend increases tread rigidity and resistance to wear, while Yokohama’s Orange Oil Technology maximizes performance and minimizes environmental impact by replacing some of the petroleum oil traditionally used in tires with oil harvested from orange peels. The new compound develops better initial dry grip and control, while increasing wet performance and resistance to wear. This compound is molded into a directional tread pattern that features twin circumferential center ribs and extra-wide uniblock shoulders to increase cornering stability and steering response. Three large circumferential grooves and HydroArc Channels in the shoulders resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction.

The tire’s internal structure includes two wide steel belts reinforced by spirally wound nylon to provide strength and high-speed capability. The sidewalls are reinforced with steel cord inserts to resist lateral deflection and enhance control and cornering stability.


At the end of 2016, Yokohama changed the Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) of their ADVAN Neova AD08R Extreme Performance Summer tire to reflect a 200 Treadwear rating.

UTQG ratings for Treadwear, Traction and Temperature are based on tests conducted by tire manufacturers and reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These regulations allow tire manufacturers to under-rate their tires’ capabilities, but prohibit over-rating them. UTQG ratings are required to be printed on their labels and branded on tire sidewalls.

Yokohama assigned the 180 Treadwear rating when the ADVAN Neova AD08R was introduced, however subsequent Yokohama wear data revealed the tire line earned a 200 Treadwear rating.

With some competition rules now requiring higher UTQG Treadwear ratings, Yokohama decided it was time to officially change the ADVAN Neova AD08R line’s rating to accurately reflect its capabilities.

*In order to help drivers confirm which tire they will receive, we have identified the tires by listing their Treadwear rating on the product Specs tab.

Like the motorsports tires this Extreme Performance Summer street tire has evolved from, the ADVAN Neova AD08 R radial’s construction and compounds have been tuned to maximize the tire’s traction and performance within a specific range of ambient temperatures. Therefore, unlike less highly-tuned tires, Yokohama’s care instructions specify that due to its compound characteristics, ADVAN Neova AD08 R tires must be serviced, stored and driven at temperatures above -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) to maintain its performance and avoid tire damage.


  1. I had an Evo from 17,000 miles to 80,000 miles. When I bought it, it came with other tires that were good for learning. The AD08 R made a mad difference and everything was fun. Lots of attention to puddles for hydroplaning or loose sand, otherwise they owned the road and after a couple 10,000’s of miles of learning their limits, humbled most any adjacent sports car.Thanks to AWD, the wear was very balanced. My tire shop griped that I kept them over 40 psi but the wear pattern was flat although the ride was harder; I got nearly 20k miles on sets with very infrequent rotation.The entire time I had these tires I drove the Evo with its SST transmission in Sport+ mode every day, all the time, and with anti-yaw control switched off. One night I found a freshly slurry-coated shopping center parking lot that had just been drizzled on with enough water to bead—and I savored 4-wheel donuts that lasted maybe 7 seconds per 360-degree rotation. Otherwise these tires would barely chirp on freeway and fairly bumpy city streets where I was glad not to have lower than a .40 profile to absorb some bumps.These were the greatest tires I’ve ever had by far, and I miss them! I’ve since transitioned to a 2006 Toyota Corolla XRS (the one with the Celica 1.8 NA engine) and I’ve run a set of AD08 R’s on that—and it is an absolute joy to realize that some of the reason that the Evo was able to corner 3X the caution sign with a little bit of cushion on traction was really just these tires.

  2. This is my second set of these AD08Rs for my Skyline and once again I will be buying another set when the time comes. I have been on this set for 3 full car seasons and there is still around 35% life left in them. Keep in mind that I drive spiritedly every time I get in the car. I have taken it on track days multiple times both road course and drag strip, as well as the occasional launch leaving a car show. I dont drive very much in the wet so i cant give too much feedback there, however, anytime I was caught in the rain, it was stable enough to get home, just have to be a bit more cautious with inputs. For the price (at least at my size specs) I feel it is a better value than say R888s or Pilot SS tires. Loads of grip and a ton of smiles! Highly recommend trying a set of these on your sports car for the summer!

  3. This is remarkably the second car on which I’ve been able to run these tires. Sad that production is no longer available in the US.Previously I had the fancy AWD system on the Evo X MR, and here I’ve actually had remarkable fun with an FF non-turbo, non-Limited slip differential, 1.8l NA—although one that revs to about 8000 RPM with turbo-like valve lift over about 6500.Long story short, this car has compared favorably to occasionally exceeding the Evo in terms of fun. No, it can’t launch like an AWD system and it can’t power out of corners when the inside front tire gets light without stuttering. But smooth entry into a corner? Check! In fact, when the tires were new I had the experience of waving off some oversteer by simply blipping in tighter on the steering wheel, which dug in with surplus traction and lightened up the rear exquisitely and got me back on line! I wouldn’t have learned that trick unless I’d enjoyed these tires for 40,000 miles on an Evo as a daily driver.What I learned (sadly on what might have been the last four AD08 R’s in North America in this size) was that in an FF car like the Corolla XRS, I TOTALLY did not rotate the tires fast enough. Where in the Evo with AWD I might have rotated them one in 20,000 miles, with the Corolla, I’m 3/4 through the tread on the front tires at 8,000 miles in and of course I can’t get them rotated in a shop with the back tires that are only 1/4 through the tread. [oversteer scares passengers; understeer scares drivers!]So, learning that nearly all my stress is applied to just the front tires, I should have been rotating these puppies every 3000 miles.But if they’re not available—nobody will every benefit from this learning!

  4. I drive like a nut and always push the car to the limits LOL that being said these were the best tires I’ve ever had they actually had too much grip I couldn’t get the back end loose on a dry day (624hp)… Amazing wet handling.. just all around the grip on these things are so much better than any other Tire I’ve ever tried… I could care less about the treadnoise because I can’t hear it over my engine and no one buys these tires for life expectancy I’m sure it’s not the longest I can make a mark in the tire with my fingernail on a hot day that’s how insanely soft and sticky they get… This is pretty much a track tire that’s legal for the road it’s a bit pricey but I wish I had these on the car when I crashed it because it probably wouldn’t have gotten away on me… It’s all good though I bought a new one and it’s getting upgraded also LOL

  5. I purchased a stock pre-owned 2013 Mini JCW GP2 last year with prime focus on HPDEs (track days). For those who are not familiar with this car, it is a factory track day car (lowered, coil overs, strut brace, 6 piston Brembo’s, no back seat, slight ECU mod (no meaningful HP increase ¿ 211 hp), curb wt. listed as 2612 lbs. Car OEM tires were 215/40/17 Kumho V700s. Previous owner had recently fitted Yokohama S Drive tires (original size). The car suspension and brakes overwhelmed the S Drives. Car is driven to / from the track without changing wheels / tires. I live in Texas with brutal summer heat, tires need to be capable of surviving 80-100F ambient temperatures at HPDEs. I have no requirements for tire noise or road comfort characteristics as the car is HPDE focused and not a daily driver.I sought an original OEM size, stiff side-wall, high grip, but wet weather capable tire that could handle 6 or more track weekends and a few thousand street miles per year. Predictable, consistent behavior and crisp turn-in a priority, ultimate grip / lowest track time not necessary (but do want to be slow). I considered original V700s, Direzza ZIIIs, RT615K+ and AD08Rs. After surveying Mini and other FWD hatch performance web sites, Tire Rack and discussing with other track day folks, I chose the AD08Rs. I recently did a HPDE weekend and after dialing in pressures car behavior was as hoped. High grip, predictable slide characteristics, fantastic braking ability. I cannot comment on street behavior ¿ too few miles. I will update this over time. I rated the performance as all 8/10 for initial impression. Very impressed so far.

  6. I drive 2017 Toyota 86 automatic. My driving style: Spirited mixed comfort – I daily drive my car. The grip around corners is very predictable , it feels planted on the roads and super grippy compares to Continental super contact and Michelin primacy. It also looks fantastic. I will most likely buy it again. Con: tread wears out QUICKLY . My tires last 13 months – street use only , I have never tracked the tires.

  7. Used them on my E92 M3 for 20000 miles. They lasted a while but very expensive compared to the Hankook Rs3/RS4. Grips a tiny bit better than the rs3 and handled heat very well when put through strain during corners

  8. I use a set of these tires on my Supercharged manual BMW 540i E34. The car makes around 500bhp and dry grip is great, 2nd gear is very usable, and wet grip is much better than I’d imagine such a focused tire would be. They like some heat in them to work at their best. Noise is also very low compared to other tires of this genre. I have also done a track day in these tires and found them very good, not quite as grippy as pure R spec tires, but a great all rounder. Wear is quite reasonable and price is pretty good also. The big surprise is they handle standing water so much better than the Bridgestone RE71R tires that were on previously. Being in Australia, its hard to comment on extreme cold weather performance. Highly recommended for your high powered rear drive beasts you have in USA.

  9. Using these tires for double duty (daily driving and track duty). Just finished a 2 day HPDE and these tires performed much better than expected. Replaced my Pilot Super Sports with the AD08 R and I’m not disappointed. Only question left is how long they hold up. To be continued…

  10. I road course a 2013 Camaro ZL1 with around 575 rwhp, I run a square 305x30x19 set up for the road course. Prior to the square set up I ran Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I have about 6 track events on MPSS and 4 on the Yokohama’s. In my opinion the MPSS grip better in their optimum range, however they overheat and get greasy sooner than the Yokohama’s. I originally bought the Yokohama’s to help minimize the overheating I was having with the MPSS, and they did deliver in that aspect. However they do not inspire near as much confidence in cornering as the MPSS. The tire wear was really good and I heat cycled them out before I ran out of tread. Their performance in water is terrible. I did a track event at NCM in Bowling Green in the rain. My buddy has a ZL1 too and is comparable skill level of a driver and left me in the dust by turn four, he was running MPSS. Overall the Yokohama’s are a decent tire but leave much to be desired.

  11. I bought these tires to replace my Michelin PSS . I hit the track 5-6 times a year and use the tires for HPDE and daily driving and liked the PSS but they would dry out very fast and would stop gripping optimally after just 2-4 sessions. What I wanted was more grip and MAINLY consistency . I wanted the tire to take the track work and keep performing. The Michelin’s would not hold up to the abuse. I am very happy with the AD08R and would buy again. The only thing I would recommend is that you run these tires at a few psi lower than you normally run . They grip far better at 33 and 32 psi rather than the oem recommended 36 psi. I got 6-7k miles from a set of PSS. I am 2200 miles on the Yokohama’s and cant see more than 4k, maybe 5k. The grip is more consistent, the tires don’t get greasy , the steering response is better than the PSS, and they hold up to heat better. The only thing I don’t like is the accelerated wear but I guess you have to pay to play.This tire can do it all !!!!!!Michelin PSS is a street tire you can use on the track. The Yokohama AD08R is a track tire you can use on the street. The AD08R does get noisier than the Michelin’s as they age but , again, the performance doesn’t fall off. They stick today as well as they did before the three track days on them.

  12. I use this tire for HPDE. I occasionally drive to the track vs. trailer and need a DOT tire. Great grip and predictable handling. I get about 8-10 HPDE days per set since camber adjusted to -2 degrees (stock suspension). Only got about 5-7 days per set before camber change. Also rotating tires on rims will help get a few more days out of them. I use the Aim Pista data logger and can document 1.1 G continuous with short spikes up to 1.25G. Not bad for a street tire on a “stock” Cayman. I just purchased my fifth set.

  13. Ran about 200 miles at Barber Motorsports park in 30-40 degree temps. Grip was amazing once warmed up but still gripped great right out of the pits. Braking is on par with other tires in the category. Ran pressures around 32/30 psi cold which translated to 36/34 hot. I never could get a good hot reading because it was cooling down a lot by the times I got to the pits. I could have lowered the rears maybe 2 psi but I liked how the car handled that day. Maybe a mm away from the sidewall indicators in the rear but just touching them in the front. I had BFG SportComp2’s before and these have about 2-3 times more grip.

  14. I have used these tires strictly at HPDE events and they have held up better than expected. So far I have 4 track weekends (32 1/2 hour sessions) and it is time to swap sides. I have rotated the tires front to back between each weekend, so each tire has spent 2 weekends on the front and 2 on the back but on the same side. I believe I have at least 2-3 more weekends. I don’t have camber plates so they have been run on the stock steering geometry settings. The track weekends have been in November, August, and April. All of these weekends have been at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL.The cornering and braking grip are exceptional. Steering feel is very good with clear feedback. They give plenty of feel prior to break away and recover quickly. It takes effort to overheat these tires and make it clear when they are there, they get greasy gradually. I have run 2 sessions when the track was damp to wet and these tires didn’t care, they simply gripped.When it comes time for replacements I will seriously consider buying another set.

  15. I use these for summer and road course track driving on. BRZ and 1997 Porsche Turbo and simply love these tires! They are not quite as grippy as the NT01 or R888 but close enough. I get about 9 track days out of them, compared to 6 from the NT01/R888. These take take the track abuse and feel great. Very quiet on the freeway. I’ve also tried RE11 and Star Spec. The Star Spec are similar; RE11 not even close (probably why they are discontinued).Highly recommended

  16. Replaced my Michelin PSS with these and its been a great ride so far. The PSS had finally given up on me after 5 track days so decided to try these out (although I will say the PSS is a great overall summer tire for all types of conditions). Been to 4 track days with these on and so far they show no signs of giving up on me. Plenty of grip in the corners and very predictable at the limit. Not the best in the wet, but these are extreme summer tires, so just take real care when it starts to pour outside. Not at all terrible, but just need to drive a bit slower and take care around big puddles. Noise levels are the same as my PSS when driving normally, very responsive to steering inputs and lots of gripping power during braking. Definitely don’t recommend driving these on days 45F and below. Its ok if its dry at that temp but any rain coming down, better be awake and alert. All in all, great track and summer tire. Would get these again.

  17. I installed these tires on my M3 E92 on two occasions. First time they lasted 3,772 miles and were bald when I removed them. I complained to TireRack and they went the distance for me. Yokohama said the tires did not have a tread-wear warranty but agreed to give me one tire free. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” I installed the new set and they lasted 4,200 miles… I highly recommend NOT wasting your money, time, and effort on these tires. They are over-priced and will not last. I have now put Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 on all four corners and they are FAR superior in every category. Oh and they’ve passed the distance the Yokohamas went and still look brand new!

  18. About 8500 miles on the rears and they are done. Great street tire! Sticky all the way until the end. Better in the rain and cold temperatures (32-40 degrees F) than I had expected. Extremely good tire for a daily driver if you only drive 9000 miles a year and live in a warmer climate.

  19. Both front and rear tread wore unevenly and “feathered” causing a noisy almost unbearable tire after 5k miles. After rotation, opposite side did the same thing. Car is aligned every 8 months and the tires are wrapped on true forged aluminum wheels. I’ve used plenty of tires on this vehicle and never experienced something like this. After calling Yokohama about the issue, I can say I’ll never buy another one of their tires.

  20. These will be the 4th set of AD08s I have had over the years. I have tried many of the other “Extreme Performance Summer’ tires including RE-11s (1 set), Star Specs (1 set), and R-S3s (2 sets). (I have not tried the BFG g-Force Rivals because they don’t come in the size I need.) These however are still my favorite street tires and I will continue going back to AD08s for use as a benchmark. In the latest ratings the RE-11 fared better than the AD08s in “Cornering Stability” and “Traction” and frankly I am perplexed by those ratings. In my opinion the AD08s are significantly better in these two aspects, and my data telemetry (based on equally sized tires on similar track conditions) I use on the track supports those opinions. “Stability” IMO is subjective to the driver… as for “Traction” I am able to pull about another tenth of a “g” lateral acceleration on the AD08s than the RE-11s. (FWIW I am an instructor for the BMWCCA and track about 10-12 times a year.) To be fair I have not tried the 2nd generation R-S3s yet – I will try them after my new AD08s wear out! The AD08s will allow you to be precise and inspire confidence. They are very good in the rain too. The only downside to these tires is that they are loud on the highway after about 50% into their useful life. Enjoy.

  21. I drive a Z06 set up/modified for the track but street legal.I drive to and hopefully back from the track in the dry & the rain. I no longer drive in the rain on the track. My rain line is to my spot in the paddock.But driving to and from the track in the rain these tires performed well. Did not experience any hydroplaning or lack of grip. I drive at posted speed limits or a few miles above but within what I feel are the limits of the tires in the rain. So, my numerical wet grade is highway driving not on the track. I do about 25-35 HPDE days in the instructor group. Tracks I drive are WGI, NJMP, Palmer, Pocono, SP, LR. This Vette replaced a dedicated track car I trailerd and drove on Hoosier Slicks. Not R6’s, but a no grooves slick. In the corners it was quite an adjustment going from a slick to this Bridgestone 08. But, once I made the adjustment I loved these tires. I found they did what they were meant to do. I’m no longer a 10/10’s driver, probably a 7-8/10’s. My goal is to be upper middle of the pack, have fun and drive home. I also now get to enjoy my car on the streets when I feel like it where as my previous car was strictly 25-35 days per year track only car. These tires are great on the streets to. I’m oblivious to tire noise, I’m in a track car so tire noise is irrelovent, ride comfort is irrelovent. All I care about is performance. Prior to the Vette and prior to going to slicks I used shaved RA 1’s and then 888’s. I like these 08’s better then both the RA 1’s and the 888’s. I got 2 full seasons on these, right down to the cords. I’d start them out at 24-25psi and bleed them back down once they hit around 35-37psi. I found once they got around 35+psi they got a bit slippery. I have no negatives.

  22. Let’s be clear, more then a review this is a confirmation that this tires 245-40=17 fit without rubbing por touching anywhere on my 2017 BRZ Inazuma edition stock rims with the big Brembos. I’m saying that because there was a note on the website when i bought then saying that tirerack had not confirmed they would fit on my car. i will write a new or updated review once i have more mileage on the tires, for now i can tell you that they felt amazing just driving back from installation without break in time. the car rotates around corners, I’m hopping to have a track day on them and report back. This was also my first time ordering from Tirerack from Canada, even though the tires got delayed at the border i got them in 3 days, the online chat helper was very knowledgeable which is unheard of on most online shopping experiences.So far very happy with the product, service and delivery.

  23. My 2011 M3 has the competition package with upgraded 19″ GTS wheels. 245/35/19 front and 265/35/19 rear. The competition rims are 1/2″ wider, but BMW did not widen the tire. Doesnt fit right. The M3GTS in Europe uses a 255 and 275 tires. So I purchased these Yohama ADO8R in 255/35/19 and 275/35/19. Fits perfect. WOW first day on the road going to the track hit a nasty rain storm on the highway. I really thought I was going to spin out and end up in the ditch. Not a chance. These tires at 75mph cruised through no issues. Better than the Michelin PS2 I think. I tried them in 2013, didnt like on the track, they got greasy quick. So while it was raining the track was soaked. Still ran laps with these tires. Ran 3 seconds slower than I do in the dry. That is a great lap time for a rainy day and love these tires. I am now on my 4 set. Rear doesn’t last long when playing on the track, but then again, if you want traction, you give up wear life. I can normally get a spring, summer and part fall with about 8 days of track out of the rear and a little longer out of the front. Front is cambered at 1.7% Helps wear even.

  24. Tyres are great at braking and turn in is much better compared to conventional tyres. The problem i have with this tyres is that i’m experiencing same thing someone(1988 Honda Civic Hatchback, May 04, 2017) stated in previous review. ” quick L to R steering inputs will show big rolls and even at slower speeds, you’ll feel your car swaying like a boat. ” I can compensate that with higher cold pressures(F:37, R:39). But than the warm up time is the problem. It needs plenty of corners to warm them up, and then they quickly cool down if you are driving on straight. This is useless for street driving. And the tyre is advertised as street tyre… Besides that the max.pressure for my tyre size(215/45R17 87W) is 40psi, so i’m at the limit. With cold pressures (F:34, R:36) warm up time si much improved but the car is mushy to drive. Again not impressed. Can’t get the right balance of them. Also i got them from online, thus cheaper, but not worth. I know that square 215 tyre setup is a bit narrow for IS300, but still, disapointed about this tyre.

  25. Well folks, if it’s high speed stability and limited sidewall flex you’re looking for, keep looking. The only thing these AD08R’s are good for is sticking to the road. Aside from that, quick L to R steering inputs will show big rolls and even at slower speeds, you’ll feel your car swaying like a boat. My turbo civic on 20 psi will fry normal tires in 3rd gear, so a sticky tire is important to me, but so is stability at the high speeds that I can quickly achieve. These Advans feel dangerous at high speeds. Even at the cheaper online price, these tires are not worth it. I’ll be going back to my Falken Azenis RT615K’s— the best gripping and handling tire for a street car in my opinion. And much cheaper than these junk Advans. Even my Falken Ziex 912’s feel better than these Advans. Yokohama totally blew it with this tire.

  26. This was the first Extreme Performance tire I put on this car – the difference in traction between it and the Max summer tires I’ve had in the past was substantial. I could easily take turns on the street that would have the traction control nannies blinking beforehand (such as accelerating into a left turn from a stop) with no issues.I also take this car to the track, and these tires were quite remarkable. I could quite comfortably pull 1.15G sustained turns, and the grip is enough that it took a couple of days to start finding their limits after being so used to Michelin/Conti summer tires. I only drove in dry and misty conditions on the track, so no real wet traction stories, but they did fine with a little moisture – they also handled the heat well (Texas World Speedway, 95 degrees, 140+ MPH). My car is fairly heavy so I kept them around 40psi hot – stiff sidewalls and about 2.7 degrees negative camber meant no rollover.When I got hit by a massive downstorm on the street I was even more surprised; these didn’t have a hint of hydroplaning. Seriously the best tires I’ve had in the last 5-6 years for those conditions which I was not expecting.The main – only – downside is that the ride quality is terrible compared to a PSS or ExtremeContact type tire – you can literally feel it when you drive over road paint, and small road imperfections can become bone-jarring. I do NOT recommend these for a daily driver, at least not one as heavy as mine (4434lbs). Otherwise, I have no hesitation; they’re a great, great tire.

  27. NOISY! I bought my car used, and these were the tires it was equipped at the time. They were obviously new; showing nubs from the mold, and some mold release compound still on the sidewalls. Initially, they were great tires, very sticky, even considering the 2013 production date. The fun ended after 4 months of driving on them. The car started getting loud going down the road. I first thought that I had a bad wheel bearing, but after rotating the tires, the sound moved to a different corner. Grip is still fantastic, as is wet traction. It’s just a shame that these tires are completely miserable to live with on my daily commute. They do wear fast (I’d be an idiot to expect them not to), which I was fine with. That’s a compromise you have to make with an extreme performance tire. I was excited to try these out initially, but at 5-6/32nds of tread left, I’m replacing these with something else. Hopefully the Continental Extremecontact Sport and a fresh alignment will be a little easier to live with. I would definitely consider these as a dedicated track/autocross tire, because that seems to be the environment they shine in, but on a daily driver, step down a performance category to keep your sanity.

  28. The AD08R is an excellent all-around extreme performance summer tire. I have owned two sets of R’s and, prior to that, owned a set of the original AD08’s. I have a solid grasp on what this tire does well, but also understand that there are areas in which some of its newer competitors are stronger. I do not competitively autocross, so the fact that the RE-71R and G-Force Rival S 1.5 appear to be better tailored to that specific form of racing means little to me. I have driven on those tires and certainly have found them to be more sticky than the AD08R’s, but the RE-71R’s are annoyingly loud, wear much more quickly, and perform worse in the wet than the AD08R’s. The Rival S 1.5’s are reasonably quiet, but are absolutely terrible in the wet and also wear much more quickly than the AD08R’s.The AD08R’s are a pleasure to drive on public roads. They do not drone, are not harsh, and provide a pleasant somewhat heavily weighted steering feel. In addition, I find that the steel sidewall inserts make the AD08R’s quite responsive to steering inputs and also keep the tires from flat spotting if left parked for an extended period. My car is very light, but I do drive in a ‘spirited fashion’ when conditions allow and the AD08R’s last me (with proper rotation) over 10,000 miles. This constitutes much better longevity than the newer softer compound tires.I do occasionally track this car, and have found that the AD08R’s perform very well in repeated lapping sessions. They provide fast and consistent lap times because they do not overheat and become ‘greasy.’ They are not as good in the wet as max performance summer tires such as the Pilot Sport 4s or Extreme Contact Sport, but the AD08R’s perform very well for a tire in the extreme performance category. The AD08R’s also do a respectable job of evacuating standing water when they have more than 50% of their highly directional tread left. I have found that cold pressures in the mid 20’s yield the best track results.

  29. This is my 3rd set and my favorite summer street tire for their grip and predictability. I usually get 18-19k miles with some autocrosses over 5 year period.I was disappointed that 2 of the tires I received were 110 weeks old. My installer had much difficulty getting these tires to seat. The other 2 were only 64 weeks old and mounted more easily.


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