Yokohama ADVAN Apex V601 Sizes & review

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The ADVAN Apex V601 is Yokohama’s Max Performance Summer tire for drivers of sports cars, performance sedans, and sporty coupes who want a tire that builds on the lessons learned from five decades of performance innovation. The ADVAN Apex V601 is designed to deliver maximum grip and precision handling in warm dry and wet conditions, so like all Max Performance Summer tires, it is not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

A high-grade, micro silica tread compound is molded into the ADVAN Apex V601’s asymmetric pattern. Optimized groove angles are designed to minimize noise for a quieter ride, and the rounded rib profile promotes even contact pressure with the road to reduce uneven tread wear. The wide, outboard rib features very low void for maximum lateral grip, and the solid center rib creates constant contact with the road for high-speed stability and precise handling. The narrow, outer groove helps dissipate the heat generated under aggressive cornering, and the three inside circumferential grooves effectively evacuate water from the contact patch to resist hydroplaning.

The single-ply, rayon casing of the ADVAN Apex V601 features a high turn-up, creating a two-ply sidewall for enhanced lateral stability and handling. Two wide, steel belts support the tread and are reinforced with two spirally wound, nylon cap plies.

Note: Tires exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C) or lower must be permitted to gradually return to temperatures of at least 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) for at least 24 hours before they are flexed in any manner, such as by adjusting inflation pressures, mounting them on wheels or using them to support, roll or drive a vehicle.

Flexing of the specialized rubber compounds used in Max Performance Summer tires during cold-weather use can result in irreversible compound cracking. Compound cracking is not a warrantable condition because it occurs as the result of improper use or storage. Tires exhibiting compound cracking must be replaced.


  1. Excellent value for performance. Have owned Michelin PS4S in the past and these seem very comparable. Probably won’t have quite the same longevity, but for the money who cares.

  2. I agree with the reviewer that it seems very comparable to Michelin PS4S. Probably won’t have quite the same longevity, but for the money who cares. I’d purchase again and highly recommended to people who’s looking for performance with reasonable price.

  3. Honestly a very good tyre at this price range… I feel like the tread is actually a tad shallow for something in this class in comparison to its competitors but all in all very nice…I daily my car, & track it when able thus far I’ve only been able to drive it around the streets of Miami (anybody from here knows that they are absolutely horrendous), & they actually take all Miami can throw at them pretty well… They do have a very minor tendency to hydroplane at around 60 MPH, but it’s nothing drastic… As far as their grip goes around some of the fun roads here, they’re pretty good just not much feeling at the wheel while cornering so its a tad odd to judge but still would recommend to anybody who’s up for a spirited drive to, & from work…Hopefully I get to track on them soon, but until then…

  4. Feel like an upgrade from PZeros in almost every way except feedback to small steering adjustments seems numb first 5 degrees of wheel turn. The real surprise was ride quality substantially better was not expecting that. It has been a few years since I had Michelin PSS but I feel these are better ride quality and similar in other categories. My cars exhaust is quite loud have never heard any tire noise on any tire, unable to comment. Also uncertain of tire wear my car eats tires due to weight, alignment etc rears go in 6-8k regardless of brand, tread rating etc. Worth a try if you enjoy ride quality and near neutral steering numbers. Plenty of feel and lots of confidence around corners at fast speeds in dry conditions.

  5. I had 235/45R18 on my 15 accord V6-6 speed coupe I use to spin the front wheels in first, second and third gears, I upgraded the rims to 19×8.5 and 255/35R19 summer tires my car stick to the road now like glue wet or dry, I can only spin first gear a little. I LOVE THEM

  6. My 2013 Infiniti G37S sedan is a 6 speed manual with many significant handling, braking, and power upgrades sitting at about 400 hp currently. I have done track days for two decades and this car has seen them regularly for the last 5 years. I replaced a set of Bridgestone RE-71R tires in front with these Yokohamas and still run 275 width RE-71R tires in the rear to compare.I was looking for a tire with a smoother and quieter ride without giving up too much performance and this Yokohama delivers in a big way! I am happy that the ride is improved and is also quieter. I was also surprised that it does not seem to give up too much grip at the limit (on street) to my wider RE-71R rear tires. I am sure that at the limit on the track these tires would ultimately give up some time to the RE-71R tires, but they are a much better daily driver and provide more grip than what 99% of people will be able to use on the street.This Yokohama is also a much better tire in the rain than my RE-71R. I was surprised the other day how much quicker the back end of my car (with RE-71R tires) would lose grip while cornering compared to the front (with these Yokohamas). I really did not expect this advantage, but it is a nice benefit. Certainly, part of this benefit comes from the Yokohmas being newer and thus having a bit more tread depth, but I imagine most of the rain advantage comes from the significantly better channels and siping for water evacuation.This tire is also a significant improvement in grip over the Michelin Pilot Super Sport that everyone raves about.At the end of the day this new Yokohama tire is a great performance bargain that also happens to be a really nice daily driver for your performance car. You should try a set. No complaints yet and I am extremely particular when it comes to tires since it is the single most important upgrade you can make to a car to improve braking, handling, and acceleration all at the same time.

  7. Replaced stock Advans off of an STI with these and they’re night and day better. WAY better on reducing road noise and general comfort, wife (who hates performance parts of any kind) applauded the tires as very comfortable and quiet. Dry traction is as good as any 200+ tread wear tire out there. Very shallow tread depth, especially at edges, tires are clearly made for performance and increased my STI’s limits considerably. Wet traction is an issue and these will definitely hydroplane, must be careful in rain although have never lost control. They communicate the limit very well and respond well to measured inputs. Would 10/10 buy again.

  8. Used these for a 3 day track event. Car has suspension/engine/brake work so it’s pretty hard on tires and these were great. Tons of grip and predictable at the limit. Not directional so they can be swapped side to side which is huge for track driving since the left side tends to wear out much faster for me. Also great on the street a bit noisy after the track event and rotating the tires but it seems to be getting better the more I drive on them.


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