Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD07 Sizes & review

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The ADVAN Neova AD07 is the Extreme Performance Summer tire member of Yokohama’s global family of ADVAN performance tires developed for sports car, sports coupe and performance sedan enthusiasts who love sport driving. Used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on the Lotus Elise, the ADVAN Neova AD07 is designed to provide high levels of traction, responsive handling and driving control in dry and wet road conditions. However, like all Extreme Performance Summer tires, these tires are not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The ADVAN Neova AD07 molds a “fine particle” Micro Silica (MS) tread compound (to provide greater road surface adhesion) into a directional tread pattern that features massive tread blocks with rounded edges to increase cornering stability and steering response while promoting more even wear. Five large circumferential and multiple directionally aligned lateral grooves resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. The tire’s structure includes two wide steel belts reinforced by spirally wound nylon to provide strength and uniform ride quality and high-speed capability while the sidewalls are tuned to resist lateral deflection providing handling control and cornering stability.

Like the motorsports tires this Extreme Performance street tire has evolved from, the ADVAN Neova AD07 radial’s construction and compounds have been tuned to maximize the tire’s traction and performance within a specific range of ambient temperatures. Therefore, unlike less highly-tuned tires, Yokohama’s care instructions specify that due to its compound characteristics, ADVAN Neova tires must be used and stored at temperatures above -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) to maintain its performance and avoid tire damage.


  1. I purchased this tire for autocross use only but have driven quite a few miles on regular roads as I am too lazy to change wheels and tires between events! The only issue I have seen with the AD07 is braking grip on a cold tire. If I begin a meet without the opportunity to pre-warm the tire, I experience dramatic drop off on initial braking grip. The tire comes back almost immediately but it is a factor that can get your attention in a hurry. It is a really close call between these AD07’s and my RE-01R’s for overall performance. I think the RE-01R is a more predictable feel with a gradual break away at the limit but the AD07 is better suited for pure autocross (and they look cooler!)Having to store the tires over the winter, here in North Dakota, is a challenge. I have to hide my wheels and tires under the stairs so that the rubber doesn’t degrade due to sub zero temperatures! Maybe this is another example of why I have that cold start issue with the tire?Next season I will probably switch to an “R” compound tire to push the Elise even harder but for now the AD07 has been a great buy.. even though it is a very expensive tire.

  2. Treadwear is unacceptable–dangerously bald in less than 6000 miles. Probably they were bald by 4000, but I never checked. Of course it comes with no treadwear warrantee. Given the choice, I would not purchase these again, although I may not have another good option with my car.

  3. Rears 225/45/r17 totally bald at 5,500 probably earlier. Fronts (175/55/r16) replaced at 12K with another set of rears. This is Tesla’s recommend (stock) tire. They are not giving us much choice but this is MUCH more expensive than I had ever budgeted for a car that has almost no other maintenance.

  4. This tire has been phenomenal for the summer months in the RX-8. What I was looking for was good cornering stability and traction to get the most from the performance of my car and it has delivered in spades. From what I hear the AD08 is even better so I will gladly purchase them when these wear out which there really is only a little bit of wear from this summer so they have held up well too.

  5. i absolutely love these tires, they are the perfect choice for anyone who is a crazy driver or a racer. they hold up perfect on the track and on the streets. midcorner bumps used to unsettle my car until i put these on. perfect is all i can say. these tires inspire so much confidence, they are absolute crap on dirty streets when they are cold, but drive on them for five minutes and they are the grippiest tire you will ever know- your perseption of gravity changes. the treadwear is horrible IF you have no idea what your buying; for what the tire is made for the wear is completely fine, if not better than 80% of what you will find from other tires. when your looking for great performance then you will trade off treadwear. i have a friend with a mustang cobra and another with a late ’90 vettte both have atleast 100 more horsepower than i do (i only have 230) and i am killing them stoplight to stoplight and on the tracks/backroads. they look great aswell. love the comments i get on the tread pattern. i will definitely buy these or the ADO8 when these wear out. japanese or not yokohama did something amazing to these things. braking is phenomenal (2 feet 2 inches longer than on slicks WHEN WARMED UP!!) when not warm the performance is sincerely horrible in comparison to when they are warm and still better than any other tire out there

  6. AMAZING GRIP. Due to the soft compound of the tire, it sure does wear quick, but definitely THE BEST tire i’ve driven on. Totally dwarf the grip offered up by the Falken Azenis RT-615. great lateral and horizontal grip. Very close to R-compound-like grip

  7. Since this is the only tire available for the stock Elise front wheels I it makes choosing tires pretty easy. Now on my third set of fronts at 58K miles on the car. I stay with the AD07’s for the front to keep the light feel to the steering and responsive handling. Have tried ADO8s on the rear to see if they would last longer. They were less expensive, but tread life was about the same. Recently installed Michelin Pilot Super Sports on the rear to see if I can get better tread life.I track the car regularly, but use the AO48’s on a separate set of wheels for the track.

  8. At 16K 2nd set of RRs are baloney skins, fronts still good. Good in dry and wet but going to try A048’s, ready for something new. Had to swap RR AD07’s at 4000 to even out tread wear.Plan on 2nd set of wheels w/R888’s for summer driving.My Elise is a daily driver and modified extensively, AD07’s handled add’l power well, once at half tread worked very well in 4 wheel drifts. If A048’s don’t work out will go back to AD07’s, maybe…..

  9. I do some tracking in my car and these tires are pretty darn good. Around town, they are equal to about any other ultra high performance tire on the market. At the track, they are almost as good as the Michelin Pilot Sport 2s, but not quite an equal. However, if you want traction, etc at the track, you should really buy dedicated track tires! Being as I mostly instruct and just track “for fun”, and not for competative purposes, these tires suit my needs nicely. The BIG advantage of these is that they are only directional. They are not a “inside/outside” tire. Thus, you can “rotate” these tires from one side to the other if you “flip” them on the wheels. Thus, they have a great advantage in longevity over the Michelin PS2s which cannot be “rotated”. For a “high performance street tire”, these kick some serious butt for the money. Again, they are not quite the tire the PS2 is, but on the street, you dont need that little extra! I highly recommend these tires for a sticky street application. Great grip and controlled break away. They are also quiet and the treadwear seems to be better than the PS2s (which I got about 5K out of. Dont expect a 50K tire though…these are sticky High Perf. street tires, not long mileage hard tires! However, based on wear, I would say these may go 10K-15K of just street driving, which aint bad at all given the compound.

  10. PHENOMENAL! Superior performance exceeding the Yokohama A008 and AVS Dry of yore, but with better resistance to hydroplaning. Gobs of adhesion and outstanding grip, with handling comparatively one notch below a track tire. Sharp steering response that communicates effectively with the driver, which magnifies drivers errors, as cornering can be corrected in millimeters. Very stable, under braking, at initial turn-in and exiting corners, while subjected to high lateral forces. Any turns taken at a slow speed or missed apex is unexcusable. Inspires confidence in the wet, especially when combined with AWD system. Relatively noticable treadwear, yet performance output makes this acceptable. Significantly all around better than previous Michelin PS2 and Pirelli P-Zero. For those who do not accept compromises, this is the must have extreme summer tire, for the unfair advantage!

  11. There really isnt anything more that I can say about these tires that havent been said. They have amazing grip for a street compound, but the best thing about them are the mild breakaway characteristics and good feedback through the steering. These tires dont squeal much though, so for people who like their feedback audio that might be a problem, but I prefer feeling through the steering so it was great for me. This tire is very easy to bring back in line when they do start sliding, which shouldnt be soon as the grip is amazing. Turn-in is very quick which makes slalom type movements very easy to accomplish.Ride quality suffers a little bit because of the stiffer sidewalls though. Noise levels are also a bit higher than normal, but that seems to be a characteristic Yokohama weakness. Ive only driven these tires through one storm and though grip was good, they did breakaway eventually. Still, the easy recovery characteristics that the tire shows in the dry was evident in the wet also. Though these tires are quite expensive, they are arguably the best ST compound and so are worth it. Finally, tire wear is amazing and makes the higher price easier to stomach. I originally anticipated 10,000 miles on these tires, but they look like theyll last for more than 20,000 miles, possibly much more.

  12. I bought these strictly for autox use. I only use them for that, do not daily drive on them. I store them in bags when not racing on them. I drive them about 120 miles round-trip to the event-site I race at, which is the only reason the miles-used is roughly 2000.No 10s b/c I cant say Ive ever met the perfect tire, but this tire is the best STU class autox tire Ive ever used (vs. rt215, rt615, rs2, re070). Grip is outstanding, the tire is predictable, very friendly breakaway, and quite unexpectedly, -it wears like iron- (considering Ive had tires be toast in less than 7 events, these have done 2x that). I will flip them and see if I can squeeze most of another season out of them (even 6 more events would be incredible). Bottom line: it does what I hoped it would when I bought them. If only they werent so pricey (theyre even more now than when I got my set), that probably would purchase again would be definitely. I can argue that theyre 2x as durable as some other tires, but its still a lot of money at Christmastime 🙂 That, and Ive not personally tried re01rs yet… and theres some other tires on the way from other manufacturers that look interesting. I guess “we will see”.

  13. Trying to compare this with RE-01R, AD07 has a softer sidewall which makes it a more comfortible; however, doing so will be less responsive and introduced a more understeering when entering corners with high speed. hydrplaning Resistance a excellent on the AD07. going over a patch of water, the car didnt feel it was going into the water. RE-01R still felt a little but AD07 just going right over it. treadwear: i dont expect it to last long i would replace it like 12 -18 months because of the cold weather here which will make the compound harder over time and age faster… $175/tire when i got it.

  14. I used the ADO7 for regular daily driving, autocross, and track use for two years. The ADO7 has held up to 13 autocrosses and 7 track days, 5 of those track days were with two drivers, and they are finally to the wear bars in the rear. They have lots of grip when warm, which does not take very long, and takes roughly 10-15, hard, laps to start over heating the tires. Even when the tires are hot they are still predictable and fun to drive on.For autocross use i love these tires. I have never over heated the tires autocrossing and they take one run to warm up and they keep the heat in for your remaining runs. Great tire for use in classes requiring >140 treadwear rating. Even though they are pricey I would recommend them for track and autocross use.

  15. I bought these tires in Virginia and drove to Florida and then California where I’m currenty at. Compared to stock Bridgestones, its like night and day. Especially when its raining hard. Have not had one complaint about these tires, other than the price going up, they exceeded my expectations. My next tires will probably be the Advan Neova again unless there is a new tire that can out perform it.

  16. They are absolutely fantastic on dry pavement. I’ve run them for almost 15k miles on my daily driver and I’ve also taken them to Brainerd for some tire-thrashing road course goodness. For daily driving they are not the most comfortable of tire (road noise is higher than the Michelin PS2’s they replaced, and they are one of the stiffest tires I’ve ever driven) but for those of us who spend thousands of dollars to make our suspensions less squishy road noise and cruising comfort are on the low end of my priority list. On the high end of my list are stickiness, cornering ability, and high-heat characteristics. All of those get the highest marks from me with these tires.Stickiness: Above 70 degrees these are the stickiest tires I’ve ever driven. 6k clutch drops with the M5 only give me a few blessed moments of wheel spin (like 2 seconds, maybe) before they catch. I can only chirp them on the 1-2 shift and barely get a squeak out on the 2-3 shifts. In contrast, my Michelin PS2s could almost go all the way through 1st gear squealing and get nice squeals in the 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4 shifts. When I was running the technical course out at BMW driving schools it simply carved through the cones like a car about 2/3 its weight. And when they get warm they get stickier.Cornering ability: I’ve already mentioned the cornering ability in Auto-X conditions and they are fantastic, but on a road course (BIR) it’s an absolute blast. They go where you point them. Even with this car’s tendency to understeer (fat rear tires and smaller front tires will do that) I had to severely overdrive to make it do so. Turn in is phenomenal.By lap 3 at Brainerd I was getting faster entrance speeds on turn 1 (the first turn after the long straight) because I was stickier and able to take turn 10 without plowing. My fastest laps were always the 8th or 9th (last laps). That’s 20 minutes of high-speed driving on a pig of a BMW resulting in extreme temperatures on a STREET TIRE.

  17. Amazing… By far the best tyre I’ve owned. Considering the levels of grip both dry and wet I think the treadwear is fantastic too. I’m not sure what it comes down to (perhaps the Micro Silica (MS) compound). In Australia these are pretty hard to get and you’ve got to order from a Yokohama specialist dealer. I’m thinking of trying a Michelin PE2 Exalto set next for my RenaultSport Clio 182 but it’s going to be hard to get something as good as these bad boys. I bought my car with a set of NTC5s which don’t do the car justice. Why get an awesome handling car and put touring tyres on it? I got rid of them quicksmart.

  18. Amazing, have run many track events and autocross and some rallies, the previous Pirrellis only lasted 4000 miles aqnd these are over 14700 aqnd just barely ready to be replaced. best tires have have used on this car so far. Traction and predictability are outstanding. little noisy but who really cares if the grip like they are glued to the road. Have already purchased the second set, so I went to the track and thoufght I would finish them off, still have tread left even after some great burnouts. Highly recommned them at least unitl they build a better tire.

  19. Bought for my 2003 Porsche 996 Turbo. Honestly does have great grip, but there was excessive side wall flexing during high speed manuvers. Any quick lane change over 75-80 mph caused the car to float and sway back and forth like it had too much or too little air pressure. The grip was great for lauches and breaking, but I couldn’t trust the car around turns. I actually returned the tires to Tire Rack. Dealer first thought it was a loose suspension part, $300 spent and dealer and found out it was the tires. Buying Michelin PS2 or Pilot Sport Cup when I decided. Car is riding on spare set of wheels until I decide. I was very surprised based on other reviews, but maybe I had defective tires, who know? I also tired different air pressures up and down with little difference. 2 psi below factory setting was best, but not good enough. My Porsche with modified suspension was riding (floating) like what you would expect from a minivan or truck.

  20. I bought these after coming off a set of Mich PS2. The C32 is a fabulously quick car, much faster than any pre 2008 BMW M3 I have encountered, BUT I always felt like the handling could benefit from some better suspension and tires. I’ve lowered the car and now run these tires and the understeer that the C32 is famous for is almost gone. Tracked the car at Joliet and beat every M3 there by a far margin. Grip is great in dry, excellent in wet, no tramlining in the grooves and the understeer is gone. Highly recommended.

  21. My ADVAN Neovas are size 235/40-17 mounted on 8.5 x 17 stock rear M Double Spoke IIs all around (plus spare) on my 1997 BMW M3/4-door. I use the car for weekend touring, and for Porsche Driver Education events (as an instructor) one weekend per month during the track season. Mods are minimal–Dinan exhaust/airbox, Conforti Shark Injector, UUC steel brakelines, EBC YellowStuff pads, and Motul RBF600 fluid. My last set of tires were Bridgestone RE050A in 235/40-17. They were outstanding road tires with good dry and wet track performance (see my previous reviews). I got 11500 miles from a set of 5 before cording them at Putnam Park last April. The new Yokohama ADVAN Neovas perform at a much higher level on the track. With 2857 miles on the tires, the dry handling and stick are outstanding and consistent from beginning to near the end of the session with only a slight drop off at the end of a 25-minute instructor/A-group track session. The outside shoulders chunk minimally. Wet performance is on par with full tread depth Toyo RA-1 or Kumho V700/V710s. On the public roads, theres a slightly higher noise floor at highway speeds, and the ride is slightly stiffer over rough pavement compared with the Bridgestone RE050As. This tradeoff is acceptable considering the Neovas stellar track performance. Im not sure how much life Ill get with these. Ill follow up at that time. If youre a track driver that doesnt like to swap to dedicated track tires–buy the Neovas. Youll like them!

  22. I have 8.5 x 17 Style 22s (M Double Spoke IIs) all around including the spare. I bought a set of 5 Neovas last season. They performed outstandingly during a rainstorm at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course (at 9/32ds tread depth). Dry–the Neovas are the stickiest road tire I’ve had. Handling and steering response are phenomenal. During a 25-minute track session, stick falls off slightly toward the end of the session–as do my YellowStuff EBC pads’ bite. Although the sidewalls are the stiff, they can be damaged, as I’d dropped my LR tire off-track exiting Putnam Park’s Turn 1 (at 90+ mph); the impact was severe enough to develop a sidewall bubble, forcing me to buy a new Neova to replace it (now totalling 6 Neovas from Jim@TireRack for 2007). The outside shoulders are prone to overheating from abrupt weight transfers so smooth driving is key. At mileage 2470, I flipped the wheels on the tires, and lefts became rights and vice versa. I now have 5255 miles with shoulder block blisters on the left sides. Tread depth is 3-to-4/32nds. I’m acquiring an extra set of 8.5-wide Style 22s, and buying four new Neovas for wet track and public road use—while last season’s Neovas become dry track session tires (moving the blistered tires to the right side). Yes–the Neovas are that good! Now–if I could get a Tire Rack sponsorship…sigh…

  23. This is my third set of rears, 265-35-18 on 18X10 wheels, for my 993 and they last around 10000 miles per set. The fronts are 235-40-18 on 18×8.5 wheels. The suspension is RSR adjustable sway bars and tower brace with Moton Club Sports. The ride height and settings are just this side of track but are suitable for street/highway use. Although this is my personal car, I use it for business and it is not uncommon to drive 1000 miles per week at very high speed for 3+ hours at a time in varying road and turning/braking conditions. In general, these tire are excellent with great traction, stability, control and minimal tire noise. I’ve used PS2’s in the past and these are equivalent. However,to maximize the potential of any tire, proper suspension components and setup is a must.

  24. Excellent tire overall, 2nd best I’ve owned so far. Grips like no other – I have to purposely countersteer to break traction on the rear end. In an empty parking lot, I put the steering to full lock, and drove in a circle at about 15mph, and the tires didn’t break traction or screech at all. Wet grip was good. Treadwear was ok. Overall the tire is excellent. The only downside is that they have a strong sidewall, so they should not be used in luxury cars, because they are not as comfortable as other tires. I can’t complain about the grip.

  25. This is just an awesome dual purpose tire. Drive it to work, drive it to the track. Once you have done several track events on street tires and they start to have seen their better days it may be time to invest in a dual purpose tire. The Neova is a super agressive street tire that will serve you well at the track and is just enough of a compromise to also be a very good street tire. I wouldn’t however use it as a street tire only as I think there are better choices such as Yokohamas own ADVAN sport or the Michelin PS2. But for someone needing a street/track tire that will take track abuse yet perform as a summer tire too, this would be a great choice.

  26. Consistent with reviewers here the use these tires on the track and street, I love these tires…on the track (road race) that is. They are awesome, very near the traction of the old 008’s. Now, for the street, in Colorado where the streets are busted up, I switch back over to touring tires, I get tired of getting beat on, pulled to the side and wrestled with. Can you say tramline? How about loud over slightly worn asphalt? Maybe I’m getting old. Even my racer buddies at the track are impressed with these tires. Good wear characteristics and as others have said and Grass Roots Motorsports attested to, these things DON’T get greasy as the afternoon wears on and the laps pile up. Great track tire. Would like to compare these with the new EP kid on the block, the Dunlop DAZ1SS.

  27. Previously had Pirelli Pzeros, and these tires last twice as long, have better resistance to hydroplaning and have at least as much grip, if not more. They are also more quiet, and more resistant to following cracks in the road. The backs need replacing now (Pirellis lasted about 6-7k miles). The last 2k miles have been lower performance, but still grip pretty well. The fronts should last another cycle of the rears. I drive mostly around the city, but in a pretty spirited manner. Also, my 993 has a blower, so puts out quite a bit more torque than stock.I highly recommend these tires for 993’s..

  28. Great autocross/de/time trial tire. This is my 3rd set. The tires stay sticky through a wide heat range, don’t turn greasy over extended runs, and keep their traction through more miles than other tires I have tried. I consistently win my class on these tires. Very good road feel. Noise is acceptable for traction tradeoff. Wear is very good compared to other extreme performance tires.

  29. bought these based on recommendation from my dad and the reviews.I’m very pleased with these tires. I drive down a canyon every night on my way home and I can feel the tires can handle more punishment than my driving ability can put them through. have only heard them chirp on rare occasions under severe stress going down a windy hill pretty fast.Examined them after two and a half months and tire wear seems even and not very significant.

  30. I just replaced my third set of Neova AD07s (new March 2008) with the AD07’s succesor, AD08 (tire review upcoming in August after I test them at Mid Ohio) Tires are mounted on 8.5 x 17 stock Style 39M wheels on a 1997 BMW M3 4-door with stock suspension. With my previous AD07 sets I’d gotten 5600 miles and 6 lapping days of tire life. With this third set I got 10212 miles and 3 lapping days. The 235/40-17 size is vulnerable to sidewall impact damage, as I’d damaged another tire “apexing” Putnam Park’s Turn 10 track curbing with my RF tire (unloaded). The tire went flat as I exited the turn; I did not lose control; just calmly pulled into the green space with no issues. I did not bend the rim with the impact. I’d been satisfied with the tire, and was going to order a fourth set, but decided on the heir apparents–the AD08s. The old AD07s were relatively quiet until thorougly worn, but the AD08s are noisier right out of their molds–disappointing considering the AD08s are supposed to be “quieter” than the AD07s. The AD07s were my benchmark road/track performance tires. We’ll see if the AD08 can become the new benchmark in dual-duty performance.


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