Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S Sizes & review

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The ADVAN Sport A/S is Yokohama’s Ultra High Performance All-Season tire developed for sports car, sporty coupe and luxury sedan drivers looking for year-round performance. Designed to offer smoother ride comfort for a more enjoyable drive, the ADVAN Sport A/S provides traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even light snow.

Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/SFeaturing advanced polymers that keep the tread pliable in cold temperatures while extra silica provides superior wet and winter grip, Yokohama’s advanced tread compound combines all-season handling with good wear. The compound is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern to blend responsive handling with all-season performance. Extra-large outboard shoulder blocks enhance dry cornering while 2-IN-1 intermediate blocks increase handling response and lateral stability. Circumferential grooves help evacuate water from under the tread to enhance wet grip. Streaming Z-Grooves create large biting edges to enhance snow traction while inboard serpentine grooves increase snow-shearing force for winter traction.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon on top of a casing featuring an Optimized Sidewall Construction that extends the sidewall reinforcement higher up the sidewall to blend responsive handling and ride comfort.


  1. Tried to avoid spending too much for Michelins, and all the tire places didn’t stock my tire, so i decided to save some money, and take a chance on a tire i knew little about. Man, are these some good looking tires, and notice no difference with a higher rated tire. The process was completely flawless, with me having tires sent to NTB, which had the tires installed within 2 hours. I will definitely do again..

  2. My first impressions of this tire are excellent. Granted, I have only 3,000 miles on them so far. Also, my car is lowered and therefore handles better than average no matter what tire is on it. With that being said, I was looking for a tire that would last longer than a true summer tire, still handle good enough to maintain a sporty feel, not be excessively loud, and be able to maintain usefulness in cooler temperatures before I switch over to my winter tires. I’ve experienced all but the last detail. Traction has been impressive in my opinion. The worn Mickey Thompson summer street tires I had on here before seemed easier to break loose in the back end then these do. The tail hasn’t lost traction yet with these tires. Steering feel is not quite as responsive as a summer tire. But, it’s still sporty. No signs of wear whatsoever. No abnormal or annoying noise. I was nervous that an all-season might look like it belongs more on a truck than on a Mustang. No such issue. The car maintains a sporty appearance. On top of that, reasonable price for a tire from a big name manufacturer.

  3. Fantastic all-season tire with even tread wear. I feel confident with my hour commute to work every day and would definitely purchase these tires again!

  4. 7,500 miles on these tires now. Overall, I like these tires. They have excellent traction, cornering, and ride. Noise level has increase slightly from new, but still way better than stock Dunlops and ride is nice with these. The cons are they feel slightly less stable at higher speeds (slight jitter sensation that could be just a slight balance issue) than the Dunlops and mileage has decreased about 1.5 to 2 MPG which is about 6%. Still very pleased overall.

  5. Installed Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S 245/50/18 tires after Kumho 235 /50/18 TA31. Immediately felt the improvement of all performance. Yokohama definitely one of the best. I wont compare to other best brands, because they are also good. But if you choose Yoko you wont be wrong.

  6. Generally a good tire. Far superior to the OEM tires in every way. Despite all the benefits, these tires have worn out far faster than they should have. I admit I drive more spirited than most, but with only 30k miles in a 50k mile tires they already need to be replaced. If you drive slowly these are great but they do not hold up against a life of spirited backroads

  7. Usually I run Conti DWS tires but decided to try these since they were closely rated and a bit cheaper. I’m disappointed by these tires, though not totally incompetent, they are worse in every sense than the DWS’s. I don’t feel confident in the same way that I have with previous tires, even in comparison to the Contis when they were worn down to the bars. Driving around town in the rain today took alot of adjustment, the tires struggled to grip when I shifted gears and took turns. I’m concerned for how they will do in the rain this winter. Dry grip is acceptable, but the tires do struggle to grab the road where others have not had the issue. Noise is average for my car, as is comfort given that the Mazdaspeed is a rough ride. Next time I will refrain from cheaping out and spend the extra few bucks for a better tire. What you save with this set is not at all worth the downgrade.

  8. My 2018 A-6 came w/ 20” Pirelli summer performance tires which were great if you drive like you’re being pursued. The problem was the road noise was unbearable. I switched to the Yokohama’s due to the good rating for noise, among other things. I was not disappointed. The tires are much quieter and my driving experience is much more enjoyable. Not many miles yet so I’ll have to see how they last but the immediate difference is significant.

  9. Great tires! I had to replace my stock tires (Pirelli Pzero Nero’s) with these. I drove almost 20k on rear tires and 18k on front tires in highway/city (summer and rainy) combined driving. They provide a great grip and tread depth is still good with minimum or no wear unlike pirelli’s.

  10. This is probably one of the best tires I have ever driven. The traction is superb no matter what the conditions. My vehicle is a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. This is the third set of tires on this car. The first was factory Hankooks which were a touring tire that was terrible in the snow and lasted about 30,000 miles. The second set were General G-Max with the V pattern tread. These were great in the snow but wore terribly uneven mainly because they were directionals and a very soft compound. These Yokohama’s are the best of everything – excellent traction in the rain, snow, and ice, wear evenly, and have no road noise. The only thing I didn’t rate these a 10 on was tread life – would be better if they could improve that but keeping in mind these are a sport tire, you’re not going to get top mileage with all the other benefits. Living in the northeast in Upstate NY where we get serious snow, these tires have been the trick. I keep them on year round – you can’t say that with many of the other tires out there. Excellent job Yokohama!!

  11. I replaced my OEM Dunlop SP Sport 5000 tires at 22,000 miles on the Mazda 6 GT with these. I use them for commuting to work and in the winter I plan to run dedicated winter tires. So far this summer these have been a great deal quieter and smoother than the OE tires, and I am very happy with the ride quality. The professional installation at the dealer on a Hunter GSP9700 balancer helped tremendously… 3 out of 4 of the tires required no weight to balance on 19″ wheels! Considering the extremely low price these are extremely good value and I think most people that are driving sane road speeds and need a good handling tire will be well suited with it.Compared to the OE Dunlops these are bouncier/squishier even at 37psi, and they tend to have a lot more sidewall flex in the corners despire the overall much grippier compound. On a high performance car I don’t think this would be a desirable trait, but on a grand touring sports sedan it works just fine. Keep this in mind if you intend to buy these for out-and-out UHP performance. I would suggest these to be used for a driver like me, a commuter in a sporty car or sedan that is mainly looking for superb ride quality and quietness while maintaining excellent grip and for a low price. If you need to maximize road feel, dry cornering performance, and don’t care much about ride compliance you might be better off to look elsewhere.I will update my ratings including tire wear when I remove them for the winter.

  12. Good overall tires with nice aggressive tread design. Wet traction is ok but not great. Need to watch your turns on a downhill wet road as you loose traction unexpectedly. Road noise is fine at normal speed but notice a hum that gets louder as at the 120 to 130 km speeds.

  13. I now have about 30k miles on my yokohama advan sports and can report they are a much better tire than the Dunlop’s that were on the car originally. The advan sports are quieter, softer, better handling, etc. My only complaint is that I got about 45k out of the Dunlop’s (340AA wear rating) whereas the Yokohama’s will probably give me 35k (at 30k now). My driving style is still the same (mix of city/highway) therefore I’m not sure why a 440AA rating (yoko’s) are only giving 35k when the Dunlop’s (340 AA) are giving 45k.going to try the continental extremecontact dws 06 next.

  14. I purchased these tires from the dealer as a replacement set to the O.E.M. BF Goodrich tires that came with my new car. As a long range commuter from Bakersfield to the Bay Area who mainly drives on the highway, I was looking for a tire that would give me good treadwear without sacrificing performance. These tires have not disappointed me after putting 35-40k miles on them!I always drive “spiritedly” on my commute, and love to “practice apexing” through windy roads as a former employee who drove “Code 3” for a living. These tires have yet to produce any noticeable squeel even through Hwy 152 and Pacheco Pass. Having these tires on my Touring model Avalon with a sportier suspension allows me to corner with confidence and the treadwear is much better than the B.C. Goodrichs. I still have about 15k in treadwear left on these and although the tires don’t handle quite as good as they did when new, they are still very respectable. I strongly recommend purchasing these and I plan to do so myself again!

  15. While the tires have been performing very well with great handling and a quiet ride, my review surrounds the responsiveness of Tire Rack when I needed a replacement. Unfortunately, I got a nail in my tire and it could not be patched, so I had to utilize the rebate. My past experience with “rebates” has been less than remarkable. With Tire Rack, I couldn’t have been happier with the result and the timeliness of the rebate check. In my experience, rebate checks typically take weeks, sometimes months to receive. I received the rebate check within 7 days of Tire Rack receiving the information. My suggestion to anyone needing to utilize the rebate is to follow all of the directions and send all of the pictures that are requested. DO NOT dispose of the tire before you receive a confirmation from Tire Rack of the acceptance of the rebate.

  16. Well I ran my Michelin AS3s into the ground. They were bald and loud. Got about 25,000 miles out of them. So as always I turned to TireRack for my research and a lot of reviews noted the Michelins had significant droning at Highway speeds. I can’t remember that far back so I can’t comment but mine were louder and louder as the tread wore down. That being said I didn’t want to spend another $250-$300 per tire. It seems I can only get about 20,000-25,000 miles out of tires on this car despite driving less and less aggressive as I age. I’m more concerned with straight line speed at this point I suppose. My Dad had had a set of Yokohamas on his Magnum SRT8 and he loved them. I’ve had all kinds over the years. Contis, Dunlop, Bridgestones, Michelins, Sumitomos, Coopers, and Goodyears. Decided to give the Yokohamas a try as they are significantly cheaper than the competition. The ADVAN AS had solid reviews from folks driving performance sedans so I bought them and had them installed Monday, 8 OCT 18. Driving Impressions: Super quiet (like most new tires), decent road manners. Responsiveness (much softer sidewall) isn’t great but this tire is geared more towards comfort than swerving around the road. Still, they are predictable and seem to have good grip. Drove from Fort Knox to Louisville last night with no issues. They ride very nice. We are supposed to get rain over the next few days so I’ll update when I can. The S4 probably won’t see snow but I’ll also update if she does.

  17. Replacement for the stock Goodyears. They were noisy, poor traction but got 40k miles. Wanted a tire with maximum treadwidth while maintaining same profile height. Original 265/65R18. Yokohamas I chose were we’re 285/55R18 fit perfectly on my stock 18×9 wheels with no clearance problems whatsoever. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to turn you sport truck into a much better handling platform.

  18. These tires replaced Handook Optimo’s. Purchased because Yokohama’s were rated as high as comparable Bridgestone and Michelin’s but priced less. I had some Yokohama’s on a previous Toyota van and they wore like I wore like iron, so I took a chance again that the Yokos would be as good. They are much better!

  19. Had Michelin Pilot Sport summer previously. The tires became very noisy, with 20K miles and bump steer from the rear tires. I needed all season tires and had several sets of Yokohama tires in years past. These tires solved my bump steer issues, the ride is 100% better, smooth, very quiet, excellent traction in wet and very good in dry conditions. Never drive in snow, but other Yokohamm’s were good in light snow. The Michelins were better at the track, but I needed good street tires. I could not be happier with these tires. I never had bad tires with Yokohama and good prices to boot. Don’t dismiss these tires because of the lower price, worth every penny with no sacrifice in quality and performance.

  20. My 911 sees use as both a weekday freeway commuter and a weekend back-road fun toy. For this sort of compromised application, the Advan Sport A/S is a terrific and economical choice. The ride is a little on the hard side, and the tires do ‘sing’ a bit on concrete freeways, but they are admirably smooth on asphalt, and the wear (or lack thereof) has been remarkable. With just about 20,000 miles on this set, I still have a good 5-6/32″ tread remaining on the rears, and a bit more up front. While I would’t attempt a track day with them, they do provide reasonable grip and response for ‘spirited’ drives in the San Diego canyons. Overall one of the best bang-for-the-buck tires out there.Note: I am not running the factory sizes, nor using Porsche-spec “N-rated” tires. Using 235/40R18 Front & 285/36R18 Rear.

  21. If I could review the front tires alone, this review would be much more positive. In less than 20,00 miles my rear tires went from new to racing slicks. I Understand tires wear but I never expected them to go this quick. Noise was fine and I never had any issues in the rain.

  22. Great tire for the price and has ultimate traction through the seasons, had DWS 06 before and steering feel was dull and no feedback as opposed these tires keep you planted and let you know where you are going all the time.

  23. These tires are awesome. I purchased my Mazda 6 Grand Touring in 2016.I loved the look and pick up speed of Mazda and how it felt when driving like you are one with the car 😛 . But I did notice one thing and that was the comfort while driving and noise it was making. I loved the car enough for letting go that one problem. I always thought it was the way it is built. You can not have it ALL. My car came with Dunlop SP 5000 tires. When my dealership guy advised me for changing tires after a little over 3 years. I wanted to look for a cheaper option cause those Dunlops are not cheap. Well after researching I came across reviews for Yokohama Sports Advan A/S tires here on and I could see reviews from Mazda users (hence I am writing the review to help other user). After reading them, I bought these tires.Boy am I happy. After changing to these Yokohama tires, I feel complete while driving. I was thinking there was a fault in the car, but it was just those awful tires. I am still mad at Mazda for using Dunlop tires. These Yokohama tires are way better than those Dunlop, less noise, good comfort, and steering response has been remarkable. Other users may have different experience. But I am really happy with Yokohama.

  24. Tires are loud and sometimes hard to predict how far you can push it in a turn due to slow responsivness. Grip is also not the greatest, but wears quicker than usual. I drive the car hard sometimes since this car is my daily.

  25. These Yokohama tires transformed my QX50. Driving in the rain has gone from a 1 to a 9. Dry cornering is unreal. Ride comfort is fabulous and road noise is nearly minimal. I use OEM tire pressure of 33 PSI on all four corners. The OEM tires (Bridgestone) which are over $340.00 per tire were simply awful in rain. These Yokohama Avids added security in rain, far better ride and very quiet sounds at highway and city. They do flat spot in cold temps when left sitting for more than 4 days, but as all high-performance tires, the flat spots disappear within 2 miles at >40 or 1 mile at <65. Balancing was easy by my tire shop. Braking has improved by nearly 30% using OEM ceramic pads.Measurement of tire wear at 2,800 miles is -0- using a laser wear tool. I expect to see a full 40,000 miles by cross rotating (side to side only) every 7,500 miles. Fabulous tires for a CUV/SUV topping 4,000 pounds with 330HP, rear wheel drive. Best tires I've ever owned, which include 37 vehicles since 1973.

  26. These look great! Have great cornering ability. Great quality! However, they are a low profile tire. Ive never had so many tires bust on me from potholes. 2 of these tires ive already had to replace from potholes. If you live in a city, these are not the tire for you. Great for highway, but not meant for city streets. All they do is pop easily, bust, and have to be replaced. If I did mostly highway driving, Id keep these always. But Ill be replacing with run flats all-weathers next time. LOVE these tires, just wishes they had a thicker sidewall.

  27. installed these Yokohama’s after depleting the OEM Dunlops. the Yokohama in every way are better. Being in north east US, the tire traction in dry, wet and snowy conditions is excellent on this car. So far tread wearing is much faster than i’d expect. I’m down to 6.5 /32nds average depth. In the end, i’d still consider another set of these tires for this car. Tire noise is starting to creep up, even though i’m rotating every 5k miles.In this tire size , there isn’t too many options to consider. Now, after moving to the southern US, i’ll plan to drive these tires to at least 5 /32nds and will give an update at that point. I’ve already had driven in two major rain fall events in FL. So far very impressed with this tire in wet conditions.

  28. My rear wheel drive 6 speed sedan is awful in the snow, in fact, I choose not to drive in it. Otherwise the tires are fine under normal conditions. I drive leisurely about 18000 per year mainly highway. Tires start out quiet and get noisier as they wear.Thats common with most tires. Overall for the cost these tires meet my expectations.

  29. I’ve purchased several tire sets from Tire Rack since the late 90’s, early 2000s. This is the first set of tires that has truly lived up to its expectations. My car felt like it was literally riding on air compared to the OEM tires (Michelins). I’m in No. FL – we get a fair amount of heavy rain & blistering sun. Wet traction, cornering and stopping are excellent. I have not felt any instability / hydroplaning on these tires in the rain. Granted, they are new – hopefully this will hold up w/ time. Performance in dry conditions is just as good. Considering the comparable Michelins, Pirellis, were $30 – $40 more per tire, these are also a good value.I was told my a long time Mercedes mechanic to get tires w/ a UTQG rating between 400 and 550. These tires UTQG rating is 440. This was great advice. I would definitely buy these tires again

  30. I need a all season tire for cold weather use, bought the York’s after reading all reviews and was happy with my choice.I spend lots of time on one lane roads thru the Catskills and these tires handle almost as well as my summer tires, actually they are better than the potensas that came on the MX-5 in wet weather, Noise level is about the same, maybe a few decibels higher, but comfort level is better, much better.Now we’ll see how they last over time, Us this car 8-9 months a year, never in snow.

  31. I switched to these from BFG g-force Comp 2 A/S tires. Notable difference in three ways. First, performance was noticably down from the BFGs. The Tire Rack comparison video did relay that against other performance tires in the review. The ride was softer and cornering was not nearly as tight. To me, the ADVAN Sport A/S barely fits into a performance tire category, if at all. The next two differences favor the the ADVAN Sport A/S. Ride comfort and noise are excellent, a welcome change from the BFGs. My Fusion Titanium is not a true sports sedan, but is a good driver and BFGs did make a nice difference in performance. But I am overall happier with the the ADVAN Sport A/S on it and since I have a 6-speed BMW 135i with Michelin Pilot SS on it, the Ford doesn’t need anything but a daily driver.


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