Yokohama ADVAN A82A Sizes & review

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Ultra High Performance All-Season tires are for driving enthusiasts who want a combination of a performance appearance, responsive handling and Z-speed rated (or higher) durability along with all-season traction, including in light snow. Ultra High Performance All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on sports cars, performance coupes and high performance sedans.

O.E. Ultra High Performance All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. Great tire compared to the past 7 years of using mid range 225/60/16 on a grand prix. Able to take corners at 30mph and curves at 60mph with ease. Hard braking, fast curves, and turning corners at only 15 mph makes me a little nervous. I check my tire pressure a few times a week so they are always properly inflated. After 5K of hard curves this summer, the outer tread is almost gone ( center is still 4/32). If these tires were $100/each or even $120/each I would probably think about buying them again but at $180/each no way. I plan buying potenzas or advan S.4.

  2. These are original equipment tires I’ve been running since I purchased my Subaru. They qualify as all season tread, but I’m sure there are better choices for customers that experience challenging winter conditions. (Even with AWD) If you live in an area with mild winter weather, these tires should serve you well. Noise levels are acceptable. They balanced up nicely.Wear has been even with regular rotation.Grip under dry conditions is good.During very cold weather the ride is rough for a few miles, before they come back into shape.In my view, a very expensive tire when compared to the competition.I need to purchase replacements in the upcoming months with a tire that has better winter performance attributes.

  3. I am fairly impressed with the handling of this tire, i push them to the max and not once do i ever hear any tire squeal. I have driven in hurricane weather and going through deep puddles i was surprised how well they handled. i do quite a bit of dirt road driving also and i do notice that the cars rear end feels like it looses traction around corners. i am not impressed with the braking traction however, during hard braking they tend to loose grip more than ive experienced with other tires. i probably wont buy these again because i find them overpriced.

  4. In all my years of driving, I have never had a worse tire. They are unable to withstand the Cleveland Ohio roads. 3 of the 4 tires currently have broken belts in them. The tread life is ok, but the durability is terrible. If you are looking to buy these, shop around. There are far more better quality tires out there.

  5. This tire was OEM on my 09 Subie….driven mostly in dry weather, but I travel to snow country several times a year. I was amazed how well the car plowed through the snow and ice with these “low” profile tires. I am replacing them now, although I could probably go another 10K on them, because I travel on the highway away from home alot. If they didn’t cost $200 each I would buy them again…I’m going to put the Yoko EnVigors next and see how they do…Oh, BTW my gas milage was excellent on the highway with these tires

  6. I have these on my 09 Legacy. I have a 5spd and push this car around corners hard. The tires lasted a whole lot longer than I ever expected. Dry traction, ride comfort, noise and wear on these tires was great. However, the snow traction was only bearable, and the ice traction was atrocious. From day one the car was terrible on ice, again AWD spinning all the wheels is hard to drive. It’s now winter and I am forced to replace them. Due to the cost, I went with a different tire as a replacement, but I will buy these again if the new ones don’t stand up. Great tire.

  7. Tires came stock on my car. I have not had much issue driving in dry and wet weather. The car handles fairly well in those conditions…in snow the car does manage through the white stuff BUT (remember it’s an AWD vehicle). The Yoko Advan’s are not a bad tire but will be purchasing something with increased snow traction since I live in the Northeast NY area. Due to the reviews on Tire Rack I am considering the Conti Extreme Contact DWS sometime in the next couple of months.

  8. Original equipment tire. Nice all-season tire on a nice all-season car [Subaru AWD] with a nice all-season easy-going driver, and the tire never seemed to under-perform. We did, however, have 6 years of intermittent-to-frequent, unexplained slow air leaks [all 4 tire/rim pairs], even after interior refinishing all rims. Still had 5/32 ” of usable tread when replaced with 114,000 miles on them.

  9. Expensive, but worth it. I say this based on one particular experience when I was driving in WV at night with a fully loaded car. I drove over some sort of metal rod. I never saw it but I heard it rattling around in my rear wheel well. I immediately heard and felt the rumbling of a flat tire, which immediately smoothed out to a normal feel. Mind you, I was going at least 55. There was no loss of control at all. I pulled off the road to inspect the tire and found it flat, and there was a hole in the wheel that I could put my thumb through. The object had pierced the tread AND THE WHEEL, causing an immediate blowout. After the initial blowout, it drove normally (I was going in a straight line). That is a testament to the integrity and stiffness of the sidewall. Upon my return home, I replaced the tire/wheel and bought an extra wheel for a full sized spare. 200 miles through West Virginia at night on a donut is no treat. If you have one of those new cars with no spare, your inflator and can of stop-leak won’t help you here.

  10. After 8 years and 50,000 miles on the original equipment Yokohama A82As I’ve finally reached the point where the tires are low on tread and beginning to show signs of dry rot with many small cracks in the rubber. If winter wasn’t around the corner, I could eek out another 5K miles. These tires have performed admirably. I’ve had zero troubles with them. They roll quietly and comfortably and have worn down evenly after care has been taken to rotate them every 5K miles. I drive conservatively most of the time but occasionally push the envelope to the point of tire squeal on selected highway on & off ramps. The tires hold at speeds I would feel uncomfortable exceeding. Snow traction under acceleration, steering and braking have never presented problems and I am usually out driving most other vehicles during inclement weather. Never hydroplaned the vehicle in rain either – it’s been solid as a rock. Not sure what other drivers are doing to experience problems during snow and rain – are they expecting dry pavement-like conditions? Highway fuel economy is good at over 34mpg, city at 26 which exceeds the EPA estimates, so rolling resistance must be reasonably low. The only true criticism of the product (and it’s the factor for why I am not going to purchase another set) is price. I have no other reason not to put these back on except for that. At well over $200 per tire and way more than 2.5 times the price of other decent selections, what are these things made of? Does Yokohama simply not want to sell more of them? They’re on a $25,000 production car, not a handmade exotic! After 8 years, if I put the OEM A82As back on, it would represent 20% of the value of my car – ridiculous. I’ve chose the Michelin Premiere A/S v-rated shoe (also not inexpensive, but more reasonably priced) for the next set which I will review on this site after some miles have been travelled.

  11. Suprisingly decent OEM tire. To make a long story short, if they made a slightly wider version, Id likely buy again. They are smooth, quiet, resist flat spots, have suprising traction considering how narrow they are. Ive been in heavy rain, light and heavy snow, extreme ice and even two inches of soft mud–nothing has stopped them. They even look pretty decent. Only drawbacks are the narrow footprint (by design) and they just don’t have the contact area for aggressive driving.

  12. This is everything wrong about an OEM tire. Poor cornering, lousy treadwear, sidewalls that seem to fold in a turn, less than impressive traction in wet or dry conditions and completely unacceptable traction in snow and on ice (and in cold weather in general—these were selected for a Subaru!?) mean I will not be buying these tires again.Add to the mix an impact break and a divot of rubber that came off the sidewall (a tire should be able to make light contact with a curb…these cannot) assure that I won’t getting these again. Price has risen from $175 to over $225 and still rising, and its just not worth that. ALSO- tire has limited availability-which means, when that impact break comes (and it will) you will be waiting for 2-4 days for a new tire. Not sure what I will try next, but it won’t be these.

  13. While only having driven this tire for 4 months and 3000 miles I really cant find any faults with it yet. Handles great on both dry and wet roads and is quiet and comfortable on the highway. Seems to grip the road extremely well but Im not sure if thats due to the tire or the AWD. Waiting to see how they react to the snow. If they wear and perform anything like the Yoko Avid Tourings that I have on my Contour or A403s on my Vette I will remain a Yoko buyer for life.

  14. These tires came as original equipment on my Legacy. I now have 445K on them and will probably replace them before winter, after at least another 5K. So getting 50K out of these is just fine with me. I’ve rotated them every 5K and the wear has been extremely even – the best I’ve ever experienced. I don’t drive like a maniac, but I find them comfortable and quiet, and extremely grippy in the wet. In fact I’ve never spun a wheel in the wet. For two winters I’ve driven in the snow and the combination of these tires any my AWD has been awesome. They seem a little expensive compared to other options, so I might take a chance on something else for replacements just to save money. But if these tires were more in line with other less expensive options I would definitely stick with these because of my initial experience.

  15. These tires have been fantastic for OE tires. I’ve driven these in all types of weather and conditions and they have at least performed decently if not great.Dry – great steering response, overall traction is decent as wellWet – more of the sameSnow – Ehhh.. get snow tires if you see real snowAutocross – surprisingly well, I trophied on these tires for H-Stock

  16. These tires seem to be very good for the money.We got this car with 29000 miles on it so we have just put on a little more than 4000 miles. I don’tknow the care previous owner had(rotation,balancing,ect) Tires are now down to the point of being replaced.I do have to say these tires are awesome in the snow and ice. What i have learned after countless hours of reasearch is .When looking for tires for your car or truck.Check reviews for your truck only,not tires. I have found through buying tires that what works great on a certian vehicle will not be the best for yours.Example. Had Bridgstone Duelers on a 1999 4runner.It was down right scary on the road with them.Traction was very bad.Put those same tires on a Chevy 1/2 ton and they are like glued to the rd. With this being said i have done my share of reasearch on tires. For the Subaru Legacy these tires seem to be very good all around. I am also looking at a pair of Kumho solus KH16. Not the highest milage tire but seem to work good on a Subaru. If i get my way i will be replacing with OEM Yoko’s again. Please people do your home work on tires it could ssave your life in a bind. Remember when looking for tires start with your specific year and model and then read reveiws, don’t just look at tire reveiws in general.What works on one vehicle is not always the one that will give your vehicle best traction..

  17. Acceptable tire installed OEM by manufacturer. About average in all categories. When it comes to replacing them, however, you may feel motivated to raise above the average by installing top of the line tires, i.e. Michelin Pilot or high grade Bridgestones, which in character are well suited to the Outback and will really reward you by vastly improved all-around handling!

  18. I have driven these tires a year more than I thought I would. At 43,000 miles they still have tread left, but they are not longer safe for winter driving. Amazingly they are still very quiet running. I have been more than satisfied with the performance and wear of these OEM tires. If they weren’t just as expensive as Michelin’s I’d go back to them again. But since I can get higher rated Michelin’s for the same price I’m going that way with the new tires.

  19. I bought my car new in 2007 and now I have around 62K miles on it. These are the original tires on my car and I am pretty impressed they lasted that long. The local dealer told me that I can drive another 5-7K before they need to be replaced. I don’t want to push my luck, so now I am in the market for new a/s tires.But still I don’t understand how some people can get only 20-30K on their tires?

  20. These tires came stock on my ’08 Legacy. After 20 months and 25k miles, they are almost completely bald. Performance and noise levels were decent for the first 10k miles but dropped off exponentially as the mileage added up. I look forward to pushing my vehicle to the limits, but even with AWD, I was reluctant to drive in light winter conditions. I would never spend the $$ to purchase another set of these tires unless I knew it would never rain or snow. Hydroplaning became the norm after 15-18k. I just purchased the new Conti DWS tires and am very hopeful after the recent tests/reviews. I’ll post comments after our first few snowfalls (which I’m anxiously awaiting).

  21. This tire came with my 2007 Subaru Legacy. It was a pretty good tire all around until 20,000 miles. It lost snow and wet traction after that and almost became worthless. Who would own a Subaru if your not driving in all around conditions? I had my tires rotated every 7500 miles at dealer and recently suffered a tire pop on the highway. If you look at the price these tires aren’t a good buy. I went with the Continental Extreme Contact DWS and am extremely happy… and saved $53 a tire!

  22. At 9,000 miles I went to my Subaru dealer to have the tires rotated and was shocked to hear that the tires would need replaced soon. Probably within the next 3000 miles. The car is a 2-year,20,000 mile lease and I did not expect to have to replace the tires on it. My adivise is not to even consider this tire

  23. These were the original tires that came on the car.. And i am just now having to replace them, and i have had the car for 2 years.. i was suprised at the fact that i got almost 30000 miles on them seeing that they are ultra high performance tires, and that i drive the car the way it should be.. but i would definately get the tires again if they werent soo expensive.

  24. I drive an 08′ legacy and have had it since new, I now have 13.5 K on these OE tires, and living in washington state I have driven in all weather conditions and do all types of traffic and travel. The tread is now at 75% so ware wise not bad, a fairly noisy tire but it is a lower profile, so what? Traction all around, I was really not impressed. It seemed more like a standard tire with two times the price + tacked on. I own 4 Subies now and have 1.8 Million miles of tire driving experince and I would not buy this tire for more than $75 each to what I see is out here. Thanks Tire Rack

  25. If not for the high price, I would definately purchase these tires again for daily driving. While there is no driving conditions entry that includes back roads or country driving, that is about 25% of my driving, with 5% city and the remaining 70% highway. After 50,000 miles on them, I just experienced my first real hydroplane, and I am finally seeing some significant deterioration of the sidewalls and outer tread blocks. I am amazed that after that many miles, they still have very predictable behavior. That is not to say that these are a super high performance tire, but they do very well at most things and are very predicatble. They are great at nothing (except noise/comfort and longevity) but good to very good at the things that one expects a tire to do.

  26. This tire is the original OEM on a Subaru Legacy for years 2005-2009. Overall, the tire performs well in all seasons and conditions, except when the tread wears low. I was able to squeeze 23,000 miles out of the set before replacement. The tires are are very grippy and are a nail magnet. The cost of the tires makes it prohibitive for me to justify another set. There are other brands that will do just as well.For the record, I had the tires rotated, balanced every 5,000 miles and had my car realigned as well. I consider myself a conservative driver that drives both highway and city. I have no idea how the other reviewers were able to get more mileage from this tire.

  27. These were OE tires. They still have about 5/32 treads left after 46,000 miles. Given the New England Winters, I decided to replace them. I stayed with Yokos, after my great experience with these tires…quiet, comfortable, excellent. Rather than buy four new A82’s, I chose to buy Advan S4’s instead. Just had them put on a few days ago. I’ll review those after some mileage accumulates on them. Anyway, I highly recommend Yokohama quality! Great tires.

  28. I’ve never been impressed by these tires. I’ve been wanting to replace them ever since the first time I drove in the rain with them when my vehicle was brand new. I could not believe how horrible the hydroplaning and cornering was, particularly with an AWD car. I’m very confident that most other tires will outperform these in the rain and snow. I’m hoping to get 35K on them before swapping them out.

  29. This tire came on my car from the factory. For an all season, they have terrible wet traction and hydroplane resistance. The sidewalls seamed soft, as i had multiple flats from potholes/bent rims. Replaced these with dedicated summers (kumho) and feels like a new car. I would never buy these tires again.

  30. I have these on my 09 Legacy. I have a 5spd and push this car around corners hard. The tires lasted a whole lot longer than I ever expected. Dry traction, ride comfort, noise and wear on these tires was great. However, the snow traction was only bearable, and the ice traction was atrocious. From day one the car was terrible on ice, again AWD spinning all the wheels is hard to drive. It’s now winter and I am forced to replace them. Due to the cost, I went with a different tire as a replacement, but I will buy these again if the new ones don’t stand up. Great tire.


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