Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105 Sizes & review

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The ADVAN Sport V105 is Yokohama’s Max Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of high-powered sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans. Based on technology fostered through participation in motorsports and development at the Nurburgring Circuit in Germany (one of the world’s most grueling race/test tracks), the ADVAN Sport V105 combines an increase in agile handling with a more comfortable ride when compared to its predecessor by featuring precision-tuned materials and structures. Like all summer tires, the ADVAN Sport V105 is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

ADVAN Sport V105 tires mold a Microsilica and Orange Oil enhanced tread compound that helps the tread rubber remain pliable to improve tire adhesion and grip. The compound is molded into an asymmetrical tread design in which wide outboard shoulder blocks and circumferential ribs work together to promote dry traction and handling. Variable width circumferential grooves and asymmetric lateral notches help reduce noise and promote water flow through the footprint to resist hydroplaning.

The tire’s internal structure features two rigid steel belts reinforced by spirally wound overlapping nylon across the tread with three layers covering the belt edges in the shoulders to combine high-speed durability and responsive handling. Yokohama’s new motorsports-inspired Matrix Body Ply Structure technology features a rayon body ply that is angled in the sidewalls to maintain lateral rigidity while reducing tire weight to deliver more agile handling and a more comfortable ride.

*Yokohama BluEarth branding is used to identify an ecologically friendly series of tires that are designed to deliver environmentally, human and socially friendly solutions for drivers and their vehicles. Specific sizes utilizing BluEarth Technology are identified on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.


  1. These came stock on my 2019 Subaru 2019 WRX STI. Ran them on the Track in a HPDE in both hot/dry conditions and then during a downpour. I never lost traction in either condition and was specifically impressed by the wet traction performance. While ALL the other cars on the track slowed down for the conditions I was able to maintain pretty decent speeds with them, rarely loosing any amount of traction.As far as ride comfort on daily driving, these are Max Performance tires and feel much like others. Bumpy rides feel like bumpy rides but the responsiveness of the tires makes of for this.

  2. Just to be clear right off the bat, i bought these because they were cheap and the reviews seemed to indicate that they were at least an upgrade from the dreadful Pirelli All-Seasons my car came with. Also, I have a 2nd set of wheels with RE71R Bridgestones that I use exclusively for autocrossing, but also drive me to and from events so I knew what the car felt like with other tires on it before I bought these Yokohamas. With that out of the way, these things have far exceeded my expectations. I only have a couple thousand miles or so on them. Commuting with a long weekend road trip to teach an autocross school in Mississippi where I did run them around the course to check. Overall they are great to live with every day. Very quiet for a high perf. tire. Soft ride, but also feel grippy (gooey?) and they do communicate well. A little slow to respond to steering, but that makes them a little nicer on the highway. They don’t follow every groove in the road. For the price I got them for they simply cannot be beaten. I drove in a brief rain storm where my wipers were on high for a bit. Absolutely not a hint of hydroplaning. If anything changes radically I’ll update, but for now I have to say in my application I’m very satisfied.

  3. Replaced Dunlop Sport Maxx on wife’s Boxster S, and then on my 2007 Cayman S (Bridgestone RE11s) with the Yoko V105s. Over the years I’ve owned many performance tires (Michelin Pilots, Bridgestone RE71s, S02s, S03s, RE11s, Pirelli P7s, Nitto NT01s, Dunlops 8000s and Sport Maxx, Yokohama AVS Drys, Conti Extremes), and realistically they are all more alike than different. On the street there is going to be little to choose among them, with a few exceptions. Pilots on the Cayman were scary in the wet on canyon roads. Got squirrelly more than once. Never happened in 30 years in my 930, nor with RE-11s on the Cayman. Two structural failures in original set in under 10,000 miles. RE-11s on Cayman rather harsh riding. Sport mode would rattle your brains on LA’s lumpy streets. But handled the wet much better than Pilots. Nittos quite noisy (930 and Miata) but surprisingly comfortable ride. Likely dangerous in standing water but fine if streets just wet.The two real standouts here are the Conti Extremes (2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, and previously on 930) and the Yoko V105s. Not because they necessarily perform any better than the others, although the Contis were head and shoulders above the Cayenne’s OEM Michelin Latitudes. At sane levels of spirited driving on the street, all name brand max and extreme performance tires are much the same. Rather, I’d pick the Yokos and Contis because they are less expensive (in some cases, MUCH less expensive) than the competition for performance that is comparable. I got each of my two sets for about $600. You just cannot beat that.Note that treadwear is unimportant for me. I drive each of my cars little enough that I retire sets of tires because of age, not treadwear.

  4. I found these in a size not listed here, up in Canada. 275/40 20s. First impression was good. First warm dry day played on an on ramp and recorded .93g, besting the factory tires .86g on the factory performance pages. I had not planned to track this car as it is my daily driver, and I have a track car. I had booked a day in advance and my track car was not ready. So I took the Challenger. The skies opened up and the track had a skid pad. I took it on the pad and pulled .98g clockwise and .96g counter clockwise in very wet conditions. I was impressed. So I took it on track and proceeded to pass a lot of cars and none passed the Challenger. It raised many eyebrows. Many 4 wheel drive cars proved slower including Porche, an S5, STI and a GTR. There were faster there, but we were never on track together. There was even standing water in some corners. That said these are an impressive tire and they love the wet. Blown away so far,

  5. Great tires … especially at the price point these were purchased during clearance. But even at the regular price point, these would be a great choice to have on your sedan if you like to drive a bit spirited than norm. Great when dry and wet. Wouldn’t be a track tire for sure and not sure about cold winter. If you do not have to worry about winter weathers all year round then these will be a great fit.

  6. ADVAN Sport V105 is a great compromise between performance and street use. The dry grip is exceptional which allows me to go flat out through long corners where previously I had to lift off. The finger width wide water evacuation grooves are functional with no signs of hydroplaning even at highway speeds in torrential downpour. Side walls are stiff for sharp cornering and excellent tactile feel of where the steering center is. The drawback would be ride comfort but it was not something that really bothered me considering I am on coilover suspension. The tread wear seems to be decent, I anticipate about 12k total of spirited driving for the life of the tire. Only real negative I noticed was the fuel economy dropping by 3mpg however with the wider contact patch and soft compound I think it is fair. Overall solid choice for those who can’t quite afford Michelin PSS but want better tread wear than Continental Extreme Contact Sport.

  7. I up-sized on my 340 from 225/45 to 235/45 and really debated between MPS4S, RE11, and these. Price made the decision, and so did being just a little different from everyone else. I drive 44 miles a day with 34 of it on highways and for that, these have been great. They’re comfortable even when getting into higher speeds when I leave for work super early. They’re confidence inspiring in wet conditions, too, which I wasn’t fully expecting. Treadwear has been fine. Unfortunately while getting serviced a tech lightly curbed my car and it did take a small hunk of tire which is shocking for how little damage there was to the rim but how can I be mad when someone drove into a curb. For my spirited “breakfast club” drives through NNJ and Upstate NY twisties, these have been great. They are very solid, not great, but very solid with steering responsiveness and when they’re hot and a little gooey, they will absolutely pull me hard out of every curve in a nicely controlled manner. I’d for sure try the new Advans just because of these.

  8. Bought a pair to replace worn out front Continental DWS that were on my Cayman when purchased used. Without a whole lot of mileage since installing, they seem to work just as well as the tires they replaced. Good grip, responsive cornering but somewhat noisy and communicative. That’s what I expect when driving a Porsche, not smooth and quiet.

  9. Great tires for the price point especially when purchased under promotional offer. Replaced the Dunlop max sport and by all means, this is far better tire when compared. Low noise, great feel, great handling on both low and high speeds. Response is also enhanced as well and would recommend these for UHP tires for on road. Not sure for track Usages.

  10. I’ve got about 5000 miles on these tires after a year. Car is only driven in weather above 40 degrees F, so I can’t speak for cold weather driving.Tires are quiet, responsive, and provide adequate grip. My only complaint is that the tread design with the wide high speed rib tends to “hunt” when driving over an uneven or imperfect surface. So if you’re driving 80+ and come across a joint in the road that travels in your lane the tires will 100% grab it and not let go. Makes the car feel more like a metro train car with how aggressive it can take the wheel.Even after a couple of donuts, burnouts, and general hooning the tires should easily last 20k miles when properly aired and rotated. My setup is square 20×9 so your mileage would vary if it is a staggered setup. I am also running factory camber which isn’t terribly aggressive, but noticeable on the tire shoulders.

  11. Can’t believe i’m the first to review this awesome tire! I’ve tried the Continental 5P/Michelin Supersports/and now the V105’s. These tires met and exceeded all my expectations. Can’t believe they have so much dry traction.. No tire squeeling on high speed corners and it really takes a lot to tax these tires. Although they wear fast that is to be expected from a tire with this kind of treadwear rating. Much stickier than the two other tires i’ve tired on this car. If you have the funds and can afford this tire, I would rank this above the Contis and the Michelin. The Michelins were honestly a small let down, but considering the rebate I got on them it wasn’t that bad of a deal. I got my set of Yokos for about 740 or so and paid another 40 to get the m installed. Overall, for 800 bucks idk what other tire i could use that would excel in both dry and wet conditions without getting a track tire or even lower tread wear rated tire. Enjoy guys this thing is a big step above the old Advan Sport which I had on my Nismo 370z.

  12. I replaced the Pirelli Pzero tires that were OE on my car. The wheels are 20″. I have been very pleased with these tires. They really brought the car’s handling to life. Driving the car has become much more fluid and smooth and the tires produce very little noise even if pushed. The Pirelli’s felt somewhat dead and provided a low level of feedback. Fast road driving is drama-free and the car always feels as if it could go a lot faster before the tire’s limits were approached. I would urge anyone to consider these tires for all round use, fast street driving, and track days although I have not had this car on the track. Very good tires, recommended.

  13. Keeping in mind that these tires replaced all season Dunlop LS2 runflat tires, here are my impressions after some wet and dry miles in the dry and wet. – comfort is actually much better than stock run flats as much on the side wall harshness is gone. – grip and transitional handling is markedly improved. – wet grip is amongst the best I have tried on sporty cars. The key is that these tires have brought the confidence level of the vehicle 2 notches higherOnly complaint is at highway speeds, these tires seemed to require a little more attention initially and the vehicle seemed more affected by road imperfections, but I seemed to have adjusted since.

  14. A group of us went up into the mountains out side Fort Collins Colorado to run the windy roads. We all were aggressive in cornering and braking. We have done this a number of times over the same road and compared tire wear and performance. When I got home I looked my tires over. Huge pieces were missing on the outside edge of the RF tire. I have run a number of different performance tires over the same course and never had this happen. The other three corners look very good. Not happy at all how this tire performed. Not happy at all!!!!

  15. 245 IPO 235 on 2013 ST. the Bad: Ride comfort is marginal /poor on broken pavement. Directional wear has made the tire noisy at all speeds. The good: I have yet to reach the limit in the wet or dry with these tires. Steer response is immediate with 0 dead center. Very linear and no cornering squeal.

  16. My father recently purchased a 2016 MX-5 Miata, which has been a fantastic vehicle so for. I personally own a 1999 Miata, and my Dad and I have been participating in autocross events in the St. Louis area. (If you enjoy driving and have not driven in one, I highly recommend seeking them out)The Yokohama Advan Sport V105 is the original equipment tire on the 2016 Sport trim Miatas, this is the tire we used at the autocross event. Ambient temperature during the afternoon when we ran was about 100°, with the temperature reading in the vehicle showing 105°. Under these conditions, the tires performed well for our first three runs, only two of which were run aggressively. After this, the tires become progressively less responsive. It really just felt like they gave up. We ran my 1999 NB miata on the same day, same conditions. That car is equipped with BF Goodridge G-Force Sport Comp 2 tires (340tw) sized at 195/50 R15, run on 15×6 wheels in E Street class. These tires were able to provide satisfactory grip throughout all 6 aggressive runs. Both my Dad and I agreed that they also provided higher levels of grip than the Yokohamas and they certainly had better heat tolerance. I would place these two tires in the same class (max performance summer). This is the closest I could get to a fair comparison (two very different cars, but similar size tires and vehicle weights). Just wanted to share my conclusions for anyone who cared to read.

  17. I’m very picky about my tires and I have to say, I’ve never owned a more responsive set of tires in my life.These tires are quiet, smooth and outstanding in the wet.At about 50,000 miles the tread was almost at the wear bars and I noticed them getting a little loud but at this point in their life I felt like I was on “bonus miles” so it really didn’t bother me.Can’t say enough good stuff about these tires other than get some, you will be very happy.

  18. Very pleased with these after replacing a set of Continental ContiSport Contact 3 tires. The Contis had incredible drone so the Yoko’s were a massive improvement in road noise. They also handle much better – great balance of firmness and directional stability. They have wide grooves in them so puddles are not a challenge. They won’t be long mileage tires with the low treadwear rating, but they seem to be lasting well after 2k and don’t seem to be as sticky / rubbery as the Contis based on the fewer numbers of pebbles they pick up. Dry traction is great and I have not been able to break them loose without really trying. They also look great and one of my favorite parts is they have a beefy squared up sidewall (not tapered like some) so they actually come over my rim edges and provide true rim guard protection unlike the little strip Conti puts on.

  19. Installed at CAR X, looks like they balanced tires not quite well there. But tires behave fine so far, better wet driving and less noise, comparing to previous set of BF Goodrich High Performance all season I got prior. Will review later again.

  20. Replace Conti procontact all seasons with about 25k on them with these summer tires, not a fair apples to apples comparison. The conti’s were okay for normal driving, but turn it up a notch and traction quickly disappeared especially in the rain. With a V6 and DSG, even on moderate acceleration on dry pavement, at least one wheel would spin tripping the traction control which cut power. This can be dangerous when you are trying accelerate into traffic. Anyway, these new A105’s cured the problem. Much better in the rain, solid handling in the dry, much quicker steering response. Even in normal driving they give the driver a feeling of confidence. Doesn’t quite make the Passat a sports sedan, but definitely improves the handling over OEM’s. Also I purchased winter tires and wheels from Tirerack which again proved much better in the snow than the OEM AS tires. What sealed the deal was tirerack’s price was almost $100. cheaper per tire than any other distributor that I could find. Not sure why, but I’m not complaining.

  21. Very happy with these tires – stick great and really cannot single out any fault with them, wet or dry. Was pleasantly surprised with how quiet and smooth they are. Did not buy them for that so it’s an unexpected bonus. Treadwear seems normal – have 5,000 miles on them thus far and they don’t seem to be wearing faster than I’d expect for the treadwear rating. I’d guess I can safely get well past 20k at this point. They also are robust on the sidewall and come past my rim to protect the edge, unlike so many other tires. Would not hesitate to buy again.


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