Firestone Transforce HT2 Sizes & review

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The Transforce HT2 is Firestone’s Commercial Highway All-Season light truck tire developed for the drivers of pickup trucks, vans, SUVs and commercial vehicles looking to combine durability and reliable year-round performance. Designed to deliver long life and comfort even while hauling heavy loads, the Transforce HT2 also provides predictable handling on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

Utilizing an all-season compound, the Transforce HT2 is molded into a symmetric pattern with an optimized tread profile to help resist uneven wear. The updated tread pattern is also designed for chip- and tear- resistance on coarse surfaces. Wide, circumferential grooves and full-depth lateral slots help evacuate water to reduce hydroplaning, and Saw Tooth Edge Siping delivers the biting edges needed for traction in slippery conditions while also maintaining stability of the tread blocks.


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