Firestone Transforce HT Sizes & review

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The Transforce HT w/UNI-T is Firestone’s Commercial Highway All-Season light truck tire developed to combine comfort with light truck tire capability for sport utility vehicle, pickup, van and commercial vehicle drivers. The Transforce HT is designed primarily for on-road use by providing predictable handling and year-round traction on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

On the outside, Transforce HT radials feature an all-season Long Link Carbon tread compound molded into a symmetric tread design that uses notched shoulders, independent intermediate tread blocks and a continuous center rib to blend handling, foul weather traction and straight line tracking. Wide circumferential grooves provide hydroplaning resistance while lateral grooves and multiple sipes provide the biting edges needed to enhance light snow traction. On the inside, twin steel belts reinforced by spiral-wrapped nylon help maintain the tire’s shape to enhance performance at highway speeds while a polyester cord body enhances ride quality.


  1. came on my truck from facory… gargage tire almost wore out might make it 5k more miles but truck had tires slashed. Installed BFG K02 those are great tires go check them out instead!

  2. this came with my new truck a diesel only 7500 miles and less than 20% remaining on them. Spend 60,000 on a truck and they put this garbage on them. Called Firestone they said the dealer ordered these with truck and are made not to perform as good as others they sell.Do not drive hard at all but live in an area that gets a little snow is a disaster in snow. Would not put on truck if they were given for free and the dealer charged me an upgrade on these garbage. Will not go to dealer again if they don’t make right by me or ever buy a Firestone again. Tires are to of an important part of the truck to chance them. hunter Ram should be punished for ordering such a cheap tire for an expensive truck my dream retirement truck. Been a big rig truck driver all my life and my personal transportation has always been a truck.

  3. Bought a new RAM Cummins 2500 Crew Cab 4WD in June of 2017 and these tires came with the vehicle. They’re the fastest wearing tires I’ve ever owned, in 44 years of driving. At 25xxx miles they’re down to the bars, I’m amazed. I pull a fifth wheel about 5000 miles a year and on the last trip in January, I could measure the rear tire tread wear after a 2000 mile ride. They must be made from foam ….. Full disclosure, I’ve never cared for Firestone tires but this experience guarantees I won’t ever buy them again. I’m completely pleased with the truck, and look forward to how it operates with tires on it that are made from real rubber.

  4. Best tire i have had on a heavy duty truck,Pulls a fifth-wheel rv all the time


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