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The Transforce AT2 is Firestone’s second-generation On-/Off-Road Commercial Traction light truck tire developed for the drivers of full-sized pickups, vans, SUVs and commercial vehicles looking for heavy-duty tires that combine traction on the highway with grip on the unpaved surfaces frequently encountered at jobsites. The Transforce AT2 is designed to provide on- and off-road traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, including snow.

The Transforce AT2 molds a tough, chip- and tear-resistant all-terrain compound into a symmetric tread pattern. The open shoulder design and independent tread blocks help deliver traction in loose terrain, and the deep, circumferential grooves effectively evacuate water from the footprint to increase hydroplaning resistance. Wintertime traction is aided by the deep initial tread depth and siping within the blocks that provide additional biting edges in the snow.

Two high-tensile steel belts support the tread area, with a spirally wrapped nylon reinforcement ply to maintain the tire’s shape and enhance performance at highway speeds. The durable, two-ply body casing is made from polyester cord to help improve ride quality.

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  1. These tires came on the truck as a used vehicle. The truck only has 46,000 miles on it. The tires appear to have plenty of tread and even wear, but had the tires rotated and checked for balance recently due to a weird humming road noise. At first I thought the noise was related to something worn on the serpentine belt on the engine, but that wasn’t it. I wondered if it was wind noise. As it turned out, tire noise. The humming got worse after the rotation although the tire store could not find any suggestion of slipped belts etc.. The truck is a crew cab long box, so it should ride decently, but these tires are rough riding. The BFG All Terrean T/A’s on my other HD ride much better and perform better, too. It seems like when I have trouble with tires, its always a Bridgestone or Firestone product.

  2. Great tire if you can stand the noise. I’d buy it again, but it’s too loud for long road trips with the family. Traction is great, especially in the rain. So good that I felt comfortable letting my kids drive the truck in wet conditions. They got out of balance pretty badly one day, it happened so fast by the time I took care of it there was severe cupping on one of them. Not sure if that’s normal, but they still were fine after the balance and rotate, just even more noisy than before.

  3. Even with regular rotations at 34000 miles I am 1/32 from the wear indicator. Decent winter traction for the first 1/4 of the tread life then significantly falls off as the siping grooves are very shallow. I definitely would not spend the money on these tires. These were factory OEM on my ram.

  4. Have 24500 miles on these tires. Mostly highway and they have to be replaced already. Called firestone and they said theses tires have no tread warranty. First set of firestones I have ever had and last set as well!

  5. From the snowy days in NH, to the 107+ degrees in Moab(loaded with 38’ tag along camper and side by sides) these tires rock. Had them on 4 different 3/4 and 1 ton rams. Each loved them. When pulling my backhoe into a customers muddy horse field, they’re never let me down. They don’t grab every rut on the highway either. I highly recommend!

  6. For a highway commercial tire these are the best I have ever run. For an off road mud snow tire they are poor. I would give them a 4 rating for all around good tire. Would recommend and would but again.

  7. This size tire on my Ford T-150 wandered all over the road, especially cornering at speed. Tried several pressure settings and ended up at the max of 80 psi. for, at best, moderate cornering performance on dry road (still almost scary at times). At about 600 mi. the wandering settled a bit. On a good note, I bought these tires for a trip to Ontario Canada, as expected there was snow, mud, wet leaves and wet rocks, these AT2 tires performed far better than expected in these conditions, hardly even spun. At over 2,000 mi now the tires seem to be calming down and handling better on the road. A re-purchase would be for a wider track and a lower profile, maybe a 235/70R-16.


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