Firestone Destination A/T Sizes & review

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The Destination A/T is Firestone’s On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tire developed for jeep, sport utility vehicle and pickup truck drivers who want tires that offer handling on the road and toughness off it. Available with three sidewall styling choices; Outline White Letter, traditional blackwall and a Special Edition blackwall featuring a stylish Carbon Black Camo design, Destination A/T tires combine ride quality and noise comfort with year-round traction in dry, wet and wintry weather, even in light snow.

Destination A/T tires feature a Long Link Carbon enhanced tread compound to blend wet performance and wear on-road with cut- and abrasion-resistance off-road. The tread compound is molded into a symmetric all-terrain tread pattern that features a continuous center rib flanked by independent intermediate blocks and wrap-around shoulders that combine highway stability with off-road and wintertime traction. Circumferential and lateral grooves enhance wet weather traction while faceted tread blocks and deep sipes enhance traction on loose surfaces and in snow.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin, high-tensile steel cord belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon on top of a polyester cord casing to combine strength, durability and ride comfort.


  1. Loved the tires. They look great. Ride smooth. And I can’t hear any noise from them. However the tread was bad in about 30k in just under 4 years and I don’t tow anything. And rotated the tires about every 8k. I bought them brand new but second hand so no warranty. Had I had the warranty and would get some money back I would be more likely to consider another pair.

  2. These tires were OEM on my ’14 Cherokee Trailhawk. They did all I asked for the first 3 years, long highway trips with my son. Off road with my Boy Scout Troop (Snow/sand/mud). No problems! Went through areas others got stuck in. They have a tendency to pick up small stones in the tread though. After 3 years (for the next year and a half), the treads started to wear down a bit faster then I would have preferred. In the last 6 months there has bit of slippage on wet pavements and breaking free when stepping on the gas from stop lights & stop signs. Was hoping to get at least 50K miles on them, but at 44K, they have to go. They weren’t BAD tires, but I was hoping for a bit more out of them.

  3. I feel it handles average all across the board except for Wet traction. I feel they handle less than average.

  4. This is my second set of these tires from Tire Rack. I got 70,000 miles out of my first set with no complaints though they were about 10,000 miles past replacement due to wear issues caused by the truck itself not the tires. These tires are much more tolerant of vehicle issues then good year tires. My experience with Good Years was if there was a wear issue they would just go bad fast. I just drove to Wisconsin and back with these new tires. 75 mph all the way, smooth quiet and no handling issues even at 70 mph in the rain. I would buy these again.

  5. I just bought my 3rd set of firestone destination a/t tires.I have a extra set of rims, I put them on in November and take them off in April. Use them for winter driving which I do a lot of. Great for slippery roads! The rest of the year IPut on the factory oem tires (goodyear wrangler)which are as slippery as dog dodo In the winter… No need to take my word for it, look them up on tire rack chart…

  6. Replaced a set of really noisy Gen1 Cooper AT3s w/25k on them with these. Missed a rotation and these went away very, very quickly. Maddening at highway speeds.I can confirm the repeated out of balance condition noted by other reviewers. They were initially quiet, but that went away quickly. Almost felt as if they were out of round – with some vibration that even a rebalance didn’t correct. Won’t be buying these again.


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