Firestone Destination LE 2 Sizes & review

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The Firestone Destination LE 2, Firestone’s Highway All-Season light truck tire, was developed for the drivers of light-duty pickups, vans, crossovers and sport utility vehicles. It is designed to combine long wear, a comfortable ride and all-season traction, even in light snow.

The Destination LE 2 uses a silica-enhanced light truck compound molded into a symmetric tread design that helps grip the road in dry, wet and wintry conditions. Notched shoulder blocks backed by continuous ribs work together to promote dry road handling, even wear and long treadlife. Circumferential and sweeping grooves across the tire’s footprint help evacuate water to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Cross grooves, stepped inside shoulder rib notches and zigzag sipes provide biting edges that promote traction in snow.

The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon to provide strength, uniformity and durability on top of a polyester cord body that helps cushion the ride.


  1. This is five years with Firestone LE2 tires on our Toyota Highlander and we have 47,000 miles on them. We are real pleased as they have 6/32 left on the tread. We do fair share of highway driving, but it is our everyday car as well. I can see where we could possibly get up to 70,000 miles on this set, and that could be down to 4/32, and longer mileage if taken down to 2/32. We live in a moderate climate and do not experience heavy snow and we have not driven in heavy rainfall to test the resistance to test the ability in hydroplaning. On the dry surface, normal rain, and light snow conditions these have been excellent tires, and they have been relatively quiet when driving on aged roads. We are impressed with the longevity and elated with the sales price we paid 5 years ago, when compared with the OEM tires.

  2. I have only had these tires about a month on a 2014 Silverado LTZ half ton pickup. I bought one size larger than the 265/65 stock tires going with 275/65 and there is no rubbing. I finally got to put them to the test on a 150 mile trip mostly on the interstate. These tires are the best I have had. My truck could barely break these tires loose with aggressive acceleration for an intentional burnout. My truck would do a dual traction burnout about 15 yards with the Wranglers. These Destination LE2 tires had incredible traction on dry pavement at all speeds up to 100 mph. They were glued to the pavement. On two occasions hard stops were required and they never broke loose on the dry pavement. I have yet to drive them in heavy rain so I can’t comment on that performance. I am comparing these tires to two sets of Goodyear Wranglers, and one set of Bridgestone Revos. I will buy these tires again, and probably try one size larger than these.

  3. Got the tires based on reviews and price. But snow performance has only been okay and tire wear has been horrible. I have 25k – 30k miles on them and have only 3-4/16th left. Car gets my kids to and from school, one mile total. It runs around town 95% of the time. Very disappointed with the tread life.

  4. These were the tires delivered on my truck and they only lasted about 37000 miles. They worked very well while they lasted. But they didn’t last very long at all. I regularly deal with more than 4″ of snow in the winter and they handled it like a champ. Maybe its my driving style that killed them quick, but I’ll be trying a different brand to compare

  5. I really do have 77,000 on this set of tires on my Tundra. I am not down to the wear indicators yet, should get over 80,000 on them. May replace them before winter, we do get snow in Philly. Can’t say enough good things about these tires.

  6. while the tire is acceptable in most aspects, I have never had a worse tire for becoming rock hard in only 2.5 years and 28000 miles. It has gotten so bad we plan on buying new tires now and they will not be firestones.


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