Firestone Affinity Touring Sizes & review

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Firestone Affinity Touring is created exclusively for today’s advanced luxury touring automobiles. Affinity tires deliver the smooth, comfortable ride a refined car deserves. Cutting-edge engineering contributes to a quiet ride, while the wider tread of a performance tire, wider steel belts, plus special deep-cut grooves and tread result in sure handling and traction in good weather and bad. Developed to wear slowly and evenly, the Affinity is designed for durability and long life.


  1. I’ve read the bad reviews of this tire, but my experience was excellent tread wear and no other issues. I didn’t drive in snow. Also, the gas mileage was great. The only issue I had was a little road noise,so at 84,600 miles I switched to Michelin premier a/s. There is a little road noise with the Michelins (about like this tire) and the highway gas mileage is about 3-4 mpg less with the Michelins. If I had to do over I would have stayed with this tire.

  2. I bought a used Subaru Outback 2011 with this tires already installed and did not bother getting new ones because they had a very good amount of life on them…2 years and 37,000 miles later I decided to get new ones, different brand and model just because there are better tires on the market, not because of any specific problem…Mostly on highways, this tire always treated me good and I never had a flat tire, I calibrated the tires once every season or prior to any trip with more than 1000 miles involved. The pressure was always there and TPMS lit only once in 2 years…When the tread was deeper I never had loss of traction or any problems with wet pavement, on this tire last trip from NYC to Florida I encountered heavy rain for 2-3 hours and the car felt very loose on the road, prompting me to get a new set of tires.Road noise was to the louder side while on rough asphalt, ok with smooth pavement.I don’t travel too fast and only had to brake hard a few times, I never felt in danger or that the tires could do much more for me.I traveled with snow, up to 10″, and never got stuck or felt I would, including country roads and somewhat steep driveways.I could have pushed this tire 8k to 10k more miles but it was already not good in heavy rain and speeds of 60-70 mph (I-95), and winter is just a few weeks away.I felt confident with this tire enough to the point I would do the same thing again, I would not bother getting new tires if I buy a car with this tires already installed… But for the price point, there are much better tires on the market and this tire would not be on my list.

  3. these tires were OEM on my 2014 Camry LE. They were very noise, handled poorly on wet surfaces and treadwear was terrible only 3/32 left at 25K miles, tires were always kept properly inflated and rotated. Extremely disappointed in these tires, would not recommend and will replace with a different tire / manufacturer.

  4. 12,500 miles on these tires and will need to be replaced in the next few months. My truck has 37,000 miles on a set of Hankook tires and the tread is deeper than on the Firestones. Worst tires I ever had.

  5. All highway miles. My fuel economy got what the window sticker says and I believe that was due to the proper inflation of the tires and tire rotation being done periodically. I got good miles out of them and in the end the noise level was louder when they worn down.

  6. These tires came with the car from the factory. Purchased December 2012 and just replaced March 2019. These lasted 72,000 miles and needed to be replaced, as they were becoming noisy and showing some slight sidewall cracking. No complaints really, these lasted through 6 super-hot Texas summers. I did not rotate these every 5,000 miles as I should have, but they performed exactly as they should.

  7. Very disappointed with Firestone and this brand of tires. Purchased these tires with a warranty of 70,000 miles. At 48,000 miles on the tires, 3 of the 4 tires were separating. Then I was told that the replacement warranty only applied if the tires were less than 3 years old. I’m sorry, but when a tire (or 3 in my case) are defective, they should automatically be replaced. They also quit carrying this tire. I wonder why. Lost faith in Firestone.


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