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The Destination M/T2 is Firestone’s Off-Road Maximum Traction tire designed for the drivers of Jeeps, pickup trucks, full-size SUVs and dedicated off-road vehicles looking for a tire with capability that backs up its rugged looks.

Tread Callout
Utilizing a chip- and tear-resistant rubber compound molded into an aggressive, high-void pattern, the Destination M/T2 is designed to travel far from the beaten path. Taking lessons learned from Firestone’s extensive experience designing tires for agricultural use, the tread blocks feature 23 degree attack angles for optimum pulling power on loose surfaces. Its serrated upper sidewall lugs are more aggressive than those on the previous Destination M/T to provide improved side bite for traction in soft terrain, and the mud and stone ejectors between the tread blocks clear debris from the tread to prevent damage from stone drills. Compared to its predecessor, a 20% increase in the number of biting edges improve traction on wet, slippery surfaces and in the snow.

The internal construction of the Destination M/T2 is designed for durability, with three polyester casing plies intended to improve resistance to punctures, and two high-strength steel belts with a nylon reinforcement to stabilize the tread.

Destination M/T2 tires are pinned to accept optional metal studs to increase ice traction.


  1. I’ve only had these on for about 1000 miles but so far I am very happy. For an M/T the road noise is barely noticeable and much less than my Grabber X3 and less than the BFG A/T2 I had prior. These drive much better than either of those tires and I’m getting better gas mileage than the Grabber X3. It’s rained over 5 inches in the last 2 weeks in Atlanta and I’ve had no issues. Also I used ASAP mobile tire for my install and could not be happier. They picked up the tires the next morning from the local tirerack DC and were at my office at 11am. Took about 1.5 hours with these tires. My total price with Tirerack and ASAP (You pay asap direct) was about $200 cheaper than any local tire shop quoted. Not having to drop my truck for a day or wait 3 hours at a shop was the best part, the savings were a bonus.

  2. I’m very pleased with these Firestones so far. When I was looking for tires for my 4Runner I did research for about a month and decided to go with the MT2s. My research payed off. These are hands down the best off road tire I’ve owned. They are surprisingly quiet for an off road tire and they handle great on the highway. I’ve thrown everything at this tire including mud, sand, gravel, and rock climbing to these tires and they have held up great I’m very impressed. The only weakness I have noticed is as with any MT tire they are prone to hydroplane but this was only when it was raining hard and I was going about 70mph. I haven’t had a chance to test them in any snow yet but I’m looking forward to it. I expect good treadlife as well based on the other reviews. Give this tire a shot you won’t be disappointed!

  3. These tires are on my daily use truck that I occasionally take off roading. They were replacements for a set of open country toyos and immediately I loved aggressive the look. I bought them during the summer months and had no issues with ride quality or noise (despite me expecting them to be loud). Off-road, they stood up to everything I threw at them. Deep mud and sand was no problem. Nice deep treads kept me gripped at all times and kicked out any rocks as soon as I switched back to pavement. I even rolled over a very large & sharp tree stump and thought “There goes that tire 🙁 ” but to my surprise they held up! I recently did some snow and ice off-road as well as icy river crossings with a sand base. The story is the same, this tire just holds up. I will be buying this tire again once I run thru this set!

  4. I don’t drive my truck much, only when I actually need a truck, maybe 1000 miles per year on average over the last several years. Consequently my previous set of Firestone Destination M/T 1 tires were still at 50% tread when I decided to replace them because of degradation due to age. I replaced them with a new set of Firestone Destination M/T 2 tires. The M/T 2 tires are much quieter than the M/T 1 tires ever were. They also are much better on the highway. Steering response is much better and they ride and drive better. At the same time they are at least as good and maybe better than the M/T 1 tires off road, especially in the mud. I have started driving my truck more frequently because we have started towing our new Roxor to off-road parks. I am very pleased and impressed with the Firestone Destination M/T 2 tires. I would definitely buy them again if I were to live that long.

  5. The Firestone Destination MT2’s exceeded my expectations. As good as Goodyear Duratrac in Snow and ice. Tires look almost brand new after 25K , In order to get maximum grip and comfort, on a Jeep TJ , i find 30 PSI the optimal tire pressure.

  6. I just finished upgrading my suspension and I was looking for good performing MT tires. I was going back and forth with BFG, GY, and Yoko tires and I settled for these. They are very gripy at first but after a couple hundred mile they settled down. I am very pleased on how they performed on and off road and they have a very nice ride for a MT tire.

  7. I have had these tires on my Ford F250 super cab for about 30k miles have been wearing decent, but just recently on a trip I was getting alot of shake in the steering wheel. Upon inspection I found the tread on only 1 tire to cupping severely in the inner two rows of cleats. Measured the other three tires and they measure 16/32, so I am right at the place where I could replace one tire. I don’t really want to do that but a full set is out of my financial range at this point. These tire are spec 20/32 new. I am disappointed that I have to replace a tire with only 4/32’s of wear on it. Next set of tires will not be Firestone.!


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