BFGoodrich g-Force Radial T/A Sizes & review

bf goodrich gforce comp2as

The Radial T/A is BFGoodrich’s Performance All-Season tire developed for the drivers of muscle cars, kit cars, street rods and light trucks looking for wide, low profile, white-lettered performance tires. Today’s Radial T/A tires are designed to combine classic looks and size range with modern manufacturing methods and year-round traction, even in light snow.

The Radial T/A molds an all-season tread compound into a symmetric independent block pattern featuring unique tread block phasing and variable groove angle geometry to provide low noise, predictable performance and year-round traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts (50-series sizes add

BFGoodrich’s ETEC [Equal TEnsion Containment] System of spirally wound nylon) that stabilize the tread. BFGoodrich’s g-Wedge technology makes this the best performing Radial T/A ever by featuring the high modulus sidewall stabilizers found in many of BFGoodrich’s higher performance radials (g-Wedge sidewall stabilizers increase torsional rigidity to enhance lateral stability and steering response, while delivering a smooth, comfortable ride).


  1. The good points;Very good tires for feel and overall handing. They offer great feedback when near their limits. You’ll hear them warning you before they being to break traction in aggressive cornering. They handle heavy Florida down pours very well and have not felt spooky at any time in the wet. They have broke traction a little when accelerating from a traffic light in the wet though. However, I was a bit quick on clutch release, just to test them in this situation. I should note that they only broke traction when they hit the painted crosswalk lines. This was not a hard launch, but was a little more aggressive than normal.The bad points;White letters turned brown within a week. Cleaning them removes most of it, but it will return quickly. I understand this is caused by oils in the tires leeching through the lettering. This was never a case with the BFG Radial T/A tires of the past. I’ve seen may complaints about this issue from other owner reviews. I hope this is something they will correct soon.Tire wear is unknown at this point, as I’ve only put about 2,000 miles on them since I purchased them in late February 1017.A very nice set of tires. They look great (when the letters are white), ride well and are not very noisy, except for when they need to be. I’d certainly consider buying another set, especially if they correct the leeching problem with the white letters. In fact one of my other cars is going to need new tires soon. I’d love to put a set of these on it too, but don’t want brown letters! I purchased them (a wheel/tire package) online on a Thursday and they were available for me to pickup in GA the next day! Tire Rack is fantastic!

  2. I have a set of these on a 1981 Ford Econoline . 245/60R15 on the front. 295/50R15 in the rear. The van is not a race car, but I drive it like it is. I can say that these tires do pretty well when cornering hard, even on a Ford van. I do notice that they tend to break loose when you mash the throttle, and it’s wet out. Not uncontrollable, but still present. On the dry, they’re fine.Can’t comment on snow traction, I have a set of truck tires for that.

  3. I love the style of white lettering, which is why I bought these tires. There were no other white letter tires in my size at the time. Looking back, I should have realised the Raadial T/A is essentially a muscle car tire, not an all season, all weather tire. Dry performance was outstanding. On a weekend driver in nice weather, I can think of no better tire. On my truck, which is a daily driven light weight 2WD open diff truck, these were not a good option. Wet traction is virtually non existent, which was made worse when the tread is worn. This review is not a slight against the tire at all… They simply weren’t designed for what I put them through. So for anyone reading this with a year-round, daily driven vehicle, I’d suggest to keep looking. If you need some rubber for your muscle car, stop looking, you’ve found the best tire for the job.

  4. The BF Goodrich T/A Radial is the de facto tire of choice for the classic restored or resto-mod muscle car. My 1970 Mustang Boss 302 is the latest of my stable to get this great rubber. This modern radial instantly improves the traction, cornering and stopping distances on dry and wet pavement over the bias-belted tires originally specified, and takes far more abuse. With over 400bhp at the rear wheels, traction is excellent for a street tire, and safety is vastly improved. A recent 110-mph blast down a local expressway was as reassuring and uneventful as a 60mph cruise. Long road trips are once again a joy, as the tires not only perform, but they’re comfortable, relatively quiet, and they just look great, complementing any 60s-70s era muscle car. Cold weather performance is reasonable (although my Boss is typically stored mid-Nov ’til early April); just take it easy. It’s not a track / competition tire, but they can do a few laps, if you like. Just don’t autocross, drag race, or road race them. In addition, they have excellent wear characteristics and will last you a long time – depending on your driving style. Lastly, they are a bargain at $85-95 per tire. I can’t say enough good about them, and hope they’re never discontinued.

  5. Put these tires on the front of my 83 Z-28. Gave me the look and performance I was looking for. Also mounted them on S/S Cragers for the old school look

  6. I’ve had these tires since I purchased my King Cobra in 2014. I only drive it in the summer months and am very happy with the T/A’s. Classic old school look and very good overall performance. I’d purchase them again in a heartbeat


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