BFGoodrich g-Force Radial T/A Spec Sizes & review

bf goodrich gforce comp2as

The Radial T/A Spec is BFGoodrich’s Performance All-Season tire developed for Original Equipment use on modern muscle cars. Named after BFGoodrich’s Radial T/A, North America’s first low-profile performance radial tire, the Radial T/A Spec is designed to deliver a combination of sporty appearance, predictable handling and all-season traction, even in light snow.

Radial T/A Spec tires feature an all-season compound molded into symmetric tread designs that feature a continuous center rib flanked by independent tread blocks in the intermediate ribs and shoulders.

The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon on top of a polyester casing.


  1. Just changed these tires couldn’t believe I got so many miles on them but it was time to change them .The tires were finally showing their age but I’m definitely not complaining I already purchased them again couldn’t be happier with the way they perform especially in the winter on my Camaro plus they look good

  2. 62,000 miles…. with often rotations and cleanings.. yea these are awesome. I’m buying a new set in a week or so. Drove my Camaro through all of the winters here in Mass near Boston that got the most snow since 2011. Not a problem at all what so ever and that’s traveling 128, 95, and 90 including a lot of back roads.

  3. I bought these tires this summer knowing that the winter was coming and I need some new tires. So far have no complaints at all about the tires noise is none and comfort is great and performance is good as well.

  4. This came with my new purchase of a used 2011 Camaro LS. i wasn’t expecting a lot out of these OEM tires, however, to be honest, it actually went beyond my low expectation. Mainly the dry traction was more impressive than i had expected. Wet traction is terrible. Dry cornering is also pretty bad. if your cornering is a bit spirited, these can break loose easily. in the morning, you can make these puppies spin in a take-off on a V6 Camaro, which makes the car fun to drive (kudos to GM for choosing this tire for the base model). once warmed up, they grip impressively well for a 312hp sporty car “in straight line”. you gotta be VERY careful driving these in wet, in either cornering, take-off, or braking. never driven in snow with these, sorry. bottom line, i would recommend these to someone, if on a serious budget. however, i took these off 5 months after i got the car, and slapped on some performance summer tires and aftermarket wheels. Mainly because the new wheels are larger in diameter, otherwise i would’ve considered putting these on the new wheels and save some money. one other thing that these tires are also good for are ride comfort. they’re quiet, and rides VERY soft, probably some of the softest tires. but since ride comfort is really hard to say, and vary from car to car depending on the suspension. i would say at least for my Camaro LS, they’re like marsh mellows. GM really thought it through with their budget base model Camaro. few words i could use to sum up these tires for the Camaro. cheap, straight line, and don’t turn. 🙂

  5. I made it 95 miles in 14-18 inches of snow this past winter and for even a Camaro I did not get stuck and the tires handled the climate beyond my expectations. In dry weather these tires grip the pavement and allow for the cornering without the fear of the rear of the car slipping. I seem to get great gas mileage (24-26 mpg) depending on speed. I rotate this tires every oil change (6,000 miles) and was told I have about 10,000 to 15,000 miles before needing to change. I drive 70 miles one way to work all but 5 miles are highway. I would recommend these tires.

  6. just a great working mans all year, all weather, tire. does great in snow, more than adequate dry traction, wet traction could be better but is completely fine for regular driving, ride just great, smoothest & quietest tire I can remember, and I’ve got over 45,000 miles on them and still have 1/8″ of tread. They are certainly the most economical tire you can buy for a Camaro. The only real gripe is the speed rating of only 124 mph. I’d like to maybe get something more sporty but the tread life these things get has me seriously considering another set.

  7. Even with almost 60,000 on these tires if have no problem running them another 20,000 depending on the weather. They still are as smooth and track as well as new. They have gotten a bit louder but nothing that bothers when driving. I have never had any issues with hydroplaning with these tires, although they do slip a bit under acceleration which may be due more to my driving than the tire. The grab and stability is excellent as I have pushed them a few times on mountain roads to see how well the car responds and have never had any issues at all with the tires. I will certainly purchase another set when these finally get taken off


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