BFGoodrich g-Force Commercial T/A Traction Sizes & review

bf goodrich gforce comp2as

The Commercial T/A Traction is BFGoodrich’s On-/Off-Road Commercial Traction light truck tire developed for pickup, van, SUV and commercial vehicle drivers looking for heavy-duty light truck tires that can combine traction on the highway, as well as at work jobsites and recreation areas. The Commercial T/A Traction is designed to provide on- and off-road traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, including snow.

Commercial T/A Traction radials feature an aggressive symmetric tread design that uses independent shoulder lugs and intermediate tread blocks to blend dry-road handling with poor weather traction. Wide circumferential grooves provide hydroplaning resistance while lateral grooves and multiple sipes provide the biting edges needed to enhance snow traction. The tire’s structure includes twin steel belts to improve bruise and puncture resistance on top of a two-ply polyester cord body that helps absorb road shock to enhance ride quality.

The Commercial T/A Traction meets the tire industry’s severe snow service requirements and is branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Pinned to accept optional TSMI #16 silver-colored metallic winter studs.

Note: While non-winter tires featuring the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol provide additional longitudinal snow traction beyond what all-season (M+S) tires not bearing the symbol can deliver, they do not match the capability of a true winter tire in all adverse weather conditions.


  1. These tires are more than half worn out with just 15,000 miles on them. I thought they would last longer than that.

  2. These tires were purchased for a vehicle (’04 E350) that exists primarily to tow my 28 foot, 8600 lb. trailer. I previously had two sets of Michelins whose on-road performance I was very pleased with. Unfortunately, both sets of Michelins needed to be replaced with less than 30K on them over about four years on each set not due to wear but due to dry rot. The BFGs were recommended to me because of their supposed higher resistance to that. That remains to be seen.Unfortunately, these are the noisiest set of tires I have ever driven on. Presumably the large, open tread locks contribute to that, but the noise level is really awful (this is a passenger van, not a work vehicle). It is worse when braking, and you can actually feel the van squirming when going down the road. The van is now very unstable when towing – I am getting a large degree of longitudinal sway that was not present before. It has taken a formerly nice towing rig to unpleasant. I just completed a 850 mile trip last weekend on these tires and it was a white knuckle experience.Before anyone suggests that anything is wrong with the vehicle, not the tires (a reasonable assumption), keep in mind that these observations are based upon back-to-back experience with the truck on the same day with the same load. SUMMARY – these are probably excellent tires for a work vehicle where passenger comfort is not a priority, and probably are good for lighter loads. Maybe. But if you value ride comfort and stability, look elsewhere.

  3. I bought this tire about 2.5 years ago for my f350 diesel. I have towed a 14k pound 5th wheel for about 15k miles of the 25k i have on these tires. At first they were fantastic. However after 25k miles i’m on the wear bars in the back tires. They were always kept at proper pressures and rotated every 5k miles. I’m not overly impressed with how these tires have worn on this truck. when they were new they gripped like crazy and never left anything to be desired.

  4. This Silverado has had these tires twice. The first set were 245/75/16, stock sized tires, that lasted me 70,000 miles before I had to replace them. I purchased new wheels and these tires in 265/75/16 about 30,000 miles ago and they still ride as they did new. I’ve had plenty of all terrain and mud terrain tires, but none of them could combine great traction in all environments. Mud tires are great off-road, but terrible in snow and ice. All terrain tires will get you stuck. These tires managed to combine the best of both tire styles by giving you deep lugs that clear mud easily enough yet have the sipping power to grip ice and snow extremely well, so well that they make parking lot snow days less fun. I’ve had a 20′ trailer loaded on the back of this truck, parked in the mud in a field and it pulled out of the sloppy mess without any fuss. I’ve taken the truck “offroad” servicing my property and I’ve even pulled trees (I had to snap a 40′ cedar tree) and bushes out while in the grass with no issues maintaining grip. The original “stock” tires couldn’t get traction to pull out a small bush, so they were gone asap and that’s when I found these BFGs. I can’t say enough for these tires. For those with wear issues I assure you it is not an issue with the tire, I imagine I’ll get 60-70k miles out of these tires again.

  5. Off road performance is ok. On highway however, very disappointed. I have had three sets of these tires on my truck, and they don’t last much more past 10,000 or 15,000 miles, or about 1 year for me. On the steer they cup and vibrate horribly. I have had the steer axle aligned twice by two different people, one shop who claimed to do a lot of alignments on my type of truck. Tires have been balanced numerous times. Tires are not over-sized. I have to rotate the steer tires side to side every 2,000 miles to keep them somewhat round. On the drives (Dual rear wheels) the tread blocks roll over and create a lot of noise. Putting a different All Terrain tire on the drive axle doesn’t create the same problem. All tires are kept at the proper pressure, alignment has been done recently, I don’t have any worn steering or suspension components. I’m a professional heavy truck mechanic and I can’t keep these tires from chewing themselves to pieces. Would not buy again.

  6. as I found out with load range e tires if you do not keep them at the side wall pressure they wear out fast from dragging , the factory tire pressures are for comfort not for long tire wear and causes massive cupping specially on the steers in 10K miles , but with good gas shocks and sidewall pressures they ride a little rougher but last many times longer , its a truck not a car , if I want want comfort I drive the Impala , as for noise , cannot tell due to exhaust covers it up , but in wet weather the tires grip real well and even grab the stop paint strips without spinning, in heavy rain it clears the road and grips well ,in 2-4″ snow they work as good as some mudder tires I have had . in deep snow I have a harder time being 2 wheel drive if its over 4″ it has a side pushing tendency , on hardpack it grabs well , on Ice they will get you going but like other tires you will not stop . this is my second set , my first set lasted 75K with sidewall inflation pressures . and with a load in the bed or on the trailer they do not squirm like the Bridgestone M773s I used to run

  7. Tire floats and sways bad at any pressure. I run empty but van itself is a heavy extended 1 ton low mileage cargo. I hope these tires wear out in 5,000 miles so I can remove them before they kill me. That bad! They wander, Float, sway, and give a constant unnerving feeling of losing control going into a side skid and rolling. You know; wheels in the air, roof on the ground. Every steering correction feels like traction breaks on ice driving on summer dry pavement! Squirm is the word, prolly a week sidewall and squirmy tread and compound are the cause. It does have good traction but I failed it for that too because this tire gives ZERO confidence.


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