BFGoodrich g-Force Commercial T/A All Season 2 Sizes & review

bf goodrich gforce comp2as

The Commercial T/A All-Season 2 is BFGoodrich’s Commercial Highway All-Season light truck tire developed to combine durability with light truck tire capability for SUV, pickup, van and commercial vehicle drivers. The Commercial T/A All-season 2 is designed primarily for on-road use by providing predictable handling and year-round traction on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

Utilizing a chip- and tear-resistant compound molded into a high-traction, symmetric tread pattern, the Commercial T/A All-Season 2 is engineered to track straight and true, with rigid shoulder blocks to help resist irregular wear. The optimized footprint helps evenly distribute pressure across the tread face, increasing tire longevity, while the CoolWedge shoulder insert improves cooling for prolonged life compared to the Commercial T/A All-Season.

Four wide, circumferential grooves evacuate water from the contact patch to help resist hydroplaning, and the independent tread blocks of the intermediate ribs create biting edges to aid traction in slippery conditions.

Internal construction of the Commercial T/A All-Season 2 consists of twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon help maintain the tire’s shape for enhanced performance at highway speeds while a two-ply polyester cord body balances ride quality with durability.


  1. First, I have been a BF Goodrich customer since 1971 and have used their tires on every thing from my 1955 Chevrolet to my ZR1. I am pleased with the quality and engineering of BFG. I was surprised when I replaced my tires on my 1990 Suburban (tow vehicle for a 10k enclosed trailer). The tires are a bit more noisy than I had hoped for (comparing to the BFG first gen Commercial T/A.I was shocked when I was hydroplaning at 60 mph pulling the trailer on the PA turnpike. I have never had a hydroplaning event in this vehicle at speeds up to 70mph. I am not concerned with tread life as I usually replace my tires based on age since I have not worn a set out in 35 years. I wish BFG would go back to the first gen tread design. They were quieter and certainly seemed better at wet weather/anti hydroplaning ability.Would I buy them again? Probably since the overall quality is satisfactory.

  2. First the background. I live in Montana and purchased the vehicle these tires are on in Texas. The tires are now roughly 3 years old, with roughly 20k miles on them. Now the not so hot: If one lives in a northern climate or area that receives lots of snow or especially ice, this tire is definitely not for you. The first winter I had them up here I literally got the van stuck in less than two inches of snow. Once out, on the very slick street I put it in gear and the van simply sat there and spun its wheels in idle. To say the least, I was not excited. By the end of the day a new set of Firestone Weathermaster tires were installed. On a better note, excluding snow and ice, these tires are great. They wear like iron, have a firm ride, and are quiet. While snow befuddles them, rain does not. Never have had a problem with hydroplaning, and wet and dry traction is excellent. Handling, even on Montana’s winding, narrow roads, is predictable and even. I’m sure in the 20k miles I’ve put on them they have worn, but danged if I can see it. The tread is still deep, no nicks, cracks, or weird wear patterns. So, in conclusion, if one lives in Texas, or any other southern state, these tires are probably an excellent choice. They are a commercial tire, and they wear well, ride well, and are quiet. Highway or city, dry or rain, they are great. If you live in an area that gets a bit of snow or ice from time to time, and don’t want to invest in a set of dedicated winter tires, there are better choices. Hope this helps!

  3. So far so good, only took about 1200 miles to break them in. Compared to my last set over three years ago the A/S 2 is much improved. The tire does run cooler and maintains pressure no matter how hot or heavy they are loaded. The sidewall seems stiffer and does not squirm at all under load. Camper Hauler, so the miles add up fast and I will review again at 20k miles.

  4. 10,000 miles, 5,000 loaded. I like this version better than the first series. Break-in was only about 1,500 miles, the usual soft squirmy feel. After that it has been good, no unusual wear and the miles per gallon have been going up. Rotated at 7,500 and just keeps getting better. This set has firmer sidewalls and a little harsher ride, but the tire runs cooler by evidence of the rise in pressure at speed and load. Very predictable handling at this time. 12/32nds tread left , should be able to get over 60,000 miles out of this set.

  5. Just installed two of these tires on my 1997 F350 DRW 2WD truck. They were recommended by my tire installer who stated that they install lots of these on commercial trucks and have no problems with them. I was looking to replace a set of Goodyear Duratracs that had irregular wear due to worn front end parts including drag link, inner tie rod and sagging springs. The GY tire wore unevenly and started making a lot of noise. I installed the BFG’s because I was looking for more of a steer tire on the front than an AT tire. These tires ride really quiet and the handling is exceptional. I only have 300 miles on them so this report is a little early but I am completely satisfied, so far. I’ll update this review after I have encountered snow and wet roads.

  6. I pull a 16’ enclosed trailer daily. Probably about 6000 lbs. The tires have worn more quickly than either the Firestone Transverse or Michelin. They’re comfortable and responsive otherwise. If you don’t drive a lot of miles they’re not bad.


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