BFGoodrich g-Force Rugged Trail T/A Sizes & review

bf goodrich gforce comp2as

The Rugged Trail T/A is BFGoodrich’s On-/Off-Road All-Terrain Light Truck tire designed for pickup, jeep and sport utility vehicle drivers who desire aggressive off-road looks combined with low rolling resistant, lightweight construction, along with low noise, and year-round traction, even in light snow. While the Rugged Trail T/A was originally developed to be meet the Original Equipment requirements of vehicle manufacturers, its size range has been expanded to fit a wide range of light truck applications.

The Rugged Trail T/A molds an all-season tread rubber compound into a computer designed symmetric tread pattern tuned to meet the needs of each Original Equipment vehicle with independent intermediate tread blocks to provide the biting edges to enhance foul weather traction. On the inside, the Rugged Trail T/A features twin steel belts reinforced by BFGoodrich’s Equal TEnsion Containment System (ETEC System) to enhance durability along with a flexible, shock-absorbing two-ply polyester cord sidewall to provide a comfortable highway ride.


  1. I ran the tires100K plus, off road, high speed mostly pulling heavy trailers, in hot West Texas. I don’t believe you can wear them out. Had only one flat in Alaska-simple nail puncture. Only rotated them 3 times when wear patterns appeared. Ran between 80 & 85psi according to load. I replaced them @104879 simply because I am heading to Colo. for an elk hunt & expect bad weather. Yes they were worn but had some tread left, if I were pulling a trailer with the additional wt. I would have left them on. However, with little wt. in a super duty Ifelt it wise to go with a new set sinceI expect rain & possible some snow. These are the longest wearing tires I have ever had-period. I am 74 ,& have run all types of tires& vehicles,from Jeeps, Mercedes Benz, Porches, Corvetts,every p/u possible. These OEM tires simply were the best -period. Can’t say that for my KO2 on my new Rubicon,60% ware in 5214 miles, but all super hard Moab trail miles.

  2. This is actually a review for the BF Goodrich Rugged Terrain T/A. When I bought my truck from Toyota, these tires came on my truck. If I did more regular off road or construction, these tires would be perfect. These are some tough tires! Curb checks, light off road, daily grind on surface streets, and multiple highway trips couldn’t bust these tires. Closest thing was a nail stuck in tread for 6 months before there was enough “air leak”, which a quick patch at my local mechanic corrected. Gave the lowest score to road noise, which this tire has seemed to contributed a fair bit. But I mainly stick to driving in stop and go traffic during the week and some highway miles, as the family needs, on the weekends. I replaced with the Michelin Defenders, which are much quieter.

  3. these tires came on my 2011 ford f250. They wore really well, and lasted longer than expected, with heavy towing and hauling. They are quiet, and never needed to be rebalanced. They handle excellent on dry pavement, and at high speed, solid feel to them not spongy but you feel the bumps. Snow performance is average. However, in mud they are bad. Most highway tires have some mud traction, but these instantly clog up and on a muddy dirt road. 5 miles per hour all over the road kind of bad (in 4×4). So they look all terrain-ish, but not so much. But good over all.

  4. Replacing these stock tires after 22000 miles. In my opinion these tires are crap. I drive in moderate conditions, neither heavy snow or high speed. I also run winters every year, so realistically these might have 15000 miles at best. These came with the truck when I bought it. Cheap tires that Nissan felt was ok to sell with their new vehicles.

  5. All four tires have cracks on them. One has already gone flat and tire shop says the other three will soon follow. 54000 miles on them. Still have good tread. I didn¿t have them rotated ever 5000 miles by dealer. Didn¿t care for how long it took for tire warm up and get round again after sitting in the cold. Felt like they had flat spots till they were warm.

  6. This tire is excellent on the dry highway. It is very quiet and smooth riding. It feels like a highway tire. However at 30,000 miles it developed cracks in the tread pattern on all four tires. These tires are absolutely awful in heavy rains and snow. Hydroplanes in small puddles doing more than 40 mph.

  7. These come standard on the 2013 Xterra. New they are pretty good. We had a some serious snow and they preformed well. I also went off Road at Uharrie National Park and they did a reasonably good job new on a stock Xterra. After year 2, they started to become very average. They deeply depreciated in performance. I started to change my driving style just to get more milage out of them. They aren’t bad but I wouldn’t get them again. I’m looking at the Hankook Dynapro as a similar price point tire. Or, if I sell everything I own the KO2’s.


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