BFGoodrich g-Force Long Trail T/A Tour Sizes & review

bf goodrich gforce comp2as

The Long Trail T/A Tour is BFGoodrich’s Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season light truck tire developed for crossover and sport utility vehicle drivers looking for tires that can enhance precision on the road in all seasons without sacrificing comfort and wear life. The Long Trail T/A Tour is designed to deliver mile after mile in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

The Long Trail T/A Tour molds an all-season rubber compound into a symmetric tread pattern that features independent shoulder blocks, notched intermediate ribs and a rigid center rib to provide crisp handling, precise cornering and positive on-center feel at highway speeds. Strategic siping in all of the tread blocks increases the biting edges needed for foul weather traction by enhancing grip in the rain and snow. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by BFGoodrich’s Equal Tension Containment (ETEC) System of spirally wrapped nylon to help the tire retain its shape at highway speeds for a controlled ride and enhanced durability while a two-ply polyester casing helps soak up road shock and resist sidewall flex.


  1. Great mileage from these. I run them about 2 to 3 psi over recommended and rotate on schedule. Snow traction leaves a lot to be desired but the wet traction seems good and the dry traction is good. Very noisy on my Rogue.

  2. Purchased these tires for my daughters truck. Her driving included mostly “city” driving with occasional trips home which involves highway driving. The tires are less than 2 years old and require replacing already. She hydroplaned once with the back end of the truck breaking loose and contacting a cement barrier. She was going about 25 MPH negotiating a curve in the road. Thankfully she was not hurt and only slight damage to the truck rim was sustained. I won’t be buying these tires again.

  3. 26,000 miles and just full of cracks between the tread….all 4 ..have been inflated and rotated…losing air in two of them slowly…..for the $ they are junk and unsafe…..the radial t/a is a 10 times better tire offered by bf Goodrich………. I recently went with firestone destination H/T’s…..inexpensive and no leaks. I bet at 26k miles they will not be cracked like these…should have been a recall…JUNK!!

  4. Yes I drive pretty much city and suburb only but these tires are starting to split and crack in between treads…well over 1/2 way wore out @ tread. And two of them have slow leaks at rim that need air weekly. Wore out way to soon. My mother had the same set on her 06 explorer and got 38,000 out of them but they also had been leaking at rim….(drying up) Now she has a new set of Goodyear’s she installed 6 months ago, and NO rim leaks! unlike the radial T/A’s, this Goodrich is a poor tire for the $$. Avoid, these are 60,000 mile

  5. Last set of Long Trails lasted over 60,000 miles(4wd, highway, country, city, mountains, snow, ice, etc)…. This set on 2008 explorer eddie V8 are down to 5/32’s at 37,000.00 miles. I don’t get it! The AWD can’t be tearing them up, can it? I might have to settle for another set because they’re the least expensive right now. Looking at other options however.

  6. My wife and i both drive about 35000 miles per year in and around the N Georgia mountains which is very tight and twisty with a lot of climbing and braking force. We both get new sets of tires every 2 years and always get there with good tread remaining. I never run my tires down to dangerous levels of traction, puncture or hydroplaning and these tires have NEVER let me down. They have a very strong side wall which adds to their dependability. We have about 500,000 miles on the BFG Long Trail line with no flats, no leaks, no problems. Until that changes i will continue to spend the coin on these terrific tires.

  7. I’m on my third set of these BFGs. Average 32,000 to 36,000 miles per set. Michelin/BFG is exceptional at honoring 60,000 mile treadwear warranty so I’ve stuck with these tires. Best tire for ride and noise ever on a SUV. Because they wear so quick the ratings for wet and snow would be higher since when new you get very good wet performance and ok snow performance but after 18,000 miles both drop off. I use dedicated snows now in the winter because of this issue. Keep meticulous records and rotate every 6000 to 8000 miles and Michelin/BFG will help you get your next set.

  8. This is my 3rd set of these nearing the end of their usable life. They perform well in my opinion, but the noise as they get older is incredible! You can’t stand to be in the car for any length of time on the highway. They also crack in the tread alarmingly quickly, and very deep into the carcass as well. This last set I bought also had out of round issues. I ended up buying a 5th tire as one was so bad it ended up as a spare with only about 500 miles on it. Warranty it? Good luck with that, the first thing said is “well you didn’t buy them from us” In conclusion, would I recommend them? NO. Would I buy another set? Again, NO. Now the question is, what do I buy now? So much hype, and so little of anything else. I can’t afford to experiment. Reviews? You read 10 of them and get 10 different opinions. Like everything else you buy, it’s a crap-shoot.


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