BFGoodrich g-Force Advantage T/A Sport (T-Speed Rated) Sizes & review

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Advantage T/A Sport tires featuring T- speed ratings are BFGoodrich’s Standard Touring All-Season tires for the drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans and small crossover vehicles looking to add some fun to their daily commute, in addition to all-season traction in dry, wet and light snow conditions.

The Advantage T/A Sport features an all-season tread compound molded into a symmetrical design, allowing easy cross rotation to resist irregular wear. The tire’s continuous center ribcreates constant contact with the road, and combined with the optimized footprint provided by the Next Generation ETEC (Equal TEnsion Containment) System, delivers confident handling and high-speed stability.

Utilizing full-depth tread features help to deliver traction mile after mile while the wide, circumferential grooves efficiently channel water through the contact patch for increased hydroplaning resistance. 3D Active Sipe Technology provides an increased number of biting edges for improved wet and light snow traction.

The tire’s internal structure includes a single ply polyester body casing. Next Generation g-Wedge Sidewall Stabilizer inserts help control distortion during cornering. Two wide steel belts with a spirally-wrapped nylon reinforcement deliver durability, ride quality and stability.


  1. I drive 120 miles per day for my commute in a 2016 Prius. It’s all on the expressway, with the cruise set in no traffic. With the OEM tires I consistently got 49.5 to 50.5 MPG. I bought these BFG Advantage T/A Sport tires based on the ratings. I’ve been very happy with the handling and performance, but now I’m getting 43.5 MPG…a 6-7 MPG decrease. I’m really disappointed with that aspect of the tire and will be going back to the OEM Bridgestones for my next set.

  2. Purchase the tires in August of 2016 and as of April of 2019 I have put about 58000 miles on these tires and still have about another 7-10k left. I have already purchased another set to replace these with the same. Will continue to buy.

  3. I put these on my 2015 Ram Eco Diesel when the original Goodyear tires wore out at 36,000 miles. With just a little over 2,500 miles on these I can’t rate tire wear but with a lot of previous experience with BFG tires I believe I’ll get a lot more than the OEM tires. The Goodyear’s had decent dry traction and mediocre wet traction and wore out way to early. I live in Florida so I can’t rate how well these tires will perform in snow but they are outstanding here in the heavy rains we’ve had this summer.I have driven down some flooded roads and never worried about hydroplaning at all. Dry traction is equally outstanding as I have discovered I can safely take highway on/off ramps at 5-15mph faster than with the Goodyear’s. The only downside to these tires is they are a bit noisier than the Goodyear’s but since the truck is so quiet anyway it doesn’t bother me. I like these tires so much I put them on my 1994 Dodge Dakota and when the tires on my wife’s 2017 Dodge Journey wear out I’ll be using them on that one as well.

  4. When I first purchased nee tires for my car, I bought the BF Goodrich Advantage TA and I really liked the way the tires handled and loe nousr level. When it came time to get new ones, those tires were discontinued. So I bought the BF Goodrich Advantage TA Sport. I have to say I love these tires. I live in NY and when the snow came, these tires made my car feel like a tank in the snow. I had all kinds of traction. The tread depth helped my car drive straight through the snow without slipping. In the summer time just as good. Smooth, quiet, lots of grip and when it rains the tires bite the streets without hydroplaning. These tires are great.

  5. Tires overall are good snow tires and perform as they should. However, my wife reports that with the lower rear end weight of the XB there is a fair amount of fishtailing with these tires in snow. This was one of the reasons why we bought snowtires in the first place. Will continue to monitor tire performance and update this review in the future.

  6. I don’t usually review a tire without putting a good share of miles on it, however, this is still a new tire on the market and I wanted to give my initial impressions of the tire to help others in making a decision about the BFG. I am replacing a set of Les Schwab Toyo Eclipse. The Toyo’s had been on the car for the three years I have owned the car (over 60k miles). I have to say, compared to the Toyo’s these BFG’s are awsome. I was a little skeptical of the road noise reviews. Some are saying that they produce a bit more noise than their last tire. Not mine. I used a noise meter to compare, and the BFG’s were almost 10 DB’s quiter on all surfaces at all speeds. I do not share the same complaint as others when it comes to noise, as these were much quieter than the Toyo’s.

  7. I put these tires on my Sienna in March of 2015. We only drive the vehicle around 9-10K per year. After 3.5 years and about 30K on the tires I am down to 4/32 of tread which is a little disappointing. They are rated for 50K but if I drove them to 50K they would be unsafe for my wife to drive. 4/32 is not unsafe but I am not comfortable with my wife on the Interstate especially in wet weather. The tires are great otherwise. Quiet, comfortable and good rain and snow traction. I have no complaints other than the tread life. If you are considering these go for it. They really are great. Just be prepared to replace them after about 30K miles.


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