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As BFGoodrich’s Ultra High Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes, performance sedans and modern muscle cars looking for the next level of control and fun, the g-Force Sport COMP-2 is designed to accelerate faster, corner harder and brake shorter in dry and wet conditions. However, like all summer tires, it is not intended to be driven in near freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Development of the g-Force Sport COMP-2 has been honed by decades of BFGoodrich g-Force racing where success on the street has begun with winning on the track. g-Force Sport COMP-2 tires have been chosen by the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School at Miller Motorsports Park and Skip Barber Racing for their schools and race series.

BFGoodrich’s silica-infused COMP-2 compound is derived from racing technology that helps deliver sharp steering response along with wet and dry grip without sacrificing treadwear*. The compound is molded into a directional tread design with stable shoulder blocks, g-Hook intermediate ribs and twin center ribs to combine better feedback at the limit, grip at any cornering angle and straight-line stability. The tread design’s shoulder grooves, directional g-Hook intermediate grooves and wide circumferential rain channels help disperse water to resist hydroplaning and increase wet traction.

The tire features BFGoodrich’s Performance Racing Core (PRC) internal structure that includes twin, high tensile steel belts reinforced by an enhanced ETEC (Equal TEnsion Containment) System of spirally wound nylon that stabilizes the tread area to optimize the contact patch for traction at speed and in hard cornering, as well as g-Control sidewall inserts featuring up to a 40% higher sidewall stiffening structure to improve lateral stability and cornering precision.


  1. These tires were great in many ways. Looks great, responsive to turn-in, stable at high speed and through cornering. Tread wear on the other hand, was terrible. Only lasted 2.5 years/30,000 miles. Other tires I’ve used have outperformed in terms of tread wear and still provided an acceptable level of performance.

  2. 275/40/18 square on a 2006 Supercharged Mustang GT.Vague steering feel on turn in, fairly harsh ride quality, treads generally noisy and slap certain road surfaces. Lateral grip is good, not great. On cooler days the amount of grip is greatly reduced, spring and fall driving is tricky. Grip and handling is the wet is adequate. About the best I can say is they seem to wear decently for a 550 hp car.Bottom of the UHP tire pack these days, I wish I would gone a different direction.

  3. since the last time i talked to you i have put on 10000 miles on these tires…. and they STILL have all the best!!!! one thing… when really cold.. they take a “set”.. so for the first half mile… mile… you get a little vibration… goes away quick… they still stick like glue!!!! car still rides like its on rails!!!! thank you again tire rack!!!!

  4. Long time BFG owner. I have used multiple brands on my cars (8 cars) over the years and have always enjoyed them on my more spirited driving cars. My wife and I have been putting 8k-10k miles a year on our Mazda since we went to the 18″ wheels.I really can’t hear the difference in noise from the tires compared to the stock or stud less snow tires and i like to drive with my windows down.

  5. I purchased these tires because I had had G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S on my 2013 Audi and they were the best tires I had ever had. Unfortunately, they were not available so I foolishly assumed that the Sport version would be the same or nearly the same. After 14,000miles mostly highway driving, the tires are worn out…and guess what? No tread wear warranty….that’s on me. The tires could never be kept in balance and made a constant ‘clicking’ sound anytime I drove over 40 miles per hour. Without question, these were the very worst tires I have ever had and I think Goodrich should be embarrassed to sell something like this.

  6. I bought this tire based on the test results and was not disappointed. Keep in mind, I drive 200 plus miles a night on the highways, city streets and back roads of southeast PA doing rideshare work.General Observations- Tread noise is prevalent, but not the worst I’ve experienced. In dry conditions, the available traction to me was mind blowing. They saved me from deer-ious incidents a few times, including an emergency lane change at 62mph on a hilly bit of highway. I had less than a car length to get over. Dry weather traction is good enough for me to maintain my 7 mph over the posted speed limit through even the bumpiest of corners noted to be 25 or above. Don’t mess with those 5-15 corners kids! In the wet I drop to the posted speed limit for safety even though they’ll still handle it. Hydroplaning Resistance starts off excellent and fades gradually. Wet grip itself is great, again until later in the tire’s life, at which point anything more than slightly heavy rain cause overall traction to fade. That being said if you stay out of the ruts on the highway, and drive like you’re supposed to rain, i.e., at or under posted limits, they behave just fine right down to the wear bars. At 35k, they are still legal, but only just so. Neither surprised nor disappointed by this fact…They were good while they lasted. Vehicle Specific- The suspension set up on this Subaru seems to favors stiffer sidewalls. Bumps are slightly more pronounced in sound, but disturb the ride and composure of the body much less. I felt less like a bobble head in Philly with them on. Woah!! be the wobbles created by the 195/65R15 Michelin X-Ice Xi3’s that I have on currently (2/13/2019). Body roll almost disappears.

  7. I bought these after my set of RS3S tires were shot, and they were an improvement. I really only drive my Camaro on nice days and at autocross events. I have bveen testing some of the UHP tires to see how they feel, and this set was much better than the RS3S’. They held me through 8 events and well over 50 runs, and boy did we beat on them! After several runs they tend to get greasy as they get hotter, which ultimately cause them to lose grip and slide much more. They were good enough to keep me in the middle of the pack at most events and even won an event! I would recommend for those who occasionally track or autocross.

  8. On my second set. Life is short but these are tires you can bet your life on for traction. They do however flat spot worse than any tire I have ever experienced if they sit,even for a short time. This will make them unusable! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Only game in town sizewise for me so they get the nod.

  9. Replaced the oem Bridgestone tires this summer which left much to be desired. Hard, loud, and lacking any responsiveness or feed back. The BFGs have transformed this car. Smooth, quite, comfortable with significantly improved handling wet and dry. Have yet to use in the snow as limited here in NC, nor can I attest to the longtime wear, but these are a great tire for this vehicle and a great price/value ration as well. First set of BFGs, ever, have had Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin, Continentals, Bridgestone, Yokohamas, Hankooks and other off brands.

  10. I drove my vehicle to Sunflower Mississippi, the performance was great, and I haven’t driven it since The tires hugged the road in the rain and on the dry pavement with absolutely no slipping or concerns what so ever.


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