Kumho Sense Sizes & review

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The Sense (KR26) is Kumho’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for budget-minded hatchback, sedan and minivan owners looking for a new definition of the everyday tire. Designed as an affordable tire for today’s family transportation, the Sense combines ride comfort and fuel efficiency with all-season traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

Sense tires feature an all-season compound molded into a symmetric tread design that promotes year-round traction. Notched shoulders present multiple lateral grooves to efficiently evacuate water from under the edges of the footprint while circumferential grooves help resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Kumho’s Full Depth Sipe System offers biting edges that deliver more traction on wet roads and in light snow as the tire wears.

The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon for strength and durability, while its lower un-sprung weight construction promotes vehicle fuel economy and ride comfort.


  1. Tire performs very poorly in the rain. Surprisingly poor stopping distances, and surprising loss of traction on turn-in and acceleration in wet.

  2. Love these tires I drive my Miata hard into corners and they grip great it’s not as good as a track tire but for something that can do both track and normal everyday driving they are perfect. Only problem is they have a super soft sidewall I think that’s why they ride and handle as good as they do but I’m replacing one right now because I picked up a nail in the sidewall while racing I belive the soft sidewall allows the tire to roll under hard cornering.

  3. This was a great set of tires for me with plenty of tread left to offer until we decided to go on some long dirt roads. They had some big rocks on them and the tires took me home and everything. My mother gets in my car to go to the grocery store and has a blowout before she gets there and the store is like 2 miles maximum from my house. Then the next day the other tire on the front loses all its air. Before that they were great tires but I feel like they were being wimps. Keep in mind I am a hectic driver but I was not driving hectic on those gravel roads, only paved. I would recommend the tire for someone that never hits a dirt road ever. If your from the country like me pick something else.

  4. Good tires until they start to wear at 20K, then they sound like your driving a train. Wear is uneven and my car is always aligned. I’ve bought 6 of these so far and will not be buying anymore due to the loud road noise after some wear.

  5. I purchased these tires from a local dealer. They were one of the cheapest tires I could fine from my local dealer. My original equipment tires were Yokohama Geolanders. They lasted 22,000 miles, had uneven ware and were very noisy. These tires probably cost half as much but lasted more than twice as long, 53,000 miles! I could probably drive them a little more but have decided to replace them. I have more money now so am going with Michelin LTX Defenders since I do drive on dirt roads quite a bit. I did use the Kumbo’s on thousands of miles of dirt roads, extremely hot desert driving (I live near Death Valley) and snowy roads in the Sierras. I would recommend getting both front and rear end alignments when purchasing new tires. However, the Kumbo tires were great, and will consider them again in the future.

  6. These tires are just fine for dry straight roads with good ride quality and noise level, and they wear fantastically. Unfortunately, I am going to have to buy a set of winter tires for my BMW because these tires cannot even handle wet roads. Whenever it is raining the tires will lose traction when accelerating from a dead stop, and even occasionally lose traction when downshifting on wet roads. In a decent rain storm while making a left turn at a stop light, the rear end of my car lost traction causing me to fishtail through the intersection. These tires are terrible in rain, I have never had an experience like this with an all season tire before. I am buying winter tires soon because if these tires are this bad in rain, I cannot even imagine how bad they are in snow. I would not recommend these tires to anyone unless you live in a dry, warm climate.

  7. Simply a solid choice ,leaving in PGH,tires do not last too long.Only 1200 miles but feel great about this tire.


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