Kumho Ecsta PA51 Sizes & review

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The Ecsta PA51 is Kumho’s Ultra High Performance All-Season tire developed for the drivers of sporty coupes, sports cars and performance sedans who want satisfying driving dynamics and effective all-season grip. Designed to combine the responsive handling and high-speed traction expected of a performance tire along with year-round capability, the Ecsta PA51 can be used in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

The all-season tread compound of the Ecsta PA51 uses high-grip resins and a high-stiffness compound to improve dry grip and handling, and the outside shoulder and circumferential rib of the asymmetric pattern are strengthened to help resist deformation during aggressive maneuvers. Variable pitch sequence technology optimizes the tread design to minimize noise and enhance comfort. High silica content in the compound improves wet traction, and four wide, circumferential grooves and open shoulder slots help evacuate water to increase hydroplaning resistance. The zig-zag, inboard groove aids grip in snowy conditions, and full-depth sipes provide the biting edges needed for traction in snow and on ice.

Utilizing two polyester plies for the casing helps the Ecsta PA51 balance comfort and durability, and the two wide, steel belts are reinforced by a single, nylon cap ply that aids steering response and provides high-speed capability.


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