Kumho Road Venture MT KL71 Sizes & review

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The Road Venture MT KL71 is Kumho’s Off-Road Maximum Traction light truck tire developed for the drivers of 4×4 jeeps, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles looking for aggressive off-road performance and assertive on-road appearance. The Road Venture MT KL71 is available in large rim diameter sizes designed to be at home in mild to wild on- and off-road conditions.

The Road Venture MT KL71 features a cut- and chip-resistant tread compound molded into a directional pattern comprised of packed center blocks, alternating width shoulder lugs, mud/stone ejector bars and aggressive sidewall lugs that provide the biting edges needed to dig through mud and travel along trails, as well as claw their way through ruts and over rocks. The tire’s internal structure includes two high-tensile steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon for strength and durability. A unique rubber compound under the tread and above the belts helps block out impact shock and noise to enhance ride comfort. A two-ply polyester cord body enhances ride quality while it helps provide protection from on- and off-road stresses.

While Off-Road Maximum Traction tires, which are often called mud tires, are branded with the M+S symbol and able to churn through deep snow, their typical oversize applications and limited use of snow-biting sipes in their large smooth lugs can challenge their on-road wintertime traction on packed snow and icy surfaces.


  1. Amazing tire for Snow!! Plowing is much easier with these tires! My tire size is 315 75 16 on stock rims for a GMC 2500HD. It has 3 inch Body lift and a fisher plow. Truck sits higher and doesn’t look wimpy anymore. As tires wear they get a bit noisy but tolerable. at 5 mph they are a bit bumpy but over all they beat BF Goodrich AT all day long. I plow on dirt and asphalt and over a 25 yr period of plowing, these are the best hands down. Plus they look bad ——-!

  2. These tires have been on my truck for 10k miles. They are the noisiest and unbalanced tire I have ever experienced. I work in a shop an have tried to balance them several time, including road force balancing. They are impossible to balance out. They are incredibly uncomfortable at low speeds. Anything under 20 mph and it feels like you’re driving on boulders. They have been rotated every 3k miles and I performed my alignment myself. I DO NOT RECOMMEND for anyone that wants a comfortable riding tire. I ended up selling these tires and installing Yokohama and the truck drives BEAUTIFULLY. Buyer beware! For the mud = yes. For the road” definitely NOT!

  3. Very quiet at first, then began to pick up a little the more I drove (10-12k), but not too excessive for a mud tire. Balanced the tires once per year and put close to 50k miles on them. Tread wear was mostly even until towards the end of their life. Replaced with the same tires and had similar results and put close to 40k on them before trading in the truck for a full size. Once I was ready to replace the tires on the new truck, I had these same tires installed due to their reliability. I have close to 20k miles on the third set of tires and couldn’t be happier with the overall experience.

  4. Bought a set of 4 for off-roading during the summer (ran AT’s in the winter). I was pleased with the off-road performance. After 8000 miles they were completely unusable on the highway. Even with proof of mileage, 2 alignments and balancing and zero imperfections in the wearing of my AT’s, the company refused to do anything in regards to the rapid and uneven wear. I was one of 3 people that bought these tires, none of us made it past 12k miles before they were finished. I would never buy from this company ever again. BFG KM2’s and KO2’s are perfect 10k miles later.


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