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The Road Venture MT51 is Kumho’s Off-Road Maximum Traction tire designed for the drivers of Jeeps, pickup trucks, full-size SUVs and dedicated off-road vehicles looking for a tire tough enough to handle extreme conditions, yet doesn’t completely sacrifice on-road comfort and driving enjoyment.

Utilizing an off-road ready tread compound molded into a symmetrical tread design, the Road Venture MT51 is engineered to take on the toughest terrain. The wide tread blocks are strategically shaped to combine capability in mud and on rock with on-road comfort, and the stepped, three-level block edges maximize off-road traction. Alternating, scalloped outboard shoulder notches combine with the aggressive upper sidewall design to seek out any available grip in loose surfaces, in addition to providing protection from punctures. The deep, circumferential grooves feature a zigzag pattern to increase mud traction and help eliminate stone retention, and in-block sipes create additional biting edges for improved wet and light snow traction.

The internal construction of the Road Venture MT51 is designed for strength, durability and on-road civility. The two-ply (three-ply in load range E sizes) polyester casing supplies added puncture resistance, in addition to improving ride quality. Two high-tensile steel belts are reinforced with a jointless nylon cap ply designed to enhance belt durability, improve uniformity for a smooth ride and aid high-speed handling, while the advanced bead contour reduces movement of the bead under load for better ride comfort and increased steering response.

While Off-Road Maximum Traction tires, which are often called mud tires, are branded with the M+S symbol and able to churn through deep snow, their typical oversize applications and the absence of snow-biting sipes in their large smooth lugs can challenge their on-road wintertime traction on packed snow and icy surfaces.


  1. These tires are the best I have ever owned. I put them on a 1993 jeep Cherokee sport 4X4 for my rural mail route. All dirt roads in rural Montana. I drive 1500 miles a week on dirt roads and when these roads get muddy, they get muddy. mud, snow whatever they go through it. Plus it comes in 8ply in 15inch size which is the only model I could find in an 8ply. Had no flats for 60,000 miles which is rare on gravel roads and these tires were still going. I just recently replaced the two rear tires because the were wore, still had about 5,000 miles left on them but I chose to replace them. I hope they continue to make them! 60,000 miles on a tire on gravel roads is on heard of out here. I can’t imagine what kind of mileage you would get on all highway driving. I work in a tire shop so I know. I don’t notice any road noise on the highway, they have pretty aggressive lugs but they run smooth.

  2. Best tires I have owned so far. Great traction on and off road. Just had our first snow and tires handled the snow with no problem. Also very comfortable on the highway not loud at all. I will definitely buy these tires again.

  3. These tires perform very well Offroad, been in a lot of situations and had very minimal slippage on loose gravel mud and sand. This tire is an exceptionally well dry conditions tire as well as rain, would highly recommend this tire for an all terrain vehicle.


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