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The S FIT AS is Laufenn’s Ultra High Performance All-Season tire developed to meet the needs of sports car, sporty coupe and performance sedan driving enthusiasts looking for tires with handling performance and all-season traction combined with quiet and smooth driving on all road conditions. The S FIT AS is designed to provide responsive handling and predictable traction in wet, dry and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

S FIT AS tires mold an ultra high performance all-season compound into an asymmetric tread design. Tie bars connect the shoulder blocks to improve dry road handling and promote even wear while Multi-Tread Radius Technology optimizes the tire’s contact patch, further reducing the likelihood of irregular wear patterns. Four wide circumferential grooves and streamlined intermediate notches designed with 3D hydroplaning simulation technology help evacuate water while multiple sipes increase the number of biting edges to generate traction in light snow.

The Laufenn S FIT AS tire’s internal structure includes two wide, steel belts reinforced with a jointless nylon full cover to improve high-speed handling and durability. A single strand bead wire improves bead uniformity to optimize ride quality, and the high-hardness bead filler is designed to improve handling and steering response.


  1. I purchased a set of 4 tires replacing of hankook k415, i bought them only when i read that hankook makes them as a sub branch thats why it could be as good as hankook k415 which was realley very good, but lawfeen not ! , It was cheaper only by 50$ for the totalset thank k415, if i knew that they are not good as hankooki was ready to pay 200$ more. On dry roadthey are not bad, but wet roadnot good, and handling is too bad especially at sudden breakes the back of the vehicle will slide to one direction which give you a very horrible feeling. I wish that they solve this problem, i will not buy them even for 1$.

  2. I replaced a set of Cooper CS5 tires and had an all wheel alignment. Alignment was probably the reason the Coopers did not make the tread wear mileage. So far the LAUFENN tires are performing above my expectations. Based on the current tread-ware, they should last for 45,000 miles and that is more than the Coopers. No snow or ice since I got the tires so will see in a couple months how that works out. These tires seem like very good tires and the price is great.

  3. Great tire for my son’s Malibu. The ride is quiet and they perform well on the highway in rainy conditions.

  4. The side walls are very soft. I had two flats in 2 weeks. One from a soft hit to a curb and one from a moderate pothole. Compared to Michelin Pilot Sports, the Michelins would have never failed under the same circumstances.

  5. Just got these so i cant give a proper review yet, but so far no road noise and ride quality feels the same has my michelins. Did 110 mph on the highway and loved the feel, will keep posting when i get to 5k.

  6. I bought these tires on a last minute resort. What made me buy them was researching and finding out Hankook own this brand (or is a sister company of some sort) and I had a very very good experience with the S1Noble 2’s which is a similar tire from Hankook. The price on these were low and I took a shot. And I am PLEASED. For the money spent, this is a really good tire! Mouse level is low, traction is pretty good in rain or dry pavement. Not Amazing but for the price, it’s GOOD. The only time I’ve felt uneasy is when pushing the car around corners. Though that’s to be expected. On top of all that, the treadwear is fantastic! I really do recommend these tires for daily commuters that want all season performance on a lower budget. But don’t think I mean it’s a cheap tire! It’s a good tire!! And I got them on a 450hp Supra. 🙂


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