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The G FIT AS is Laufenn’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans, family minivans and small crossover vehicles looking for year-round capability and comfort. G FIT AS tires are designed to blend impressive treadwear, a quiet and comfortable ride and all-season traction on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

The G FIT AS molds a long mileage carbon all-season tread compound into a symmetric design featuring noise reduction rib blocks, an optimized five variable pitch tread block design and chamfered groove edge tread blocks to improve ride comfort and reduce road noise. An optimized tire profile evenly distributes weight over the tire’s contact patch, and tie bars connect the shoulder blocks to promote smooth, even wear. Four wide, circumferential grooves aid in evacuating water from the tire’s footprint for wet traction while multiple notches and sipes provide the biting edges to enhance traction in light snow. The tire’s internal structure features two wide, high tensile steel belts reinforced with a jointless nylon full cover to improve handling and treadlife.


  1. ok – (update) , my apologies “prior reviews” = now with a little more time & much more real world driving in varied conditions i can now see why the tire rack test highlights very very poor WET traction (please do not buy this tire unless your vehicle at least has ABS because in the rain , this tire model can get scaryso if you get caught out in a rain that just recently occurred (and i am being realistic because to be fair – in this scenario most any tire might struggle because roadways are very very greasy / slippery) but i lost confidence in a huge way when trying to come to a stop ( which was “moderate” urgency) & these tires while very very new – instill confidence in dry conditions- – but in the wet , i can no longer state these are safe – they behaved (in this one specific moment) as if they were older/hardened/almost dried out very very used tires {so read tire racks tire test results & graphs/charts very carefully & trust implicitly what they are reporting regarding wet weather behavior- – maybe this is an ideal tire for folks in Arizona, but in rainy climes (forget it)

  2. I got my new Laufenn GS and as soon as i drove from the Auto Center i was like Wow!!! I just got a steal. The stearing was super responsive. They looked Awesome Amour all up, great around corners and very smooth at 60, 70 and 80mph!!! The only set back was they did give off a little more road noise then epected but once the music was on it was hardly noticable. Lastly, the tires absorbed bumps extremely well and was very responsive on windind roads. Unfortunately, i have not been able to use the tires in rain or snow as of yet but i will definately put in another review once i try them in those conditions but so far these tires are the!! Also i am curious to see how the treadware will do as well because i can be very hard on tires!!! I guess we’ll see!!ed

  3. i would give some honest advice to anyone considering this tire—you need to definitely get these brand tires (made by hankook) for your vehicle as they are priced terrific/tremendously impressed with quality/construction of these and balanced beautifully requiring very very little weight(s) and they ride/perform amazing! Had on uniroyal (a michelin/bf Goodrich company) touring tires on before, and while they were ok, i like the lauffen g fits so much more – btw their s fit and x fit models look pretty solid too. Have only limited time with my tires so far, but what I’ve experienced with them till now leaves me very impressed (great looking tire and performs super well “and i’m very picky about which tires i put on my rides”, have used kumho, hankook, michelin pilot, goodyear & continental in the past & believe me that lauffen i like every bit as much and more than all of the above i’ve used extensively, honestly a terrific product & despite any iffy review/test you may read, what I’ve experienced in real world driving with the lauffens so far has gained my loyalty for good! Superior quality tire, great manners and performance, and make my car look terrific too

  4. Great tires for a Nissan Sentra. They are smooth and quiet on the interstate. They drive great in the rain, and fircely grab the road for now. Please save a buck and buy these tires for average driving and commuting to and from work.

  5. Tires are Awesome!!! Super responsive, smooth, pretty quiet and look even better with tire gel!!! These tire are better than the parent company Hankook and should be rated with the best. I am hard on tires and these have been amazing and stood the test so far!!!

  6. updatehave been super pleased with all aspects of this lauffen g fit set, the comfort and low noise is outstanding! steering feel is very very nice too dry grip & stopping Terrific & an enormous rainstorm came through Florida today so i went out and played in the rain a little on some very twisty remote rural roads & my 1st impression in wet weather is a nice secure feeling (i was able to sample two different types of asphalt in wet & so far so good) — I’m totally not trying to go against the results tire rack attained with this tire in their tire testing “wet results” but can only give you my real world roads real world driving & raining/wet/damp/drying conditions in my nissan which is a 100% analog car except for abs brakes {zero other driving aids like limited slip diff, stability control, traction control, electric brake force distribution etc on my maxima} so perhaps my secure feeling in wet is down to fact my 55series V rated Laufenn’s on my freshly aligned front wheel drive vehicle produce a different “balance/feel” in the wet vs. tire rack’s testing experience in their rear wheel drive, close to 50/50 weight distribution, bmw sedanonce i get a little more time with them I’ll update again— so far my laufenns have me really happy and really impressed


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