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The Road Venture APT (KL51) is Kumho’s Highway All-Season tire developed for the light trucks and SUV owners who drive North America’s streets and highways. The Road Venture APT is a multipurpose tire designed to provide a comfortable ride, enhance driving stability and reduce road noise, while providing traction in a variety of weather conditions, including in light snow.

The Road Venture APT features an all-season tread compound formulated to combine wet and dry traction with enhanced treadwear. The tread compound is molded into a symmetric tread design that features a continuous center rib that provides constant road contact to enhance stability, independent intermediate tread blocks to improve poor weather traction, and interconnected shoulder blocks to enhance responsiveness and promote even wear. The Road Venture APT structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon to help resist distortion at highway speeds and while cornering. A polyester cord body helps deliver strength and durability along with a smooth ride.


  1. From 2012 through 2017 I’ve put 30,000 miles on these with my Ford E350 diesel van. The tires are about half worn and wearing evenly. They seem to have excellent behavior for me, good steering control and ride. Reasonably quiet. I got a nasty nail in one tire and plugged it and the tire is doing just fine. I’m a safe driver in this rig not doing anything that would really test the traction or braking in the rain. These are among the best tires I’ve ever owned and will buy more of this brand. I’ve also put this brand on my Toyota 4Runner and love the handling — street, suburban mixed used city and highway, some dirt road action.At the four year mark, there is the faintest hint of cracking in the sidewalls as these tires are always in the sun. Same on the 4Runner. I expect to get 60,000 miles use on the van so that will be around eight years of driving. I like these tires and this brand very much.I’m 69 years old, driving for 55 years, over 400,000 miles on land vehicles.

  2. I’ve had these tires on for roughly 2 years & 30,000 miles. One of the tires is essentially bald, and the other 3 are all in need of replacement. I believe that answers any questions about the treadlife of these tires, and is my number one complaint about them.While I do drive “spiritedly,” it’s not reckless or peeling out from stoplights (the tires actually have enough dry grip that I can’t “peel out” unless I really, really, really try)…frankly, there’s no excuse for these tires to have such short lives on a V-6 powered street-only car. I’ve had 400+hp V-8 powered cars raced & driven HARD with longer-lasting tires than these.Aside from that–the grip, handling, and braking performance are terrific, consistent, and communicative (to where you know what’s going on, not to the point of being harsh or obtrusive). There’s been virtually no tire road noise and they don’t squeal when cornering short of the limits (but communicate enough through feel that the limits can be safely approached).For appearance…if you’re going with the white lettering outline on the outside, you’ll be disappointed, as it VERY quickly fades and white lines will appear on other parts of the tire. I liked the initial looks, but if I were to get them again, I would definitely have the outline on the inside & normal black outline facing outward (it’s not just something you can easily touch up like with other white-lettered tires).Overall, the tires were perfectly fine, but the treadwear is abysmal.

  3. Poor wear and tire life- I would stay away from this oneI bought these tires for my wife’s dodge 1500 ram April 2014. I did my research, shopped around and decided I wanted to get a good overall tire with 60k treadwear miles, 6 year warranty so I wouldn’t switch out the tires before I sold my wife’s truck in a few years. Tires were overall good quality on the road and I am pretty satisfied with its responsiveness in different conditions.Treadwear and life of the tire—They wore evenly and I have balanced the tires twice (once a year) only lasted 2 years. Tire life was absolutely a joke. In less than 2 years and 18 to 19K miles the tires have worn completely out. (6 years or 60k isn’t even reasonable from what I found in my experience; I couldn’t even make it to 20K miles) I reached out to shops around me to see if they had a tech who was Kumho certified to get a rebate for this poor wear and no one around me even deals with them. Not the manufacture fault there but I am left holding this poor products bill paid close to $700, bought 4. I am unsure why these tires were so bad. I like Kumhos and have then on my Camry and I bought the ones of my Camry in 2012 and they lasted 50k miles and they just wore out now; same time as the ones I just bought for my wife’s truck which lasted only 2 years and 19k miles.Feel very unsatisfied with the product and service I got out of these tires

  4. I put these on my 2004 Santa Fe in October 2014 and with less than 30k on them – they are shot. Less than 1/8 inch let before the hit the tread bar and under 3 years old. I am a retired LEO and I drive VERY conservative now – especially after seeing how bad most drivers are. I drive short distances now – 15 to 20 miles at a time – so the tires should not be getting hot. I was expecting these tires to last me 6 to 7 years. Now I have to replace them. Very rapid wear and uneven wear. I will be buying Sumitomo Encounters next time – I have them on my F350 7.3 and after a yr they still look new. I can not warn you more than this – do not buy

  5. Stretched this tire out to 40,000 miles, but had uneven wear starting about 20,000 miles. Had to rebalance after initial installation, never really had a good balance on the tires, just got it so that I wasn’t being bounced around in my seat. Tire seems soft as evidenced by the poor tread wear the fact that a rock punctured straight through the middle/meat of the tread of one of my tires at 36,000 miles (Thank — it was in town, not on the highway). Absolutely would not take this tire off road. Rough riding tire, in full disclosure my tire was an “XL” model, so perhaps a few more plys in the sidewall contributed to it. None the less, you feel the road and it tends to walk around a bit on the street and on the highway. Positives: Price, honestly a pretty quiet tire, performed at an acceptable level in the rain and on dry pavement. Negatives: Tread life, inability to balance, tread not resistance to punctures, harsh ride.I’d seriously consider purchasing something else if nothing else for the safety and treadwear factors. I won’t buy cheap Japanese tires again. You don’t have to buy Michelin’s and spend an arm and a leg, but you can do better than this tire for not much more money.

  6. Ordered two of these for the rear of my Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel in March of 2015. Less than 12,000 miles later and one of the tires had an internal delamination of one of the steel belts and had to be replaced. This truck is not driven very often. Less than half of the use was towing either an enclosed or open car trailer. Tire pressures were always checked and set correctly before any towing trips.Definitely would not recommend this tire (or any similar Kuhmo tire) for anyone with a 3/4 ton pick-up or van. Looking at other reviews it seems this failure mode is not uncommon, and Kuhmo has not been standing by any sort of warranty. The tires I ordered were the “non-Mercedes” version and allegedly had a 55,000 mile warranty.The other tire I purchased is still on the truck, but the amount of tread left is not very good considering how few miles I have put on the tires. It will likely have to be replaced soon.DO NOT BUY THESE FOR YOUR 3/4 TON TRUCK, ESPECIALLY IF YOU TOW OR HAUL ANYTHING.

  7. These tires came standard on my 2015 FL Sprinter and they are my first experience with Kuhmo tires. I was originally going to replace these tires before I tried them out, but I was glad I waited. I drive around 25,000 miles annually and I have always been loyal to Yokohama, Continental and a couple other brands on my vehicles, but these take the prize. My family loads up in the van and we drive a lot on our road trips, 2300 miles on our last trip over a week. These tires handle water better than anything I¿ve ever owned in the past, no hydroplaning as of yet- despite many trips in last winter¿s heavy rain storms.At about 19,000 miles on the tires they are holding up well, rotated every 5,000 miles. If you haven¿t tried kuhmo tires you may be missing out on a good value.


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