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The Solus TA11 is Kumho’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of subcompacts and sedans, as well as mini-vans and small crossover vehicles looking for comfort and lasting value. Designed for cost-conscious drivers, the Solus TA11 is designed to provide traction on all roads and in all seasons, even in light snow.

Kumho’s advanced all-season carbon compound is molded into a mildly asymmetric tread pattern to reduce noise and vibration while delivering all-weather traction. Notched shoulders and four circumferential grooves evacuate water to enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet traction while integrated zigzag sipes create tiny gripping edges to increase traction in wet and wintry conditions.

Kumho’s ESCOT Casing Technology optimizes sidewall cord tension distribution to promote steering response and treadlife. The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon belt edge layers to provide high-speed stability. Use of jointless bead bundles help isolate bumps and vibration for a smoother, quieter ride.


  1. 42000 miles on the tires and I had to replace all 4. I give these tires a 1.5 out of 5 stars. I would have expected these tires to last a lot longer. The front two tires I had to replace around 40000 miles because the front ball joints started going bad resulting in uneven wear. (my bad).. So I replace the front two tires with the same. ( I should have checked the mileage before buying the identical front two tires…. again my bad) Then around 42k, I noticed a bad vibration in the truck around 65-70 mph. Thinking it was the front new tires needing balancing (perhaps a weight fell off) I decided to get all four rebalanced. The tech said the front two tires were fine but the back two tires were separating and that was causing the bad vibration. He showed me while slowly rotating the tires on the balancing machine the bubble that was developing on the two rear tires. He balanced them the best he could but told me they needed to be replaced as the “Plys” are separating. Not good for tires with 42000 miles on them. Seeing that the UTQG rating was 700, I would have thought they would last longer than 42k.

  2. These tires came on my 2014 Pathfinder. I have now put more than 95,000 miles on this set, which is BY FAR the most miles I’ve ever put on a set of tires. I was more diligent about rotating these than I have been in the past and I always monitor the pressure (I keep them at 36 psi). But still … 95,000 miles, on a big heavy SUV is amazing. Overall, these are the best tires I have ever had. Nice smooth ride. Generally quiet. Very good handling and traction. They are almost ready to be replaced and I’ll be buying another set. [My one minor complaint is that as they have aged, they don’t hold air as well. But considering the miles I’ve put on them, that is a minor thing to me.]

  3. Tires seem great in comparison to the worn out junk they replaced. Only one year so not enough time to actually give them a meaningful rating. Check back in three more years.

  4. I bought these on the 4th of July week and so far I have about 600 miles on them still getting broken-in. Pros: steering is light they require minimal force from your power steering to move. They are smooth down the road. Good handling. Price is good. Haven’t had rain so dont know about rain performance. Cons: so far only one con and that’s the loud noise it makes when you hit small bumps. Other than that it’s very nice tires for the price.

  5. These have been good tires so far. A little louder than my previous set of Sumitomos but couldn’t be happier with the performance. Highway, city, camping, bad weather, they just make the vehicle seem confident and stable. They got their first go in the snow yesterday and performed admirably. Took my exit off ramp which is an uphill grade only to see two cars in a ditch, two police SUVs, two more cars spinning tires to get up the off ramp and a sideways tractor trailer about halfway up. I just stayed slow and steady, weaved around each mess and with these tires and my Subaru’s all wheel drive I didn’t even spin. Also make me feel firmly planted when driving in wet weather. No clue what happened to the price, I purchased them last year for about $55 per tire and now they are showing at $95 per. Would buy these tires and the Kumho brand again.

  6. Bought this car new with these tires on already back in 2013.Well, it has been 50K and just over 5 years. I’d say mission accomplished, now that my thread is @ no more than 78% now.50% of the miles were highway, (from Atlanta) going to places like Vegas, Houston , Miami, Charlotte, often with a 1500lb trailer in tow. These proved to be reliable tires, but the level of noise makes me wanna try something different, probably Sumitomos, which is what I came here to buy. They are also about $60 cheaper (on 4 tires). Like I said before, in general I am pretty happy with my old Kumho Solus TA31. Definitely much better mileage than I got out of Firestones on my wife’s Honda Pilot. Those barely gave us 40K in 3 years.

  7. I bought these for sons car, he commutes to college, a one hour drive each way 3 days a week. Never did he have any problems getting to school. The tires ride nice, handle very well and give great traction in all conditions. His vehicle is a light weigh, low powered commuter car, so no high performance testing was done. We are very pleased with the tire.


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