General Grabber UHP Sizes & review

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The Grabber UHP is General Tire’s Street/Sport Truck Summer tire developed for the drivers of high performance pickups, sport activity and sport utility vehicles. The Grabber UHP was designed to emphasize traction, handling and control in dry and wet conditions. However while exceeding minimum industry M+S tread pattern guidelines (and branded as such), we recommend Grabber UHP tires not be driven in wintry conditions exceeding very light snow.

The Grabber UHP molds General Tire’s 2nd generation, ultra high performance silica compound into a directional tread design featuring wide shoulder blocks and a central V-shaped tread area to combine responsive handling with dry road traction. The V-shaped grooves help sweep water away from between the tire’s contact patch and the road surface to reduce the possibility of hydroplaning and improve wet traction. The tire features an optimized contour and internal structure that includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wound jointless nylon on top of polyester body plies to combine responsive handling and cornering stability with high-speed durability.


  1. The tires performed well initially, but vehicle started shaking with increased speed on highway. This issue could not be corrected with wheel balance. At 20,000 miles the road noise is unbearable, so the tires will be replaced.

  2. As you can see, I have logged nearly 70,000 miles on these Generals and couldn’t be happier. I could squeeze another 5,000 or more, but the front of my Mercedes ML350 needs an alignment, thus the front tires are wearing unevenly and have now exceeded a safe driving experience. These tires perform especially well in my native Minnesota. Winter is real in this state, and good tires are a necessity. I can’t say enough about how the Grabbers lived up to their namesake. They’ve been on my car for almost four years. That’s sensational! Can’t wait to order up another set.

  3. I am one of jehovah’s witnesses ND these tires got quite a bit of off road use. The wore well I am currently on my third year of use, I run dedicated winter tires, these will not run in the snow. I would recommend them and would definitely buy them again. While they are not recommended for off road use the did very well in soft back roads as well as sandy conditions.

  4. Bought these tires cheap and got what I paid for. Driven nearly 30k miles and tread is severely worn. These tires do not take curves and wet roads very well. Although not expensive, don’t waste your money!

  5. These tires are great. I upgraded from the standard 18″ wheels and tires (which I will run in the winter), to 20″ wheels and the UHPs, to run during summer, and have not been disappointed at all. The steering response is noticeably better, they ride smoother and more quietly, and wet and dry traction are both excellent. I can’t say much about longevity, as I only have a little over 8K miles on them, but the tread depth looks OK so far. If i can get 30K miles out of these I will be happy, especially considering the performance they deliver. I primarily drive on the highway, with a fair amount of mountain roads, only occasionally gravel, and rarely go off road. I would not expect these to perform well off road at all, but if you mostly drive highways and back roads, I think you will be pleased. I would definitely buy these again.

  6. Marked improvement over stock run-flats (25000 miles); add 40 lbs air and feel the difference of better tire response and ride. My experience with SUV tires–you need about 40 lbs. good price and will follow up with long term use.

  7. Awesome tires, put them on for mainly street and road use and they work excellent for this, long summer drives and the tires stick to the road and I get decent mpgs out of them verse my older more all-terrain based tires. They do pretty great in a Wisconsin winter, you have to go a little slower in icy conditions, but does really well with a light cover of snow over the roads. Took it way up north where the tires still managed to hold their own over gravel logging roads with deep ruts, standing water and clay soil. A little slip but nothing unmanageable. Overall, very impressed and would definitely buy again.


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