General Grabber X3 Sizes & review

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The Grabber X3 is General’s Off-Road Maximum Traction tire developed for the drivers of Jeeps, full-size trucks and SUVs and dedicated off-road vehicles who believe adventure is the respectful pursuit of trouble and need a tire with aggressive off-road performance to get them out of any adventure they may find. It is designed to blend durability and extreme traction capability in dirt, mud and on rock without sacrificing on-road comfort.

The Grabber X3 utilizes a robust off-road tread compound molded into a high void, symmetric pattern featuring block chamfers and traction notches for grip in loose surfaces. Evacuation channels clear mud from the tread, while stone bumpers at the base of the grooves help to release stone and debris. Full-depth sipes improve wet and wintertime traction throughout the tire’s life, and the multi-pitch tread block design minimizes the drone of pattern-generated noise to create a more comfortable on-road driving experience.

Internal construction of the Grabber X3 features General’s DURAGEN technology, which consists of a three-ply body casing and twin ultra-high strength steel belts for durability off-road and on. Externally, Sidewall Protection Lugs and Deflection Ribs help defend the tire body and upper sidewall area from punctures while traversing harsh terrain.

While Off-Road Maximum Traction tires, which are often called mud tires, are branded with the M+S symbol and able to churn through deep snow, their typical oversize applications and the absence of snow-biting sipes in their large, smooth lugs can challenge their on-road wintertime traction on packed snow and icy surfaces.

Red letter sidewall styling is derived from Grabber off-road racing tires and affixed to the tire as a vulcanized label that requires special care and can be damaged by contact with curbs and off-road hazards.

To protect the red lettering, follow these instructions:

Do not use gas, alcohol or petroleum based solvents.
Do not use direct high-pressure water.
Avoid rough brushes or any other abrasive materials.
Red Lettering does age during service and may change slightly in appearance:

If hit by debris or curbs, the red lettering may show areas of damage.
In the case of noticeable discoloration, the red lettering should be cleaned with special car cleaners designed for rubber and plastics.
Apply a small amount of cleaner on soft towel and carefully wipe evenly over the red lettering.


  1. Have 50 k in 2 years tires still have decent tread left probably 10-15 max but am buying a another set before busy season

  2. I wanted a more aggressive tire for my Wrangler but I did not want something that would be loud at highway speeds. This tire has fit the bill. They are louder than the stock tires but generate nowhere near the noise of most tires with such aggressive tread patterns. They hold better on wet roads than the stock tires. I have only had the chance to use them in light snow so far but they have performed well. My only criticism of these tires is the weight. They are heavy and will affect your gas mileage, so if that is a factor for you, steer clear of these tires. I think the positives far outweigh the negatives and I would buy these tires again.

  3. This tire by far outperforms all the other popular tires that I’ve used. Wheeling in the snow up the mountain my truck had significantly more traction then all the others. They also handle the sand/rock hills really well. Great tire. Looks awesome on the truck too

  4. I have a lifted Jeep Wrangler complete premium aftermarket suspension and it’s my daily so I drive it on the beautiful Jersey roads constantly lol and take it all over the Pine Barrens on the weekends so finding a happy medium has been hard and costly but After waiting a bit for reviews from fellow jeepers and reputable sources to include forums these tires have gotten rave reviews across the board not to mention at a fraction of the cost which I can testify to lol . I also wanted a bit heavier tire to really get a got plant on any surface Which these tires absolutely give me keep in mind buying these tires won’t give you good gas mileage but again you won’t fit these on a Prius either ha! The tread depth which is a nice 21/32 really bites good compared to my Ko2’s 15/32 ! What’s amazing is the lack of road noise I hear in my 2 dr soft top for an aggressive tire it’s quite.. so far we’ve had a lot of rain not to mention recently snow and ice so how did it handle? Absolutely flawless! Of course depending on your driving habits. Which mine are average I’ve had them for 4 days and I love them ! Not bias considering I’ve always been a Bfg fan and customer..

  5. Great tires! I was trying to get the AT3 tires, but they were discontinued. Instead purchased these and I am extremely happy with these tires after 1 and a half snow seasons (still in the middle of one) and two summers. They surprisingly don’t produces a lot of road noise, you think they would with how nubby they are, but they really don’t. Soft smooth ride, and during the hot summer days, they have the best grip. The winter, they’re ok, but that’s typical of any tire on cold slick surfaces (I don’t care how technically engineered tires are, YOU’RE GOING TO SLIP/SLIDE ON ICE. Only other help is tire chains or tire spikes, and that’s not a guarantee). They do bite and give great grip for acceleration in rain and snow conditions. I just drove in fresh sloppy slush and had no problem picking up speed. Off-roading is fun, haven’t tested the full potential of off-roading yet, but I went through some 18-24 inch water/mud pits and they had no problem getting me through. I would definitely buy these tires again (as long as General doesn’t discontinue these too)


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