General AmeriTrac Sizes & review

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The AmeriTrac radial is General Tire’s Highway All Season Light Truck tire designed for pickup truck and sport utility vehicle drivers who desire comfort and year round versatility. The AmeriTrac radial was developed to meet the Original Equipment needs of vehicle manufacturers for the Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F-150, F-250 and F-350, as well as GMC Sierra by delivering comfort and traction in every season, including light snow.

The AmeriTrac radial features an all-season tread rubber compound molded into a symmetric tread pattern that uses continuous shoulder and center ribs to enhance dry road traction, reduce noise and promote treadlife. Then independent intermediate tread blocks provide the biting edges to enhance foul weather traction. On the inside, the AmeriTrac features twin steel belts to enhance durability along with a flexible, shock-absorbing polyester cord sidewall to provide a secure highway ride.


  1. Just wanted to refute the former reviewer. This tire was not designed for a 3500 4WD Dually. The is designed for a lite-weight truck like a 1500. I would NOT consider a 3500 Dually anywhere near lite-weight.I got over 60,000 miles on this tire mounted from GMC factory. Keeping any tire rotated will always get the best mileage length. I’m considering buying a partial set for the front-end.

  2. The dealership put these tires on my F150 at no charge to me, when I bought the truck used. The ride was so bad that a roll test completed. They ended up having to buy two additional tires to finally be able to balance four of them to smooth out the ride on my truck. My wet weather traction is atrocious. I can hardly pull out in traffic on damp roads, because my truck spins so easily with these. The tread toward the edge of my tires has been deteriorating for quite some time now, with small chunks coming off. I have absolutely no intention of buying General Ameritracs again to go on my truck. It’s obvious that there’s a reason they are so much less expensive than the top-rated tires.

  3. O.E. tires that came on my dually. This truck is used for hotshot freight pulling a 40′ gooseneck grossing 29k-36k probably 70% of the 55k miles. Good traction wet & dry, descent ride quality, no flats, even tread wear, quiet, & all around given me excellent service so far. I think there’s an easy 25k miles left in them & will buy again, unless I come across a great deal on some duravis r500’s I’ve been wanting to try out..

  4. I would not buy a set of these tire they came with my 2008 1500 chevy. The AmeriTrac is an all around poor tire. Bad tread life poor traction and ride and the gas milage is poor too.

  5. general ameritrac is a good smooth riding tire it is very durable and lasts for thousands and gives good gas milelage

  6. Worst set of tires I’ve ever had. All the tires need to be replaced before 10000 miles. Don’t waste your money on these.

  7. This is the second set. The first set came from the factory when we bought the truck. We then had the tires replaced around 80,000 miles. Was taking a long trip and pulling a 5th Wheel RV and wanted to make sure we had good tires. These tires have been great for us. I know have approx 89,000 on them and I just might keep it on just to see how far I can go before I am forced to replace them. We go camping at least every other weekend, pulling a 5th Wheel RV. Great handling, and feel very secured when towing one either wet or dry. I have just been very lucky with theses tires and will probably buy them again knowing I can get the miles out of them. Oh by the way, I rotate my tires every other oil change to get the max out of them.


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