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On-/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tires are for drivers who want a combination of customary on-road capacity, enhanced off-road capabilities and all-season versatility, including traction in light snow. On-/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tires branded with the M+S symbol are sometimes used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on light and medium-duty 4WD truck, pickup and sport utility vehicles.

O.E. On-/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. Mileage with this tire has been ok but surely not what I’d hope for. Secondly they are 4-ply tires so with my short trips on gravel has really deteriorated the tread depth. It’s an ok all around tire but would definitely appreciate longer tread life !!!!!!!!

  2. I drove on these tires for 40,000. I probably could have gotten another 8-10K miles but it was past time to get rid of them as the performance had significantly deteriorated. I think the tread design which made these very comfortable and quiet made them VERY unreliable in rain, snow and (dry) quick acceleration/hard braking situations. In only a few inches of snow my truck would slide even in slow, even braking. And it was more than once that I had gotten stuck in my own driveway in heavier snow–even in 4 wheel drive! (Very embarrassing.) Dry conditions, even off road, they performed fine under normal circumstances, but did not grip as hard as I would have expected in hard braking.Tires are reasonably priced, comfortable, quiet and wore evenly with regular rotations. But, if you are in rainy or snowy climates I would NOT recommend these tires.I switched to Firestone Distinction LE2s. After this winter I will write about those.

  3. The first set of these that came on my dually new were great, but the replacement set have been horrible, even though they were identical tires. I had to have them rebalanced 4 different times, and I had to have two of the replaced shortly after I bought them because they could not be balanced and had crazy high road force issues on the balancer. For the first 30,000 miles they shook the truck and were very annoying. Then at 30,000 miles, I had two of them fail with broken belts, causing huge bubbles on the tread and sidewalls. These tires are horrible and I definitely do not recommend them, stay away.

  4. 95,000 miles driven on this set of tires wich were installed at the factory with tred life to spare! While I was aprehensive at first these tires have made a believer out of me. I had one tire punctured by a road survey tube anchor. After properly plugging the tire there was no issues. I am definately considering this tire to replace my current set.

  5. These were the stock tires on my F150 4×4. They didn’t look like a very aggressive tread, but looks can be deceiving. I live in NW Washington. Tons of rain! Have also driven in snow up to 12″. I have never lost traction in heavy rain at highway speeds (70 MPH). No hydroplaning. In the snow I was very surprised how good the traction was. I now 55,000 miles and will probably get another 10,000 miles on them. They have worn perfectly even on all tires and I have only rotated them once. These have been outstanding tires in all respects. I am planning on buying another set very shortly. Great tires and priced lower then the competition. Quiet, comfortable and long wearing.

  6. These tires came stock on our 2013 Ram 3500 4×4 crew cab dually. From the start they have been nothing but trouble. They came from the factory way out of balance. I had them rebalanced at only 200 miles. They have been impossible to get balanced and the truck has a constant shimmy in the front end. The wear is horrible with extensive cupping of the block tread starting at 2000 miles. I would not wish these tires on my worst enemy. After this second horrible experience with General tires that have come on new vehicles, I would never buy them aftermarket. I am unable to rate the tire in any service condition other than dry road, as that is all we have had since March here in Reno. I have been told that they do OK in snow though. Ram will be replacing these within the next week or they get the truck back per lemon law as I have had it in four times for the shake and shimmy that is now attributed to the tires.

  7. I professionally tow 5th wheel rv’s and bumper mount travel trailers from Indiana to all over the west coast. My Ram is used 100% for business and I am on the road constantly. These Ameritrac TR’s came on this big diesel dually right off the showroom floor. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about these tires at first, considering that I use the truck commercially. But the dealer convinced me that they were up to the task. The dealer was right! I have driven in all areas (Tuscon AZ to Canada), on all kinds of roads, in all kinds of weather (-26 to 108 degrees) – and I more often than not with heavy loads. I put on 98500 miles in less than ten months and the only problem I’ve had was extreme cold icy driving conditions. That is no suprise, these are all weather tires – but not (specificly) WINTER tires. Winter tires would not have given me this kind of mileage. I am able to weather severe winter conditions with these tires, however, because I have four wheel drive. When I purchased this truck I planned to replace the tires, when the time came, with Michelin or B F Goodrich. B F Goodrich was a good choice for my old GMC Suburban. However, I have gotten double the mileage on a commercial vehicle with these Generals than I have with any other brand of tire that I’ve ever used on any vehicle I’ve owned in my life. Mileage, in my business, is money! I now am so thoroughly sold on these tires that I’m about to buy another set.


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