General Grabber HTS Sizes & review

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The Grabber HTS is General Tire’s Highway All-Season light truck tire developed for the drivers of crossover and sport utility vehicles, as well as pickup trucks and full-size vans. The Grabber HTS was designed to combine style, comfort, durability and performance in a tire that offers pleasant road manners and a long life, in addition to year-round traction, including in light snow.

The Grabber HTS features General Tire’s Eco-Ride tread compound to improve fuel economy molded into a specially engineered symmetric tread design featuring an enlarged contact patch and General Tire’s Stabilink system of connecting bars that increase circumferential stability to enhance braking, acceleration and cornering. Response Grooves provide directional guidance for improved steering and Hydro Channels eject water from between the tread and road to increase hydroplaning resistance while three types of sipes promote traction in dry, wet and wintry weather. The tire’s internal structure includes twin, ultra-high tensile steel belts to provide brute strength while an internal cushioning system isolates the vehicle from road vibrations for a smoother ride.


  1. I’m very pleased with the tires, at 25K miles they’re at 60% tread remaining. About a third of the miles are towing a loaded equipment trailer or hauling 2000 lbs in the bed. Quiet and responsive, the only negative is that on wet roads and no load they will spin when accelerating from a stop but I do have a lead foot and the traction control works great. Maybe it’s me having fun.

  2. came on titan xd from factory 20in wheels turned 40k then wear bars showed. rotated a few times then ran em hard and they held up rode nice and never got atuck. 20mpg avg

  3. These Grabber A/W tires were OEM tires on my 2012 Nissan Frontier 2wd 4-cyl 5-speed manual truck. I have 127,000 miles on these and are not at the wear indicator bands yet. I’ve never had tires that went this distance before. Not sure whether the current Grabber highway light-truck tires are the same – as the A/W’s aren’t made under that model name any more. I considered getting different Winter tires but these got me through 7 Ohio Winters. We did go x-country skiing once and unknowingly parked on a sheet of ice and had to have someone give us a pull to get us out. Other than that they were alright in the Winter.

  4. These were the stock tires that came on my 1026 Titan XD Platinum Reserve. I tow a 35 foot Travel Trailer. I rotate my tires every 5,000 mile faithfully. At 29,000 miles I noticed my tread was at 4/32. Not cool. No tire should have to replaced very 30,000 miles especially at $250 a clip. I am at 31,000 at 2/32 and replacing my tires. I will never consider these again. Look for a better quality tire

  5. At least 50,000 total miles and never had complain about noise, so quiet. I recommend to buy these on your next purchase.

  6. I bought a really clean used truck from a GM dealership. The truck included a brand new set of these tires with only test drive miles on them. Not long after purchasing the truck I noticed a bulge in the sidewall of one tire. I contacted general tire customer service with some photos and and a brief description of my situation asking if the tire was safe and what I should do about it; they were minimally helpful since I had no receipts for the tires. I took the truck to my local tire shop, and they ordered me a replacement tire. As soon as I took the truck on the freeway I noticed the front end was shaking bad. Turns out the replacement tire was also defective and significantly out of round. Finally the third tire was the charm, they replaced my first replacement tire under warranty. As tires go these Generals are ok for average use, they aren’t particularly good in any category but price. I think Khumo are better quality as a budget tire. Here is my issue and why I will never buy General Tires for as long as I live: I think they have a quality problem, and with tires, quality means safety. It shouldn’t take three tires to get one that’s not defective and dangerous, and further more, my time is valuable and I don’t appreciate it when a company wastes my time with defective products.

  7. When I first got these tires I thought I was going to die. For the first five or six hundred miles the van would fishtail under hard braking and I was taking Corners at 2 miles an hour. After that they got a lot better. Breaking a solid and I can take turns as fast as my equipment allows me to. There’s still a little soft in the sidewall but the really quiet smooth ride makes up for that. I replace Wranglers ht they sounded like I was driving a mud truck. These I had to spend a week finding all the squeaks in my van cuz they were perfectly silent. I did drive in 3 inches of snow with them. Not impressed is a bit of an overstatement I was going uphill sideways until I slapped a thousand pounds in the back. Even then they were just okay. Overall the quiet ride and smoothing out the jarring effect of driving a full ton cargo van make them worth their defects. Just be careful for the first little while.


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