Pirelli Scorpion ATR Sizes & review

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The Scorpion ATR is Pirelli’s On-/Off-Road All-Terrain light truck tire developed for pickup, crossover and sport utility vehicle drivers that want to combine on-road civility with off-road capability. The Scorpion ATR is designed to master long highway journeys, wet roads and the challenges of winter driving by combining paved road comfort and handling with rough terrain grip and maneuverability.

The Scorpion ATR features a silica-enhanced tread compound molded into a quiet-running, symmetric all-terrain type tread pattern. A virtual continuous center rib and large, stable shoulder tread blocks provide directional stability and steering response while interlocked independent tread blocks in the center tread area further promote acoustic comfort, even on-road wear and off-road traction. Sweeping central circumferential grooves and lateral shoulder grooves channel water to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. The independent tread blocks are siped to provide extra biting edges that enhance off-road traction on loose surfaces and in snow. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon cord to support the tread area providing predictable handling and high-speed control, while polyester cords stabilize the sidewalls and enhance ride quality.


  1. Awesome tire. These were the original tire’s that came on my King Ranch 4×4. Just now swapped them out at 79000 miles with good tread on them. I made sure to keep them balanced and rotated as required. The only beef, they could have been better on wet pavement.

  2. This tire functions very well in average soccer mom conditions, as well as light dirt and gravel off road conditions. I live in northern Minnesota, less than 60 miles from Canada. I see 100in of snow every year that doesn’t melt until May. City streets are usually covered in a layer of compacted snow and ice. This is where these tires fail miserably. I’ve had Chinese brand all terrain tires that had ten times more traction in snow and ice than these pirrelli’s do. I need a tire I can depend on not getting me stuck in 4in of fresh snow, as I’m normally driving through even more than that. They’re also deadly slippery on icy conditions. If you get conditions similar to where I’m living, I would not recommend these tires.

  3. Have had these tires for 3 years now and still doing great. Used in all sorts of conditions: 1) highway driving up I-70 to Colorado mountains in very snowy/icy conditions performed great in 4×4, 2) Steep, rocky, and super fun forest access roads all over Colorado with very limited slip in 4-Low and stood up to the variable terrain (boulders, jagged rocks, tree stumps) tremendously, 3) slightly wet, little muddy, rocky roads in Colorado very little slipping and in those conditions you really just have to keep moving, 4) Dry highway driving a bit noisier that I would have liked and turning quickly while accelerating will make these a bit shifty, 5) very dry, desert-like, sandy and loose conditions in Arizona could have been a bit better. some slipping These things will take you just about anywhere with fantastic tread life and reliability. I’ve never gotten stuck (almost once in some really deep sand but 4-Low to the rescue) nor have I felt uncomfortable on medium difficulty climbing (i.e. St. Mary’s Glacier network of Trails in CO, Kelly Flats and Red Feather Lakes in Colorado, Backway to Crown King in AZ there were a few areas I just didn’t have clearance for). Now I wouldn’t take these blasting through sand dunes or on gravel but an excellent tire overall.

  4. Came stock on my FX4 with 20 miles on them. Live in the midwest so we have all the weather you can throw at them. Now am getting new tires after 67000 miles, They did good for everything, got around fine.

  5. I have purchased these tires for now three(3) different Ford trucks (suv) two ford Escapes 2006 and 2007 and now for my Ford 2010 Ranger These tires are among the best for the money they handle great in all conditions with a smooth ride

  6. Best tire I ever used. I expect to top 100,000 miles. No flats, does not lose air, smoothest ride. The only negative is the white lettering is breaking down a bit but they are about 13 years old.

  7. I live in Maryland, and have mountains with snow and ocean beach sand. This tires Have served me well in all climates and weather conditions. I have towed a car hauler with my corvette to shows in Mississippi , Tennessee , Pa. New York and my F 150 lariat 4 wd drove great with no sway on sidewalls , great stability, great tire.Highly recommend . I just replaced the tires at 62,000 miles and still had good tread and gave them to a friend.

  8. I would put these tires in the category of some of the worst All Terrain’s on the market. Will never buy again. They are very quiet on the road and handle well on dry pavement. Very prone to hydroplane on wet roads, break loose very easy when accelerating on wet roads. Snow covered roads …I’ve had HT tires perform better. Current set are about 50% worn and will be purchasing another set. Would not recommend these tires to anyone.

  9. Been pretty satisfied with the tires up to this point except after about 25,000 miles they have increased in noise level. Noise level is becoming a distraction. They have performed well and light snow, and also on wet roads. Noise level causes me to consider different tires next time.

  10. I bought a set of these tires for my 2001 Lexus RX300 in 2006. I had about 70,000 miles on the vehicle. I had researched tires on Tire Rack and choose the Pirelli Scorpion tires with the European tread because they had the best overall rating for traction, quietness, and treadlife. I was not dissappointed. I faithfully kept these tires rotated and balanced, and kept the vehicle properly alligned. I just traded the vehicle in February 2016 with 149,000 miles and the Pirelli tires still have about 1/4 of the tread left. 10 years and 79,000 miles. I have never gotten that kind of life out of any other tires I have ever owned. I traded for a 2009 Lexus RX350 that has Michelin tires with about 1/4 of the tread remaining. I will be replacing them with Pirelli Scorpion tires when they wear out.

  11. Original equip – was concerned they’d wear quickly, but I have been nothing but happy with them! Had the vehicle serviced a month ago and tread depth was 4/32 front and 5/32 rear. They still might have 2-3k more on them. Only issue I ever had was almost getting stuck in mud while hunting on farmland – but was able to back out of the problem area and get out after a little bit of work. I am now pricing out my new set of Pirelli Scorpions for the next 50k! These are great tires!

  12. These are OEM tires from my 2013 F150 4×4 which are now at 130000 k or 81000 miles. They are one of the best tires ive owned and going to put them on the truck again. They have survived the harshest winters or the hottest summers here in Canada.I have rotated the tires every 10K, and i do 80% highway driving. Since im getting up there at 130K on them, the dealership has recommended to put new ones on due to the sidewalls showing wear and tread depth getting low.I will try for another 10 k before replacing them but defintaly look forward to my next set of Pirellis.

  13. In the past I always would purchase the Bridgestone Revo’s on one ton trucks vans ETC. This tire has far exceeded my expectations.It is very quiet for a truck of this size, the ride is so much better. Most of the time I have a trailer being pulled behind with another car on it.Very confident handling, I have not tried them in snow yet, but looking at the tread pattern forget about it! They will eat it up!

  14. I installed these on my Jeep Wrangler Sport (model yr 2004) after the Mickey Thompson Bajas wore out in under 10k!. The Scorpions lasted me approximately 25,000 miles until I replaced them for a new set. I used to deflate down to 10-13 psi and do hardcore dune bashing in the desert, and re-inflated back up to 35 psi once all the fun was done with. They worked great on my weekend warrior and in the city with all the highway driving. The ride was extremely comfortable considering it was a Wrangler, and above all the tires rode quietly and held up with the off-roading stresses I put on them. Tread wear was surprisingly awesome considering the combination driving I did in the very hot climate I lived in. I actually read Tire Rack’s reviews before buying this set. Back then (in 2006) they were rated in the 9’s which inspired me to buy them. Since then, I switched to Pirelli for my sports car, but I didn’t get the same satisfaction or durability out of that endeavour with P-Zeros. They cost too much and wore our quickly. I also had Pirelli on my F150 FX4 which rode quietly and sat nice on the vehicle – although the factory size was puny for the truck model (275/50r20).Anyhow, I liked the Scorpions and experienced them briefly in deep puddles in the city and off road where they held up extremely well and did not hydroplane at all. Water depth was in excess of 1 foot at times during a flood we experienced in the city. I have tried other brands since this Pirelli set and I think my vote always goes to Pirelli Scorpion ATR or the Goodyear Wrangler which exhibited the same durability and reliability on my 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited that also went off road a fair bit. I am most impressed with the Scorpion’s even tread wear and quietness. Would buy them again for the right price.

  15. I’ve driven 25,800 miles on these OEM tires. The first negative experience was traction on ice…. they slip excessively. The tread pattern is designed for more sedate use and not aggressive off road/heavy snow conditions. I drive highway, city, and occasional gravel/dirt roads. The tires started squealing as I rounded corners at about 24,000 miles. They now hydroplane in heavy downpours. I will be replacing them before next winter. I estimate they will have 30,000 miles on them by then and they certainly won’t give traction in light snow. OK, they are OEM, but now I get to pick a far better replacement tire.

  16. These were OEM tires on the 2013 Ford F-150 Supercrew 4×4. I bought the truck with 8,000 miles on it. Since I owned it, one tire has always leaked about 5 lbs per week. This was pesky and I’ve had it looked at a few times to no avail. I just had a road hazard cause a flat, which was too close to the sidewall and they wouldn’t repair it. This was not a fault of the tire. Unfortunately the tires were worn to the point that I was looking to replace them before winter anyway, because they were awful last winter. I’m switching to the Michelin LTX M/S2

  17. Living in North Louisiana I have seen my fair share of water this past year! These tires have handled all of it with ease. I have had the truck about 10 months (got it in Nov 15) I traveled to KC twice last winter and it poured for 6 hours straight on the drive, then turned to ice for the next two hours and then to ice. Never once did I lose traction, I did use 4 high for the last two hours, but still drove 60 mph. This spring we had two periods of flooding in my area, mud covered roads and standing water no problem. Then this summer more flooding and heavy rains did not slow these tires. I got the truck with 26,000 miles and I now have 46,000. So, I can say for an OEM tire this one is great. I have been moving truck loads of material back and for the past month and have had no issues with handling.

  18. After a lot of review reading, I bought these tires for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I do mostly city and highway but want something that allows me to do light offroading (not just gravel roads). They worked great for my needs. BUT, after about 25,000 the highway noise got so loud it was hard to have a conversation in my car. My dealer then told me, true or not, the manufacturer uses a dual rubber compound. The outer rubber is softer but, as it wears, it gets into a harder compound. If true, I can’t see any good reason but it would explain the noise. I did have these tires rotated, rebalanced, and alignment checked every 5,000 miles. Anyway, my new tires are quiet and I can even listen to the radio again. No, I would not recommend them.

  19. These were great tires for 20K miles– noticeably quieter than the Kumho RoadVenture tires they replaced. And traction was pretty good from some pretty gnarly weather. But the tread life has been horrendous–by 20K miles they are looking reading to be replaced. Seems like others have experienced similarly fast treadwear. These tires are supposed to be warrantied for 50K miles, but after reading through the warranty literature, it sounds like way too much of a hassle to pursue (e.g., all tire rotations must done and documented by a Pirelli dealer, whereas I have done all the tire rotations myself). And in the end you just end up with a discount toward replacement with the same tire — clearly I wouldn’t want to do that with these tires!

  20. Definitely not the best tires to have in winter driving conditions, they do not induce confidence. For a mud and snow rated tire they are on the lower end of the spectrum. Previously had Scorpion STR’s and those are an overall better tire with better traction on snow and ice but are firmer. Won’t buy another set of Pirelli tires, as a common issue on this tire is the premature drying and cracking of the sidewall.

  21. Comfotable, quiet highway tire. Durability on gravel and rock has been an issue for me with 2 flats in 40k miles, one due to a small stone, another highway debris, both fully penetrating the tire body through the tread. Looking elsewhere for off-road durability.

  22. First couple of thousand miles tires made steering feel a little numb and there was some vibration at specific speeds. Both symptoms went away when tires were bedded in and these tires are superb for a heavy SUV. They are quiet, very smooth on the highway and have excellent wear characteristics. They are so good in snow that unless you live in a climate with either a lot of ice or very deep snow you would not need to switch to winter tires. Without a doubt the best tires we have had on a Land Rover which has more than 100,000 miles on it.

  23. I put these tires on my WRX to give it a bit more off-road capability. I’m not disappointed! These tires are fantastic. The grip in the dirt is great. It takes a fair bit to make the tires let. I’ve also driven them an entire winter now, and the grip in the snow rivals that of my Blizzaks that I had on before I bought these. The treadwear is excellent and the tires seem to be holding up great. Also for how big the sidewall is on these, the tire is fairly sturdy and does not squish to much in the turns. Overall a really good tire that I would recommend to anyone looking for a more off-road tire for their Subaru.

  24. I would say that I am an average driver. They are very quiet tires. I live in Florida so can’t say anything about snow/ice performance. Handles fine in rain. However, it hydroplanes a little faster than I am used to. It’s a 4WD F150 but never do any off-road other than the beach at Daytona every once in a while. Best mileage tires I have ever owned. Original factory tires and currently have 54,000 miles since new. I expecte to easily get 60,000 before replacement. I plan on purchasing them again.

  25. Had Yokohama’s but kept sidewall bubble’s, had coopers but kept getting flats & —- in sand, had BF Goodwrench but tread wear was not acceptable. Now with these and can’t believe the ride comfort difference on the same truck i had these other 3 different brands on. It went from a 99 Ranger to a 70’s Cadillac. I’v been helping my uncle move farm equipment, on thick grass with slight mud & yet to be stuck. If tread wear is good, no flats, or no bubble i will replace my other 2 trucks with Pirelli’s. …tell you the truth i want to replace them now even tho i know only 900mi of the life but in comfort alone it’s worth it. If i wasn’t in dept 17 thousand $ i would buy 8 Pirelli tire’s right now. BELIEVE THAT.

  26. After having a superb set of Firestones for almost 70,000 (and were sadly discontinued), I purchased a set of these. I wish I hadn’t. I live in a rural area, driving back roads, Interstates with periodic business trips to Philadelphia and New York. The very first snow storm with 6-8″ showed how poor these tires performed. I live in central PA in an area that often get large snow dumps. Unlike the Firestones, these treads can’t clear themselves of packed snow. Instead, it’s like driving on bald tires with little traction.Jumping ahead to dry roads, the tires, though they handle well, are downright noisy. On the same roads, my wife’s Hyundai (equipped with a different Pirelli Scorpion) is much quieter. And finally wear. The tires have worn poorly and unevenly though I have them rotated, balance and aligned at regular intervals. With less than 30,000, my mechanic suggest getting new tires before winter hits. Great. Not what I wanted to hear for a car with 157,000 miles. I miss my Firestones.

  27. These tires were new when I purchased my truck. I drive in all sorts of environments such as city, highway, vineyard, jobsite, river bed, offroad trails and snow. After having these tires for a little over a year and seeing the lack of performance they offer I would not recommend these tires for any offroad, snow/ice driving. The tires are decent for city/highway driving but even with that being said they are noisy for a no offroad tire.

  28. Just purchased tires so actual ratings are based on initial impressions. Tires arrived on time and in good condition. My issue is with the recommended installer. They were less than interested in my business. I realize they were just mounting and didn’t sell me the tires but should that matter? I am still paying them for a service for which they should treat me as any other patron, unless this is how they treat all of their patrons. The tires were mounted satisfactorily but it just seemed as if I was a bother to them, they didn’t even ask any pertinent questions like white letters in or out, is alignment OK, which had they asked I would have had them check it. All they did was call me and asked if I wanted the oil changed to the tune of $85, I am only halfway thru current oil life, just because it checked a little low. As I said my experience with Tire Rack was just fine, but you might want to have a discussion with your installers, I don’t feel this is the level of service you want your patrons to receive.


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