Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Sizes & review

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The Scorpion All Terrain Plus is Pirelli’s On-/Off- Road All-Terrain light truck tire developed for drivers of pickup trucks, crossovers, and SUVs who want a balanced blend of on-road civility with off-road capability. The Scorpion All Terrain Plus is designed with a focus on optimizing durability, traction and wear resistance, in addition to providing light snow traction sufficient to receive the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Utilizing Pirelli’s cut- and chip-resistant, New Generation tread compound, the Scorpion All Terrain Plus is molded into a symmetric, high-void pattern. This pattern is designed to provide smooth and quiet on-road operation along with aggressive looks and confident off-road traction. Deep grooves and independent tread blocks help provide the clawing action needed to find grip in loose terrain, and conical stone ejectors resist punctures by forcing small rocks from the tread. Wide lateral notches and open shoulders evacuate water from the contact patch to aid hydroplaning resistance and the advanced compound combines with multiple block edges and in-block sipes to provide sure-footed performance in slippery or snowy conditions.

The internal construction of the Scorpion All Terrain Plus consists of a polyester casing to combine durability with ride comfort. Two high-strength steel belts stabilize and support the footprint, and multiple nylon reinforcement plies increase durability and provide high-speed capability.

Note: While non-winter tires featuring the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol provide additional longitudinal snow traction beyond what all-season (M+S) tires not bearing the symbol can deliver, they do not match the capability of a true winter tire in all adverse weather conditions.


  1. Bought these for my Tahoe, after much research. Still unsure when I bought them due to being a new version of Pirelli tires, and relatively few reviews, but can now say I am VERY happy with these. Handle great in all conditions, look aggressive even for an all-purpose tire, and the severe weather 3PMSF winter rating is big plus. Would definitely buy again.

  2. Just had the Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus tires installed on my 2016 Tacoma. Based on other reviews I was expecting more road noise than the Goodyear Kevlars they replaced…not so. No discernible difference in noise. But I do feel less tire jounce and the dry pavement handling is superb. The tread looks far more aggressive for off road conditions, and I’ll be anxious to see how well they perform in snow and ice. I had very bad luck with the OEM Goodyears…more nail punctures than I’ve ever had with any other tire. Made me wonder what the Kevlar belts actually do. Anyway, I’m hoping the Pirellis are less prone to road hazards…so far I’m impressed.

  3. Decent Tire. Purchased in Mar 2016, so 3yr, 3mo and almost 55k mi later, I’m told to start looking to replace. Has a 65k mi warranty so close but not quite. I rotated regularly but not where purchased due to that location being closed down. I have had no issues w tire. Definitely, better air pressure hold w/Nitrogen.

  4. In order to get these tires on my 3.6 Limited Subaru Outback, I changed my wheel size from 18s to 17s. Best move I’ve made. These tires are performing awesome on highway (remarkably quite) and even my wife commented they are a smoother ride than either of the BF Goodrich or Michelin highway tires. I’ve already had them in mud and dirt and traction is soooooo much improved. Side walls have a nice deep groove that bites well, and the tread is deep and well thought out. It bears repeating– I’m amazed at how quite they are on the highway. Feel secure in the rain and stick well in corners. I’m already looking forward to my next set. Haven’t had them in snow yet, but anticipate good results, since they are 3Peak Snow rated. For a highway/off-road combo, I think Pirelli hit a home run.

  5. I spend 95% percent of my time driving on paved roads, but every once in a while I take off-road and low to non-maintained roads, so I wanted a tire that could handle everything. So far I have been very happy with these tires. These do create a little noise. As a reference, I used to listen to music at an 8 or 9 while driving down the highway, and now listen to it at 12 to not hear the noise. As far as performance, these are great for everyday driving. There have been two instances where I pushed the tires too far. The first was an emergency braking situation. I was on the highway and needed to make a fast stop. I was going 60+ mph and brought the Jeep down to 0 with my foot flat on the floor. The vehicle did stop, but took longer than the stock tires the Grand Cherokee came with. I wasn’t expecting this at the time, so it’s something to note when driving. Other than emergency situations, the tires react as you would expect. I have noticed a 1 mpg drop in my gas mileage for combined city/highway driving. If I am doing pure highway, there is no difference between the stock tires and the Pirelli. But once you start doing city driving, the mpg goes down.I live in Iowa where we get a mix of snow and ice. I have tried in every way possible to get these tires stuck (uphill, downhill, deep, light) in the snow and have not been able to do that. I drive a Grand Cherokee with Quadra Drive 1, so it’s not very advanced 4×4 system and the tires can make a difference. I’ve also taken these through dirt, mud, and water and have never had an issue with them.Overall, I am very happy with the tires. They add a great look to the vehicle, are predictable once you put a few miles on them, and give a good mix of on-road and off-road performance. They are great for the average individual who may take the less beaten path every once in a blue moon.

  6. I’m writing this review in how Impressed I am by the wet traction in a heavy downpour. While hauling a 6’ x 12’ single axle trailer loaded with a Yamaha Viking UTV Running 50+ mph down the highway with standing water on the road, these tires plowed through the standing water with great ease. Highly recommended for a great riding all terrain tire that plows through standing water.

  7. I purchased these tires after a lot of research. I tow a center console boat and we use a lot of different ramps for tournament purposes. I wanted a tire that would give me the traction needed to NOT slid down a wet boat ramp and these are so far working perfectly. There are a couple of ramps in particular that I had a difficult time dropping the boat in without sliding and since I changed these tires I have had zero traction issues at those ramps. Time will tell if these tires last, but so far they have been great.

  8. Great looking tires. Got excited to put on my Mercedes G-Wagon when these tires became available a few months ago. So far I love it. Looks great, drives great, much more comfortable and responsive ride than the Bridgestones that were on my SUV. I live in Michigan, so I had a chance to test a fair bit on anything from 1” to 6” of snow. I have to say, snow performance was rather disappointing to say the least. Going only about 15-20 mph in a neighborhood, trying to turn into a corner, ABS and traction control kicked in full but the car was not able to steer (steering wheel turned and brakes were applied, but no grip with tires) and I ended up in someone’s front yard. I was shocked at how much it slipped in slow speed. Straight-line braking in the snow was also difficult. Not worse than other “normal” tires, but I expected more with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) rated tires with aggressive A/T treads. They did, however, exceptionally well in off-road on dirt roads, and even during a severe downpour off-road driving with significant mud. I would highly recommend these tires overall, but I would not recommend for winter driving, as they gave me no confidence whatsoever. I am definitely using Bridgestone Blizzaks in the winter, as I do with my other 3 cars – winter performance is night-and-day between Blizzaks and these tires in snow – light or deep – and of course with icy conditions. These are coming off for snow seasons.

  9. These tires have been great. I had KO2s on a Wrangler, and while they performed great off road, the on pavement performance was lacking. These scorpions are the other way around. On pavement, they are great. They turn in sharp and connected, the road noise is minimal (only noticeable in a parking lot with the windows down), and mileage reduction is minimal (<1 mpg). The snow performance is good. Plenty of sipes. They handle slush to a foot of snow no problem. They clear out mud quickly (not like a mud tire, but solid for an AT). If you're a pavement mostly driver, I absolutely recommend these over KO2s. And a much better price.

  10. Needed to ditch the stock tires on my car before winter. There were not a lot of reviews on these tires but I took a chance, I am so glad I did! They have been excellent this past winter and I can’t wait to get them off-road! Excellent in the deep snow, light snow, and rain. They are aesthetically pleasing to boot!

  11. We had just over 19″ of snow in 2 days this past weekend. Took the tries out for a trial run… I was amazed. I have ran Kumho, Goodyear, and others all MT tires… these run right with them. I had to put my truck in 4WD with the stock POS tires but with these I specifically ran around in 2WD, and they were great. If you had any doubts on these tires, do not. They are wonderful.

  12. Not many choices for all terrain on the Renegade that will fit with clearance. These are one size up from stock. They look much better and fit the appearance of the vehicle. Snow traction was much better than the stock Falkens. Many compliments from other Renegade owners asking size and where purchased. Ride is a little softer from stock also.

  13. I’ve driven in over 50 New England winters and these Scorpions are the best tires I’ve ever driven on. Pirelli has a real winner, here. LOVE these tires! We had three major storms here in New Hampshire, with school closings and traffic disruptions, in the last month and I had NO problem at all getting around. No skidding or sliding, even under hard acceleration to see how they handled the slop. Straight as an arrow with no loss of control. They have the 3PMSF rating and it shows. When the roads are clear and dry the Scorpions are very quiet and handle great. I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t had them long enough to determine tread wear, but so far, they are great. Highly recommended.

  14. Thought this would be a good replacement tire for my Tacoma 4×4. However, this is by far the WORST tire I have ever purchased for any vehicle I’ve owned! I also thought I did a lot of research on this, but find out I guess not enough. The tires look good, perform o.k. but the wobble they give through the chassis and steering wheel is unforgivable. I’ve had these tires balanced twice and the same results are there. The wobble up front is just plain annoying. The chassis vibration is annoying. But, before you question the truck “parts” they have and are all in good shape. No worn bushings or joints. Plus, my previous original set with 56,000 miles did not give any feedback like these Pirelli’s do. Driving has been all city/highway driving and the worst is when they are cold, but never get to a comfortable state. Temps have ranged from 37deg. to upper 70’s and no change. I’ve also been in the Sierra’s and it’s no better. I either got a bad set, or they are just plain bad. In any case, I can’t recommend these tires. I’m now at a place where I intend on taking these off, selling for a loss, and getting a better tire, even if it’s the same BF Goodrich tires I had since new.

  15. In over 40 years of driving, these tires rank among the best. I live at over 7000 feet elevation in the Rockies, so I see a good mix of weather, with ice and deep snow. These tires are INCREDIBLE in snowy conditions, like a dedicated winter tire, and yet are quiet and handle well on dry pavement. Highly recommend!

  16. This is my 2nd set of tires for my Silverado. I was unhappy with the traction of my Goodyear SRA tires in wet and snow conditions so I was looking for a tire that would perform well in these situations. I’ve recently been in 7″ of snow, pulling a loaded snowmobile trailer and the tires performed flawlessly. My previous Goodyears throughout their tread life would always spin a little to a lot in 4WD in snowy conditions. These did not. They are a little noisier on dry pavement, but I have to consciously listen in order to notice it. In the rain, they have also been working very well.

  17. So far excellent all terrain tire for my purposes. Truck is light in rear so always have traction problems on wet roads but these tires have the best traction of any I have ever put on it in 20 years. Haven’t experienced heavy snow so far but light snow was impressive. Not much noise either, especially from aggressive look of tread. No wandering on highway and very predictable. Definitely one of the best tires on market right now. BFGoodrich All-Terrains were my first choice but they have lost their mind on price. These tires I now highly prefer over the BFGoodrich. Time will tell with tread wear but so far no noticeable wear. Highly recommend if you need a true all-terrain.

  18. Just purchased a set of 4 for my 02 Tundra, limited 4×4. Arrived in 1 day! Upon arrival, first impression was great, good aggressive look, nice deep tread, decent sidewall, and the boys at the auto shop thought they looked really beefy too! I live in Lake Tahoe so the ability to handle well in off road condition and in the snow were a must. I put them on in January so I haven’t been able to test the off road capabilities at all. As for snow performance, I’m very excited. I passed on the expensive BF K02’s and the Toyo Open Country AT2 and i’m very pleased with my choice. We’re in the middle of a storm that will drop 10-15 inches in 12 hours, so I can test the deep snow traction tonight. As for light snow and compacted snow traction, I’ve been driving around in 2wd with no weight in the back of my truck and only slipping when i give it a lot of gas, not under normal driving conditions. The tires I had on before this were the Pirelli Scorpion ATR and they would slip all the time with no weight in the bed in 2wd. As long as they last the 50,000 miles as advertised with regular rotations, I will be buying these again and again.

  19. Very happy with my purchase so far although I don’t have many miles on the tires yet to really judge them. (I would not normally be submitting a review so early but TireRack solicited it and they know I haven’t had the tires long.) This is the first time I’ve purchased from Tire Rack and the experience was great! Will definitely use Tire Rack again.

  20. These tires have performed great for my FJ Crusier, quiet tires with no noticeable road noise. Have used these tire 3 times before and have been pleased each time, haven’t found any other tire that performed as well as these for the price. Great value.

  21. Only have about 500 miles on these tires. Mostly street but some snow and dirt. Immediately noticed a much softer and quieter ride over the Firestone that were on the truck. The steering feedback is excellent and they look great. At this point I would definitely purchase these again. I order the tires online and had them delivered and installed at a local Tires Plus store. Great experience all round.

  22. I thought I would comment on these tires cause I’m impressed with them, 04 Suburban 4wd 3.73 gears with factory g80 traction lock, ride smooth,quiet, good wet grass mud traction, go real good in icy snow and more importantly stop real good in the same, I’ve owned truck since new and these are the 3rd set of tires on it, can’t give longevity on them but I’d definitely buy again, I only wish I would have got the E load tires for piece of mind on the back road cow trails I’ve been known to travel on, but I never had issues with the old P load

  23. Very quiet and comfortable for a somewhat aggressive tread. While driving on gravel roads these tires don’t throw stones up blasting the bottom of the truck like other A/T tires I’ve owned. My normal commute is secondary mountain roads with tight curves and these tires hold the road well and provide good steering response (for an F150). Haven’t driven in the rain enough to rate wet traction but I expect them to do well based on other’s survey feedback

  24. Love these tires. I feel like I am driving a different truck since I have installed these new tires and rims. The truck rides so much better. I can take turns at a much higher rate of speed, without the tires screaming at me to slow down. Now they say give me more I love it. I have not driven to many miles on them yet but I see no wear at all. I would definitely recommend these tires.

  25. Great tire for West Virginia’s 4 seasons and widely varying roads. So far have driven on highways, country roads and backroads in wet, dry and dirt and gravel with rough spots, all with excellent results. Comfort is good on my 09 Honda Pilot. Noise is more than the highway tires the Scorpions replace, but was to be expected since they have an aggressive tread pattern. Has not snowed since I bought them but I plan to test them out to see if I really need to put my Blizzaks on for winter.

  26. Great option from the BFG AT KO2’s. My deciding factor was the weight vs the K02’s and I only do mild off roading mostly 2 tracks around Michigan. I have taken the tires out west through Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Did some moderate offroad trials by the bear tooth mountains and it did a really good job with traction.

  27. The most I drive is in the city and highway but I take my truck out to some pretty bumpy rides trying to find good fishing holes. These Pirelli’s never had me stuck anywhere even in mud. I live in central Pennsylvania within the mountains and it gets pretty icy and snowy here. I was amazed on how great these tires drove through the snow too. I recommend these tires to anyone looking for some all terrains that will get it done and look good!

  28. Minus getting a puncture from some rock garden terrain, the tires are great. They have a thin/low ply setup, so DO NOT BUY for anything more than your typical dirt road. The ply on the tire needs to be beefed up, if Pirelli wants to claim this as “all terrain” it needs to handle all types of rock. It failed me on granite high alpine terrain, the softness is probably great for sandstone but not strong enough for harder sharper stuff.


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