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The Scorpion STR A and Scorpion STR tires are Pirelli’s premium Highway All-Season tires that were designed to deliver the Stability, Traction and Ratings (STR) appropriate for today’s light trucks by adapting their performance to the needs of crossover vehicles, sport utility vehicles and light duty pickup trucks. The Scorpion STR tires are designed to combine a quiet and comfortable ride along with ease of handling and year-round traction, even in light snow.

The Scorpion STR’s tread compound is molded into one of two similar, but slightly different symmetric tread designs. The tires featuring Pirelli’s North American tread pattern are identified as Scorpion STR A tires, while those featuring their European tread pattern are simply identified as Scorpion STR tires.

The Scorpion STR A tire’s North American tread pattern features continuous shoulder ribs and narrower groves between all of the independent tread blocks. This type of tread design would tend to result in a quieter, more even-wearing tire.

The Scorpion STR tire’s European tread pattern features lateral grooves through the shoulder ribs and larger grooves between all of the independent tread blocks. This type of tread design would tend to result in a tire with better hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.

On the inside, both Scorpion STR tires feature twin, high- tensile steel belts reinforced with polyamide to provide strength and durability on top of a two-ply polyester cord body that helps cushion the ride.


  1. This tire came with my Ford F150 4×4 new in 2014. I live in New York a four season state and they handle all season well, until now after four years later the tread life is awful only have 23,000 miles and these need to be replaced.I’ve had the tires rotated at every oil change by Ford regularly. I fine it very hard to believe Im reading reviews on this tire for 80,000- 100,000 miles when Im barely getting a quarter of the so call reviews state here by others tread life…..these must be the Tire Manufacture Stockholders reviews!!!!!

  2. 245x50R20 — Superior tread life; at 81k, will go 100k with very even wear. At 81k, tires remain quiet with perfect balance. Steering is tight and ride very smooth. Dry traction is good as new, but snow and wet traction while good has declined some. Tires have greatly exceeded my expectations. Will probably buy again, but will thoroughly analyze competition when replacing. Firestone Destination LE2 ratings are impressive.

  3. Don’t buy have had for 3 years and the tires are almost to wear bars. I got rotated every 5,000. Went and checked again today with penny and tread is still below Lincoln’s head. Expected so much more from Pirelli was excited when I purchased this tire but found out Pirelli must have changed their standards. Am reading about other brands that have terrible tread wear so everyone is going cheap on expensive tires. Again don’t buy you will be sorry. 3 years 30,000 miles and tires are shot! I am 54 so I am not doing cookies at the mall or doing burnouts at stop lights. My family says I drive like a grandpa. Don’t buy! Tomorrow I go get new tires but won’t be Pirelli!

  4. Great tire, and I was pleasantly surprised when my SUV came from the factory with Pirellis. However, I am only halfway through the tread and the tires are so badly cupped and so noisy that I thought I had some mechanical problems. I use winter tires, so they are only used for a little more than half the year. Next spring I will be getting new tires for the summer.

  5. Pirelli tires rated for 65000 miles came on my new 2014 Ford Edge when I bought it new. We just have to replace all four at 40000 miles due to tread wear would not pass VA State Inspection. Vehicle only driven under normal conditions on mixed highway-city driving. Do not recommend buying Pirelli tire products.

  6. Basically on the worse mountain road near and on Stratton Mountain, VT from November 1 to January 9, this set of Pirelli Scorpions SRT’s served me, my auto and my life, extremely well. My tires are not new. There was 59000 miles on my manual shift 2007, X3 3.0 IS Sports, made in Germany. I felt very safe, even in the middle of a blizzard going down root 30 from Stratton to Brattleboro starting at 5:00 pm.Occasionally I have felt a slight shift of my wheels on a very wet highway. Going forward at low and high speeds, or backing up on ice, never interfered with how I directed or drove this very safe car. Have had 5 BMW’s, 4 Mercedes, 4 Infinitys,Audi, three Saabs, Mustang, GM, Ford and Jeep products. PHDragonas, MD, NYC, Boston, Lyme, NH

  7. I bough a CX9 because it’s a SUV that corners like a sports car. I’m from California where it is sunny all the time and moved to Michigan where snow seems to be on the ground 6 months out of 12. This tire kept me on the road and confident (which I’m not in snow). Our 500 foot driveway gets a ton of lake effect snow. I’ve never had an issue getting out even with 12+ inches of snow on the drive.On ice it’s not as reliable (certainly would be good for a 2wd on ice) but good enough with AWD to stop and go. I did a poor job of keeping up with tire rotation. So the front tires wore thin before the rear. Braking and handling did become worrisome with the thin treads. If I had maintained a good rotation they would have lasted another 10k plus (based upon rear tread life remaining). I just replaced them with the exact same tire. My wife who is an aggressive driver already told me she appreciates the cornering, braking and handling improvements. Plan on getting another 70,000+ miles out of this set which I will be rotating on a regular frequency. I would say it was a 50/50 split highway/city-back roads. My wife likes the back roads but we take long road trips so overall it balances out. The drive road native is good with these on ice and snow and whatever nature throws my way.

  8. I bought my 2011 Ford Edge Limited AWD new in December of 2010. My original Pirelli Scorpion STR A’s wore perfectly and I just replaced them late June 2015 at 104,000 miles. I replaced at Tire Rack with the identical Pirelli (except STR and not STR A) and hope to get another 100,000+ miles out of these tires too. I rotate on average 12,000 miles (alternate diagonal and left to right). I typically run 38psi and avoid chuckholes and curbs. My alignment must be pretty good….I never checked since it was new. The 104,000 mile tires were in really good shape and I really think I could have gotten another 25,000 miles out of them. When the Edge was new, my goal was to get 50,000 miles out of tires….ended up doubling that, plus 4,000 miles. Also very even wear inside to middle to outside…….and they still were very well balanced….smooth (all original OEM/factory balancing). Two of the 104,000 mile tires had one plug each (which I plugged myself without any problems and always do with my tires).

  9. I’m not sure how all these reviewers are claiming 100,000 plus miles on these tires. I have never found a tired of any brand that gets that type of mileage even with attention to rotation and air pressure. Even my Ford dealer claims he’s heard nothing but dissatisfaction with these tires that came with the car from the manufacturer. I only have 36,000 on them and will be lucky to make 40 and they will be coming off prior to winter. Other than the terrible tire wear I don’t have any issues with them. Were relatively quiet and handled ok but I expect closer to 60,000 out of a set of tires and these won’t come close. I watch air pressure and rotate about every 10,000 miles but the dealer wouldn’t even rotate them as they were wearing evenly and the backs were worse than the fronts almost 3/32″ difference in tread wear between front & backs and put on at the same time and no I wasn’t leaving rubber at the stop signs.

  10. These tires came standard on my Ford Edge. All in all I really did not have much to complain about the tires in the beginning, good traction and performance. At around 45,000 – 50,000 miles the road noise became terrible. So bad that I had to replace the tires before the tread wear required it. I will not be buying these tires again.

  11. These came on my 13 edge new. It has a 65k tread life warranty but are completely worn out at 36,200 miles. Their website seems to show the warranty is the same if you bought them as replacement tires or if they came on the car new. They refused to honor the warranty because they came on the car new. My wife drives the edge and she drives annoyingly slow. No reason to only get 60% of the expected life. I worked at ford dealer and people were constantly complaining about the Pirelli scorpions life

  12. These tire came stock with my truck. 23K on the truck and looking at replacing before winter snow, no tread left, absolutely the worst wearing set of tires I’ve ever owned, and that includes the “cheapies” I purchased when I could not afford the good tires. Never again

  13. 2011 Ford Edge Limited AWD. Bought the Edge new in late 2010 and got 103,000 miles out of these OEM Scorpion STRs. Could have easily gotten another 10,000 to 15,000 miles. Rotated every 12,000 to 20,000 miles (alternated diagonal with left to right). I maintain 36 to 40 psi in these tires. Great ride, handling, traction. Very even wear and I cannot believe the miles I got out of these tires (my goal was 50,000, so pleasantly surprised with 103,000….and again, could have gotten more. I replaced them at Tire Rack with exact same tire. Cannot complain at all….hard to believe how well these tires wore. I wish this tire would come in more sizes as I would put them on my other 3 cars.

  14. The Scorpion STR tires were OEM for our Lincoln MKX with 20″ wheels/tires. I found these tires transmitted a harsh ride compared to the Bridgestone Dueler 422 Ecopia tires we now have. I know the 20″ wheels/tires contribute to that. That said it depends on what your driving style is. The Scorpions did provide better cornering and handling. I was looking for a more comfortable and quieter ride which is why I went with the Bridgestone Ecopia tires.

  15. I haven’t kept a detailed record of the Mileage but I am NOT getting the Millage that the Tires are Rated for. But for me I rather be safe and CONFIDENT of my Ride and Safety otherwise I would NOT purchase this tire. I am on the Road quite a bit and sometimes probably where shouldn’t be, so I don’t play when it come to Tires.

  16. Tires significantly improved performance compared to stock g95’s on my Forester. I prioritize performance and braking over ride comfort so these tires work well for me. I drive an unusual mix of spirited on road and semi regular off road, including an autocross once or twice a year.They perform pretty well off road for a highway tire, and in mud I don’t get stuck even on slight grades. If you’re dealing with severe grades and low traction I would still look for a dedicated off road tire, though. These tires seem fairly durable as well, but the sidewall isn’t as tough as a reinforced all terrain tire either. Decent all around tire if you don’t mind a slightly harsher ride than most highway tires.

  17. So far (250 mi), after replacing the factory OEM Bridgestone’s 77k miles. We had a mix of snow and previously melted snow that had turned the subdivision roads into a sheet of ice. They respond great. Even when I get on it only did the TSC kick in briefly. Stopping in the same was great. I’ve previously on other vehicles had dedicated winter snow tires, and these are just a tick behind those. Great for an All season on the CX-9 Grand Touring with 20″ wheels. Slightly quieter than the OEM, and a little better in overall ride. I will update as we put more miles on.

  18. These are the original equipment tires that came on my Edge. Until getting this vehicle, I was not a Pirelli fan, having had some of their tires on an early ’80s Porsche 911 that felt like rocks. The Scorpion STRs, though, are quite different. The ride, handling and wear are all very nice. While I am faced with replacing them after 50,000 miles, a little less than I had hoped, the fact is that most of our driving is around town, which is harder on the tires, and the car is driven mostly by my wife, who is a bit hard on tires. So, I’m actually pleased with the 50,000 miles. The tires are also not noisy at highway speeds. My gas mileage is less than I had hoped (20-22 hwy; 18-20 city), but that has more to do with the AWD feature of the Edge than it does the tires. I am giving these tires a preference as I search for replacements.

  19. These tires come OE from Ford on our AWD Limited. When it was time to replace, went with the same model and size. Not too pleased. Shortly after owning, one sprung a slow air leak that has to be refilled on occasion (about 2 times a month). Usually Pirelli’s are great tires, but these do not seem to be of the same quality as their higher performance tires. Tread life is terrible and the tires we have that our less than a year old, look faded and worn. Car sees snow, rain and dry pavement as the family car. Tires seem to just be so-so in all conditions. Edge’s have a tendency to understeer and the tires do not help that issue at all. I am a car DIY and have over 20 years of working on all sorts of vehicles, these tires are pretty uninspiring. Will not be purchasing these again…ever.

  20. You see the mileage, these came stock on my truck and I’m replacing at 31K! Sent email to Pirelli with no response which speaks volumes. Never again, if I ever purchase a new vehicle again and they have Pirelli’s on I’ll pass on the purchase or it will be part of my negotiated price.

  21. I like many things about this tire. But not the short life-span. It is easily one of the quietest tires I’ve ever used. It corners well and does well in the rain. The ice? Not great. But that’s not the worst thing since these are definitely not snow tires. They were the original tires that came on my CX9 so I loved the fact they were quiet after coming from a Pathfinder with truck tires. Love the quiet. BUT they wear down as fast as a set of old Gatorbacks. Whatever compound they use I have never come close to 60K miles! When the original set wore down at around 38K miles I thought “Maybe they were seconds the factory got at t good price” and replaced them with the same. The second set? Got around 35k miles from them. They were on sale so I picked up a third set. These? They have 36K on them and are shot ( thin tread, but have metal showing from one of the rear tires on a corner). Enough already. I yield. I keep them inflated and rotated, but admit to cornering sharply. That said I do not see anyway these could last more than 40K miles on a heavy vehicle like mine. I wonder if they were originally designed for sedans 1000 lbs lighter. Love the quiet. They might work on a lighter car. For me? Still love Pirelli’s. Done with these for this car.

  22. Original tires on my Expedition, and first experience with Pirelli…..very nice tire. Holds road in all conditions. Excellent wear. I am at 47,000 and still have about 5/16th left with no degredation in handling. I rotate my tires at every oil change (5000 miles). I used to run Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo’ s on may last expedition. They gripped even better than these, but did run into lower life of tire, and also more road noise….have Firestone Destinations on wifes car and they seem to grip better (feel) than the Pirelli…more like the Revo’s. No shortage of weather extremes here in Chicago. Pirelli STR has done well with all conditions. Might buy them again, but am reviewing all the options out there. Top contenders seem to be Firestone Destination LE, and Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo.

  23. These tires came OE on my Truck. They are absurdly bad. They have almost zero wet weather grip and are downright dangerous in the snow. The problem is they actually have decent enough grip to accelerate; however, stopping on them is terrible. They also ride like rocks and throw out some pretty high noise levels. The steering response is about the only good thing, and my set haven’t leaked any air at all, that is about the only positives I see with these tires. I will be replacing them with another option once they finally die…

  24. I average 25K miles per year. As I approach 2 years on these tires (45K miles on them) I have decided to re-purchase them again. I will end up replacing them a little early due to the time of year rather than running them down to the ware bars. Mid January in middle Ga can get a bit slick, and it’s not worth pushing them to see how far they will go. They were 3 days old when ATL had a pretty good snow storm, many people slept in their cars stuck on the highways. I had no problem zigzagging around them and got home just fine. I’m sure being new added some, but the tire impressed me with it’s ability to get a grip. Heavy rain has never been a problem. Very cold and dry seamed to be the only time the tires lost the feeling of solid contact with the road.

  25. These are a bargain tire. 45k miles max for me and I am at the wear bars (passed in one spot on one tire). At $600 for set you are getting what you pay for. If you are looking for an inexpensive tire then this is a good choice. The tires I have don’t like to hold pressure over 34 psi, which is running them low as they are max 40 psi tires. Also the rubber as deteriorated quickly.

  26. Nice tire if you live in an area where there isnt much rain. They are wearing evenly and rotated often. They look nice, ride nice and are very quiet. Problem is, they are skittish in water at speeds over 30-40MPH. Even when fairly new, these hydroplane dangerously. Wet traction is OK. Dry performance is good. Snow traction is acceptable for a tire of this type but they would be pretty useless on a 2WD truck in the winter. Because of this I will most certainly not run them to 40K miles (they still have over 50% tread depth).

  27. These are SLICK!! I don’t mean that in a good way. They hydroplane in moderate rain. I even got pulled over and ripped a new one by a HP officer because I evidently peeled out through a damp intersection and never knew it! NEVER had that happen with the Eagle RS-A’s. I am going to avoid these for the CX-9. Not sure what to get next, but it won’t be these. I bought these after seeing them as OEM on some high-end crossovers.

  28. These were the OEM tires on my 2011 Ford Edge AWD. I really like the tires and find them to be great in town, on the highway, or off on mountain trails. They does very well on dry roads, but handle wet roads easily; I’ve never had them skip or hydroplane on me. They do very well in the snow as well, handling both light and heavy snowfalls with ease . Perhaps my only major complaint with these tires is that after only 38,500 actual miles, the tires have worn dangerously thin. That’s not exactly great for tires that have an Unlimited Time / 65,000 Miles warranty on them.

  29. We had these installed 55k ago. I just replaced them for the upcoming winter season. There was still 4/32 tread left. However, it was starting to slip a bit and the noise was creeping up and noise level. The last set (55k) handled great. Quieter than factory tires. What you get is a superb handling tire on this AWD, that makes it stick. For the money I don’t think you can find anything better.

  30. OEM Tires. I used them one season in Northern Idaho snow (with about 10,000 MI on the tires), and switched to snow tires after that for assurance. The snow tires (Michellin ICE) were night and day better, but these got us through most of that first season (though we also switched to our 4WD truck on the worst days). Generally an all round good handling, all season tire. However, I didn’t get to 38K on the new car’s clock running these tires, even though about 6K of those miles were while running the snow tires). Very even tread wear, perhaps the best I’ve seen in a tire in over 40 years. Either it speaks well for the tire, or for the Ford Edge suspension. That said, the poor tread durability really shocked me, i.e. about 32,000 miles, and they were done. They were rotated and balanced every 5,000 miles, or sooner.

  31. Got a set of these for my Tundra Crewmax after the stocks were nearly bald. Significant upgrade from what I had, but I bought my vehicle used, so I can’t speak to how the stocks performed new in comparison.I drive anywhere from 25k-35k miles a year for business, and haul a trailer. I think these tires excel in treadware, response, and wet/dry traction. They are pretty comfortable, but not soft by any means.My biggest complaint is that they are louder than any A/T tire I’ve ever owned. Highway speeds up they quite a bit, but have a noticeable high pitch drone around 80 mph. From 0-45 they are ok, but anything after that is a constant drone, and it’s pretty disappointing.I probably wouldn’t buy again unless I am in a pinch for cash and these are on sale. Go get Kuhmos.


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