Pirelli Scorpion STR A Sizes & review

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The Scorpion STR A and Scorpion STR tires are Pirelli’s premium Highway All-Season tires that were designed to deliver the Stability, Traction and Ratings (STR) appropriate for today’s light trucks by adapting their performance to the needs of crossover vehicles, sport utility vehicles and light duty pickup trucks. The Scorpion STR tires are designed to combine a quiet and comfortable ride along with ease of handling and year-round traction, even in light snow.

The Scorpion STR’s tread compound is molded into one of two similar, but slightly different symmetric tread designs. The tires featuring Pirelli’s North American tread pattern are identified as Scorpion STR A tires, while those featuring their European tread pattern are simply identified as Scorpion STR tires.

The Scorpion STR A tire’s North American tread pattern features continuous shoulder ribs and narrower groves between all of the independent tread blocks. This type of tread design would tend to result in a quieter, more even-wearing tire.

The Scorpion STR tire’s European tread pattern features lateral grooves through the shoulder ribs and larger grooves between all of the independent tread blocks. This type of tread design would tend to result in a tire with better hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.

On the inside, both Scorpion STR tires feature twin, high- tensile steel belts reinforced with polyamide to provide strength and durability on top of a two-ply polyester cord body that helps cushion the ride.


  1. I purchased my 2008 Expedition in July 2008-it came with these tires. I have driven this vehicle 47950 miles in 10 months. From central Texas to Oregon mountains, on and off the road. I drive vehicle for Ford motor company; the majority of our new Expedition sales are people trying one with these tires. I still have tread to last to at least 75,000 miles. I will buy again. Remember these are A rated tire not B class.

  2. These tires came with my Expedition. The worked great in many different conditions even with worn tread. My problem with the tires is that they didn’t wear very good at all. At 47,000 miles on the tires, I should have changed them out 10,000 miles ago. I just couldn’t bring myself to changing out a tire with that few miles. Nevertheless, even with being “bald” they got me home on 110 miles of black ice last winter, or maybe its just a great truck.

  3. Had these on my 2008 Expedition El. I am not a profesional tire guy so my review is simple. At 46000 miles I had one nearly bald tire, 2 almost bald tires, and 1 with enough tread for 10000 more miles. I dont tow and only haul 3 kids. I felt they should have lasted longer. Going to the Michelins.

  4. Vehicle is a 2007 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring, which has 20-inch wheels. OEM tires were Bridgestones, which were horrible in any and all conditions, and very skittish in light rain. Wore out at 35K; at that time, there were only 5 20-inch replacement tires available, including Bridgestone. Opted for the Pirelli, and am delighted with that choice. Excellent tire, wears well, rides well, much quieter than Bridgestones, handles VERY well for a 4500 pound SUV, and still has about 10K tread left. Also, this was the only tire available in this size with a mileage guarantee at the time of purchase. Everything else was considered a “performance” tire. I highly recommend.

  5. I’m returning the tires to Pirelli as I type this. They can not be balanced 100% by anyone. I’ve been to 3 different tire places and 2 of them wont even carry Pirelli’s anymore because they become unbalanced after a few miles. The explanation I got was they have too much nylon in them and they stretch.

  6. I was told to put newer tires on the back and boy am I glad I did. I took a turn way too fast and had these Pirelli’s on the rear axle. The front broke free but I was able to correct with steering. Had the rear tires broke free I would have hit the car in the other lane. They’ve already saved me a lot more money than they cost.

  7. DO NOT BUY THIS TIRE!!! I should’ve read ALL of the reviews. I will NEVER buy this tire again. Very very very very very hard tire to balance. I have been to 4 different places and STILL the tire cannot be balanced properly. Driving in Germany alone is an experience; but when you drive at speeds of 70-80 mph (average) daily and frequently with a tire that is hard to get balanced, it causes for an unpleasant ride for all of the passengers. I will NEVER buy this tire or a Pirelli tire again as long as I need to buy tires for every vehicle I own. DO NOT BUY THIS TIRE!!! I should’ve gone with an O.E. tire; at least it would’ve been balanced properly.

  8. My truck came with this tire installed and they were quiet, performed well in all conditions (highway, snow, rain and ice) and lasted so I bought another set. This set has been the same as the first with two exceptions. They didn’t last as long as the original set and they were difficult to keep balanced (had to rebalance at every tire rotation). Would buy again but not at this price…

  9. Second set on an Expedition EL- big car. ride, handling and lack of noise is extremely satisfying. I’ve never had problems with balancing. The car always rides like a limo yet handles and corners like a car half it’s size. Only negative is that they are okay in the snow, not great. We go to VT and I would not recommend them in heavy snow. otherwise a great tire.

  10. Overall I was very pleased with the performance of these tires. These tires handled all conditions well and I had very few flats. My only complaint is that the tread wear was terrible. At 35,000 I was almost down to the wear bars on all 4 tires. I was very disappointed. I would gladly recommend these tires to anyone on a performance and safety basis, but would not buy again due to the short tread life.

  11. bought them 74k miles ago, the secret to getting good performance from them has been to inflate them to 48psi all their life, not the 35 stated on the door decal. Was advised to do this by a career aviation mechanic who also worked at 4-day tires, and his advice turned out to be very accurate. Also rotated every 5 – 10k miles. They are large for the wheel size, maybe the max allowed, but I wanted the E rating for hauling and towing. Grip has been great in all weathers (heavy rain but not much ice/snow in CA). Smooth and quiet. After 74k miles they’re not quite on the wear bars but will be soon so am looking for another set for the rainy season.

  12. These tires were put on at 40K, we now have 65K and they are nearly down to the tread wear indicator (10K more miles??). These were never great in wet weather and now are worse with the amount wear. Not sure if these will make through the winter as these were not the best tires I have for winter driving. Will be going with Michelin LTX this time – had great luck with those on other vehicles.

  13. I bought this tire for my 2002 Chevrolet 2500HD Crew Cab Diesel. I was told that they should last 60000 miles although experience has shown me that if I can get 35000 out of a set, I am suprised. When I installed this set, the truck had 145000 miles on it and now it has 170000. At the start they were great, however as time went on even with rotation every 5000 miles (my oil change guy also rotates my tires) I started to notice some pretty significant wear. Because I live in Reno the weather I drive in, is varied. I tow a fifth wheel and other trailers so there alot of highway miles on my tires. I ride dirt bikes in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter so I pay attention to the traction capabilities for dirt and snow. The dirt traction is ok, the noise level is decent, and the snow performance is good. The biggest problem is the life span but I have found that problem with almost every tire because of the weight of the truck. I have to balance the cost, performance, and wear to get the value and this tire is better than most. As a comparison I bought a set of Kumhos a while back and I believe this tire is a better value. I should note that I have some friends that have diesel trucks from Dodge and Ford and they found the same thing regarding tire wear so I discounted that the brand of the truck was a factor.

  14. Came new on the truck. Tread wear seemed ok at first, rotated every 5000 miles. Now the last 10000 miles or so and they are wearing down very fast. No difference in my driving.Absolutely worthless in any snow or mud. Need 4 wheel drive to get out of a flat driveway.I will never buy these again because of the lack of traction in the snow and the wear on them.

  15. I still have these original tires now with a little over 100,000 miles and plan on replacing them very shortly as the tread is finally wearing down; likely with the same tires. Great treadwear having rotated tires at each oil change every 5000-6000 miles. No other issues.

  16. Bought this SUV used and it had a new set of Pireli Scorpions installed. Originally wanted to trade the tires in for a different tire because the tread depth didn’t look deep and the tread pattern didn’t look very agressive. Have been pleasantly suprised as these tires are barely wearing down with a lot of vehicle weight in lots of hard down hill cornering and they are great in wet snow/ice.Live in a hilly area, drive over the Coquihalla highway with no problems year round. Will use them again this winter.

  17. Picked up these tires to supplement the Hankook OE tires. Bought as take-offs from a F-350 with less than 50 miles on them. These are very nice tires that wear extremely well.These tires are substantially better than the OE tires which are still periodically in service. But then comparing P radials with LT radials isn’t fair.

  18. I have been pleased with the Pirelli Scorpion STR tires. They have worn very well and I have not had any issues with them. I have several puncture repairs though so I recently replaced the Pirelli’s with Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus tires. The Bridegestones have a better ride, but only time will tell if these wear as well as the Pirelli’s did.

  19. No more of these for me. Bought a used MKX with these and they were more noisy than I thought they should be, but when it was time for new ones I bought the same ones. About halfway through their tread life I thought my wheel bearings we’re going bad. Mechanic checked all four, and they were fine. Did some research online and found many other people having the same issue. I’m buying new tires next weekend and am going with Falken since I have good luck with them in the past. I shouldn’t have bought the Pirelli’s in the first place, as my mustang had them too and I had the same issue with those.

  20. I pull a 12,000 Lb fifth wheel primarily with this truck. These tires do not stand up to the rigors of pulling and hauling as they wear substantially over the course of a 2,000-3,500 mile trips. Furthermore, especially with Duramax’s, there is a tendency to wear out the front wheel bearings and these tires sound EXACTLY like a bearing going out. Twice, I’ve pulled my bearings to check them – considering the type of towing I do, and found nothing wrong. I didn’t find the true problem until, after a trip to Wisconsin, rotating my well-used rear tires, to the front and purchasing a new set. It quieted my bearing noise but definitely created the same “whine”, now, out back. I was really hoping Pirelli, being a great Over-The-Road tire would translate to my LT – but that wasn’t to be the case…at least for me

  21. Installed a set of Pirelli STR A on my 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4×4 last week. 1) very quiet tires (similar to General Grabber HTS), 2) Very good dry traction making my big Expedition turn well, good handling, without tire noise or sliding, 3) Drove it over Highway 2, from Seattle area to Eastern Washington this weekend, in the snow. Snow was falling at several inches per hour. Expedition 4×4 handled very well in 4-6 inches of new snow, before the plows could remove. The vehicle slowed without traction control or ABS kicking in. It was slow going at 40 mph. Many vehicles were sliding off the highway and many were pulling over to put chains on the tires. The new Pirelli took it with confidence and made it over the pass without losing traction or sliding (the ABS never kicked in during the ride, ie the brakes did not pulsate.). Great tires on sale.

  22. The tires have 8,000 miles on 07 Expedition Eddie Bauer 4×4 with 170K miles. Traction have improved with 8k on tires, improved more during dry driving than wet (even wet improved). Wet traction is not as confident in 2×4 as General Grabber, therefore the 4×4 auto mode is used in wet and snow. The tires are very quiet, with the road thups slightly louder than General Grabber (these were very quiet tires), other cars on the freeway have louder tires. With 8K of tire scuffing, the directional stability on freeway have become better, less wandering in grooved highway. The Expedition was getting 22-24 mpg on flat highway with General and getting 19-22 mpg with Pirelli at 60 mph, driving from Seattle to BC Canada. The Expedition gets synthetic oil every 3K, transmission, transfer case, diff. syn oil every 20K, tune up every 50K, new hubs at 160K, new brakes every 70K, etc…


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