Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus Sizes & review

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The P4 Four Seasons Plus is Pirelli’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for drivers of coupes, sedans and minivans. Designed to help reduce environmental impact, P4 Four Seasons Plus tires combine ride comfort, low noise and reduced rolling resistance with long life and four-season traction on dry, wet and wintry roads, even in light snow.

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus tires feature a silica-rich tread compound made possible through use of innovative materials and processing methods to reduce rolling resistance while enhancing foul-weather traction. The tread compound is molded into a symmetric pattern that features a continuous center rib and independent tread and shoulder blocks that employ computer-designed siping to combine handling on dry roads with traction on wet roads and in winter conditions. Two central circumferential grooves and numerous variable-angle lateral grooves help water escape from between the tire and the road to reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

The Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus features an optimized casing profile with an internal structure that includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon to combine long wear, ride quality and durability. Polyester cord body plies combine strength with ride comfort.


  1. For reference, I live in the Kitchener Waterloo area of Ontario Canada. Have had these for two seasons and they are one of the best tires I have ever had! Tread wear seems really good. But I haven’t directly measured.Was worried because its a new tire design, but they have been great. I didn’t notice just how great they were until I brought my car in for service and they had to keep it for almost a week. Immediately, I noticed that the tires were not great on the loaner so I just thought they were all season. Wrong, they were Michelin X-ice tires and were brand new?! I couldn’t believe it? I’ve only heard good things about X-ice so I was really surprised. Drives well through deep/light snow and slush and on dry/wet roads.Not the greatest on ice (we had freezing rain one morning and the salters did not get out yet) but I feel like the only thing that would be exceptional would be studded tires. It’s not like I was sliding around, but I had to be really really cautious.I’ve liked them so much I purchased a set for another car we just purchased. In short, purchase these tires with confidence!

  2. Got these put on in CT in late October and have been running them since. Had a few small snow falls in CT so far this year and they have performed well. Last week we had 3-4 inches of light fluffy snow and they did have a little sliding with turns entered at greater than 30mph. Stopping distance is good in snow, very good in dry and wet. Haven’t had that much ice yet. The tire is overall very quite, good at highway speeds. At times in the snow I did feel that it did not handle the power of the WRX all that well and I did have some wheelspin and TCS did blink its light a few times. For the price I think I would definitely recommend them, but I would be careful with power delivery on a more powerful car, it seems to bring out the weaknesses of the tire.

  3. I only have about 1500 miles on the tires with my WRX and so far am very satisfied with my purchase. We had an 8 inch snow last week, which made getting around hard, but my WRX just drove as if the roads were dry. Sure, I was careful, but I could stop, start and change direction without any problems. True, they are not the best handling tires on a dry road, feeling a bit wobbly and imprecise, but that is to be expected with any pure winter tire on a car with the power and handling of the WRX, but they seem to be better than average. I plan to keep them on until the middle of March and then put the max summer tires back on until I change them up. Great service from The Tire Rack as well, getting the tires to my installer very fast and in good shape. Don’t know how they compare to other winter tires, but I am pretty happy with my choice.

  4. We bought these tires for my wife’s Lexus over other available winter tires. I was most impressed with the tread depth these tires have over the competition in the same size. I was able to drive home on completely dry roads with which these tires handled great (no noticeable difference over All Season just removed, the noise was less). Living in Rochester NY, we have been able to drive in all conditions – dry , wet, slush and of course snow. These tires paired up with the Lexus make an awesome combination. The do not feel like they “float” when the roads are watered covered and handled the ice covered side roads very well. Light to moderate snow is not a problem either. I feel very comfortable that these tires will serve my wife well this winter. Time will tell on the tread wear and we will see how they handle next winter.. Don’t be shy about trying these tires..

  5. I’m located in the midwest where winter conditions vary widely from day to day. I’ve had Michelin xIce xI3, and General Altimax Arctics in the past (on FWD Honda vehicles). I decided to try these Pirelli Ice Zero FR tires on my RWD e320. I have Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires for the other 3 seasons, so I’m comparing these Pirelli’s to a very well-rated Michelin:In normal/dry conditions, these feel like my Michelin all season tires. By far the best of any snow tire I’ve usedThese are also as quiet as my MXM4’s, except for a little tread hum around 55-60 mph. Quietest snow tire I’ve used on dry pavement.Stability is excellent, even on the highway; they corner like an all season when roads are dry, and they didn’t mess with my steering/alignment “feel” like the Xi3 did on my last vehicle.In light snow and freezing rain (ice), traction/braking is on par with snow tires I’ve run in the past. Really no better or worse, but those were both highly rated winter tires (so these Pirelli’s are excellent).Of the 3 snow tires I’ve owned, these are by far the best “per dollar” value.The only negative I can say is that they hydroplane worse than an all-season tire in a torrential downpour, but downpours are rare in the winter.Cannot comment on tread wear or deep snow traction yet, but overall I am extremely satisfied with the tires. I would buy these again in a heartbeat

  6. These are the first set of snow tires I’ve ever driven. I only have 1500 miles or so on these tires, but I am very impressed. We had a mild winter this year, so I can’t comment on deep snow performance. They have been excellent in light snow – I have to really try in order to make them slide. On ice they perform much better than the OE all-seasons, but ice can still be a problem when cornering. The steering response is sluggish compared to the (almost bald) all-seasons, but I have read that about all snow tires. These are quite a bit louder than the OE all-seasons, but not enough to be bothersome. When these were brand new, they would hum pretty loud at about 40mph on smooth pavement. This has since gone away. Since these don’t have a treadlife warranty, I was worried they would wear out very quickly. I haven’t measured them, but they haven’t worn noticeably in 1500 miles.

  7. Haven’t had a ton of windshield time with these tires but from what I can tell they bite more than my 7 year old blizzaks which still have 9/10 tread (I’m sure they are dried out now and should be replaced). These have a much more responsive steering feel vs other snow tires I’ve owned and are quieter. They still have that wallow of course but that’s to be expected in a soft compound. My wife drove through some very adverse weather last week – very icy roads in which many people could barely get up gradual inclines – the roads were a disaster – and she said she could get around with ease and didn’t understand why people were having problems. I reminded her she was driving an AWD vehicle with proper tires for the conditions. I’m very impressed with these for an ice and snow tires and they provide a very good compromise between ice/snow traction and dry weather performance for slightly spirited driving.

  8. This is the first set of Pirelli tires I’ve ever owned, and I’ll say that I’m not overly impressed. The tires do handle wet weather pretty well, which is the main reason I bought them. They are mostly middling when it comes to try capabilities. I can’t comment on snow traction as I have a dedicated set of winter tires. They do appear to be holding up very well so far, which kind of stinks…Why does good tire life stink? Well, I’m going to be stuck with these for a while, and they are a disappointment in the road noise and ride comfort categories. These tires are loud, and they are not smooth riding. After installing the tires, I thought the tire shop had done a poor job of balancing them. After a week of driving, I brought the car to another tire shop to have another tire balancing done. I had the same result; these tires are just rough.

  9. purchased these tires from tire rack and had them installed on my 1995 corolla on july 3,2015.it is now august 15,2020. so far i have 43,782 miles on these tires and have plenty of tred life left.i have the tires balanced and rotated every 5,000 miles. this is an excellant tire as far as im concered.i clean the tires once a month; never with a power washer, just some neutral ph soap and a scrub brushand rince off with a hose. when dry i always apply meguires hyper dressing diluted 4 to 1 to the tires. i seriously think that the meguires dressing helps prolong the life of the tires.tires are very quiet and give a confortable ride. we will see what the next 40,000 brings but i thinkthese tires are very capabile of doing it. my driving style is average and i very rarely go over 60 mphand most important i check tire pressure when tires are cold before driving at least twice a week.

  10. I have 2 homes and a relatively new Sierra A/T. These tires are on a Subaru Outback. Night and day in the snow versus the OEM tires. Way less road noise to boot. The Subaru now handles better on the 1000 foot dirt driveway (plowed to a 3 inch height) than the Sierra in 4WD. The other house has a 600 foot paved driveway that is about a 20% grade going up from the street. Goes up with no problem in light snow. Used to be a scary ride with the OEM tires but these are game changers. I know there are better rated all season tires (Michelin) but good for them because I’m thrilled with these.I have a friend who owns a tire shop (I’ve since moved away) and I could switch out tires at cost, so I’ve driven every tire under the sun and the best bang for the buck are Generals. But since the Generals which are way cheaper than these, andnot quite rated as good (close, though) were not available, I went with these. It truly is night and day. My wife drives the Sierra (yeah, I drive the mom mobile) and she was shocked when she recently drove it. She said it drove better than when it was brand new. Yup. Subaru should do their homework and get better OEM tires. Maybe they have but not in 2011. I once got 4 tires (won’t name the brand) that were rated to get 70K miles. It was like driving on those old hard non inflated bicycle tires. Got rid of them after a week. These are also rated for something in that range and with the good snow rating (which should mean softish) I thought something was amiss. But they ride nice on all surfaces. If I get 40K miles, I’ll be happy. I highly recommend these tires.

  11. I absolutely hate the Ecopia low rolling resistance tires that came on our Prius. Upgraded to these PIRELLI P4 FOUR SEASONS +, they are probably the best touring tire I’ve ever owned. Wonderful in the city, suburbs, and highway. Very little road noise and steering response is great for a touring tire. I run winter tires so I can’t comment on snow & ice traction.

  12. Best all around tire I’ve had. Living in MN I’m slightly dissapointed with deeper snow/ice traction – that bring said I’ve had many all-season radials that were much worse. The wet traction is amazing I can go 65-70 mph in heavy rain (with awd) without hydroplaning at all. Pretty noisey of a tire, but great treadware. I’ve recommended these to many friends/family.

  13. Compared to the OEM Continential tires, the Pirelli’s are MUCH noisier to the point where anyone who sits in the back seat of my Outback comments on it. In the Tire Rack review section, appears that this same issue is noted by other customers who also have these tires on their Subaru’s. Since other reviews from people with these tires on different makes of vehicle remark about how quiet they, may this is an issue with incompatibility of the all-wheel drive of the Subaru and the make-up of the Pirelli’s?

  14. Buying my third set of these tires. I have 50,000 miles on the set on my Subaru Impreza. I liked the combination of good handling in all conditions, long life, and cost. I bought another set for our Prius. Mileage went down about 2 mpg but handles much better than stock LRR tires so it feels safer. Buying another set for my impreza.

  15. I previously used to buy Hankook tires until I realized that paying a little more per tire gets you better everything. The better I have control of the car the better I can do to avoid accidents. Totally worth the money. The 90k mile warranty isn’t bad either. I doubt I will ever get to the 90k because I only have 83k miles on my car and have been through 2 sets of the Hankook Optimo H727.

  16. I got my money’s worth out of these tires–it’s coming up to around 70,000 miles on them but they’re _really_ noisy…probably due to the rubber compound being so hard; they’re high-mileage tires.Although there’s still more tread on the tires than the safe/legal minimum limit, they don’t grab very well on wet roads–the tire spins-out from a stop on wet pavement ’til it grabs a second or two later…and we’re not talking about punching the accelerator, either–a pointless endeavor with a Scion xA!

  17. I drive a 2012 Lexus ES350. This is the second time I installed new tires. I live in Chicago suburbs and main requirement is snow/winter/rain traction tires. First set of tires were changed around 65K miles, I went with Good Year Assurance triple tred. They lasted about 60K miles and were getting to the end of the tire tread. I was going to get new tires after this winter season but I hit a nail which was not repairable, and had to buy a new set of tires. My options were Good Year Assurance Weather Ready, Pirelli Cinturato P7, Pirelli P4 four seasons plus. I did not want to go with Good Year Assurance as my old tires made a lot of road noise (low and high speeds) and I was not a big fan. I finally went with Pirelli P4’s (still debating if I should have gone with P7 Cinturato). First take, the road noise is gone. It is a very quite ride so far. I drove 20+ miles in cold weather, slushy roads, and the drive was good. I will update the review after driving some more miles.

  18. This is the first set of Pirellis I have owned. I drive a 2016 Nissan Altima base model. I’ve been interested in them in the past, but whether it was the unknown or thinking they were too “exotic” (LOL) I always opted for Michelin or Goodyear. I’ve also driven on Cooper and Dayton (only because they came on the car I purchased at the time (thanks for nothing, Nissan, for putting crap tires on a new car)).I’ve been driving for 37 years. I drive part time for Lyft and Uber . I drive very aggressively.I can say without question, these Pirelli tires are the BEST TIRES I HAVE EVER DRIVEN ON! I can’t say enough good things about them. The only negative I might say is that they could get me in trouble because I think I can take a sharp turn at 60 mph (about 50 mph in the rain).If you’re in the market for this type of tire, get these Pirellis!

  19. I picked up a set of four of these and had them mounted and balanced on my 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L. They replaced a set of Hankooks that were loud and fast wearing. These tires are so quiet, I can’t believe the difference. I rode home from the tire store in a torrential downpour and the tires held to road and made turns with no issue. In addition, it seems potholes have become smaller, in reality, the tires are making them seem like no big deal. I will write an update in a few months after I have put a couple of thousand miles on them.

  20. I purchased this tire in a slightly oversized width and got a great deal from Tire Rack and Pirelli. I look for a quiet ride, a smooth ride and especially good wet weather traction and control. I rotate them out when winter comes in favor of studded winter tires. These tires do exactly what I expect. Overall, a great tire for the money.

  21. Just got a set of Pirelli P4’s installed on my 2014 Toyota Camry. So far so good, I mainly look at the driving comfort and the noise levels when driving a car. I feel the noise level is pretty decent with these tires (A little quieter than the Michelin Energy Saver A/S tires that came with my car as a factory option). The traction is excellent both in dry and wet conditions, so is the braking performance. I have definitely seen a small dip in the fuel economy though (Probably because these tires are very new), went down from 30 to 28 mpg. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend getting these tires if you have a low budget. Also, Sam’s club has some really good deals on all the Pirellis. Not to mention, but I got all the 4 tires installed for 350 bucks (including taxes).

  22. I purchased these tires not even year ago, and initially, everything was great. However, around 10,000 miles everything started going downhill. Rain traction is minimum and forget about having snow traction. As of this review, we had our first light snow (about a coating) and the tires spun as if I were driving on ice. In fact, I couldn’t even get out of my driveway. Summer tires would have performed better than that.I’m a little over 14k miles, and I’m already going to need new tires. I would not suggest buying these at all. Worst tire purchase I’ve ever made.

  23. So on this 2008 fit it eats most tire brands for lunch….It has to do with the rear fit axle that are constantly manufactured wrong.tried les schwabs Formosa….ate it..compete threads by 10,000 miles.switched to Pirelli and this tire is still running on the car currently well past 80,000 miles. 4 season model.so now after a very hot summer…2nd year Ive lost 2 of the pirellis due to heat. one tire the band seperated/the other was eaten by the honda axle problem down to the threads.But happy to say 2 tires still have deep tread…the 3rd has deep tread but the band separated.I did notice these tires are like the OEM dunlops which have a hard rubber edge on the tires. The ride is a little hard on pirellis but econobox Honda’s never rode well on any tire.the rubber compound is so hard….when you take off quickly the tire loses traction on dry ground.but this is definitely a good long lasting tire for city…/highway.just keep it in the garage on days over 100 degrees. (tires breakdown)

  24. My overall experience with this tire is bad. I drive in a state where I get all four seasons. And this tire is pretty disappointing for the brand. It does have an incredible if not the highest mileage warranty but, with a tire that lasts long and has a hard rubber compound doesn’t benefit all that much. I’ve had these tires for two winters and in both I slipped, got stuck. Even to get going with these tires I had to start super slow so I wouldn’t spin. These tires act like summer tires. And for being all season is disappointing. For wet conditions I would hydroplane in moderate rain conditions. As for summer these tires preform great but as any tire is. Even a cheap tire shop tire would do just as good in the summer. Overall I would not buy these tires again and wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

  25. THis tire is rated for 90000 miles treadwear; I will be happy to see 40000 miles if I am lucky. The tread wear reading is between three and 4 tread depth left on the tires. I did,nt expect 90000 but 70000 would have been nice.

  26. This tire is great in terms of traction and comfort. I drove from Wisconsin to California with these tires and went through 3 snowstorms and an ice storm. There was never a point where I lost traction. My biggest complaint with this tire is the tread life. It’s rated for 90k miles and mine already need to be replaced at 45k. I certainly wasn’t expecting to reach 90k, but to only get half of the rated life is frustrating.

  27. I purchased these tires last July and have only driven 3000 miles on them. What I hate about them is that my Gas Mileage has dropped 5 MPG since installing these tires. Due to this fact, I would NOT Recommend them to anyone.

  28. I have purchased four (4) complete sets of Pirelli tires for this Volvo since I acquired the car used. The first set was at 77,000 miles replacing the factory original Pirellis. The second set was at 117,000 miles. The third set was at 169,000 miles. The newest set of Pirelli P4 4 Seasons Plus tires were installed at 229,000 miles. So life to date, over a period of 12 years, I am averaging 51,000 miles per set. The most miles I have ever gotten out the Pirellis has been 60,000 miles even though they are rated for 70-90K. The reason I’ve never achieved the manufacturer’s mileage guarantee is due to road hazards (blowouts; screws or failure of the sidewall) of one of the tires necessitating replacement of the entire set. Each time I received a price adjustment for the remaining life of the tires. The reason I have stayed with Pirelli is their wet roadholding and performance is very good. I drive in heavy rain most days and I have never hydroplaned even in standing water at 70 mph. I get great peace of mind with these tires, so they are worth the price.

  29. I did everything by the book, 25000 miles later, the tires are making an extremely loud and noisy roaring, I thought I was losing bearings, I spun when in the air and took it to 2 different shops, all confirmed tires are the issue, and unusual wear, mostly due poor manufacturing.tires also wabble when car sets outside in cold weather (midwest cold), they will stop wabbling after driving 10 miles or so.I wish i had gone Hankook, those were MUCH better in every aspect!


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