Pirelli Cinturato P7 (W- or Y-Speed Rated) Sizes & review

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The Cinturato P7 tires featuring W- and Y-speed ratings are Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sport coupes and sedans. The Cinturato P7’s unique combination of qualities have been made possible by Pirelli’s Green Performance approach to developing products offering a synergy of driving pleasure, performance, safety and respect of the environment. The Pirelli Ecoimpact icons on the sidewalls of Cinturato P7 tires highlight their contribution to the environment with regards to energy efficiency, clean air, low noise and long wear. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius), so the Cinturato P7 tires, like all summer tires, are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The Cinturato P7 uses a low rolling resistance tread compound that features technologically advanced polymers to increase grip on wet and dry roads while it reduces vehicle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design that promotes even wear, improves ride comfort and reduces noise levels. A robust shoulder and continuous ribs on the outboard portion of the tire enhance lateral grip on dry roads while four circumferential channels provide efficient expulsion of water from the contact patch to enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by nylon cap plies to provide high speed-durability.

Note: Cinturato P7 tires are designed and produced using eco-focused manufacturing methods and feature low rolling resistance (LRR) compounds and constructions to enhance the vehicle fuel economy of their Original Equipment applications. These tires are identified as such with Pirelli’s Ecoimpact designation on their Sizes and Specs pages.


  1. After several moderate to high performance Audis, for my style and requirements of driving Pirelli has always been my choice. This car is driven hard and I do track days occasionally. These tires are as good a street tire as I have ever come across, but they are not for wet or cold conditions. There is some noise and ride harshness, but that is not a factor for me.

  2. These are the best all around tire for my vehicle. I like them better then the michilen pss as they are a slightly softer compound 260 compared to 300. They are less prone to spin from a jump or aggressive cornering and lasted longer as a result. Very hard to break loose. The sidewalls are not as stiff which makes for a better ride but you loose a little in cornering stiffness as a result. First summer compound tire I will be purchasing again after over 4 years and 60,000 miles driven with the car. Noise is almost absent. And they perform from a jump or a roll with tenasions grip and corner very well. I truly love this tire.

  3. Ok ride overall, but on hard cornering they are limited and squeal like a pig. Wear is poor given the lack of grip. Mine are at the wear line now. They did seem to wear fairly even.

  4. I mainly use my s4 for commuting. I have taken my car on several club drives and these tires can only be taken so far.. They are not max performance and drive well under hard conditions for a UHP tire. These are pretty quiet ok asphalt and howl on concrete. I believe this ri be normal on most tires in this class. I’ve noticed significant feathering on the shoulder blocks, which isn’t s tire issue;however, I’ve seen it earlier on these tires than on other tires. Decent tires, know your limits for this class of tire and you’ll be happy with these.

  5. Do Not buy Pirelli 225/45 R18 91y Runflats!! Have a 2014 bmw that had these on them and lasted 25,000 miles. So we decided to put the same ones on again…big mistake!! I dont know what they changed or if we got a bad set of Pirelli tires but in 4 months they only lasted 5,000 miles on our 2 back tires!!! We called Pirelli and all they would do is give us 10% off new tires!! Pirelli said they were sorry but their runflats dont have any warranty like their other tires…which they conveniently they do Not tell you when purchasing them…and it does Not say there is no warranty on the Pirelli website!! They know people would not buy them if they knew there was No warranty!! Even our BMW dealership said it was ridiculous and we noticed they are only using all season tires now and are using more bridgestone & other brands now on the new BMW’s. I am a 47yr old lady that does not hot rod and have never had issues with tires in the past. I should Not have to replace pricey Pirelli tires after only 4 months…& only 5,000 miles on them!!! And those 5,000 miles were mostly highway miles. I would Never buy horrible Pirelli tires ever again!!

  6. I wanted to replace the factory tires that came with my Cruz, after some research I choose these. I drive approximately 60% highway and 40% city. The first thing I noticed is how much quieter and smoother they were. There was a marked increase in dry and wet traction and hydroplaning was virtually none-existent. There is limited scrub during cornering during dry, even when I tried to push the tires to the limit of road adhesion they held on with no squealing. I will swap out these tires for my Pirelli winter Carving tires so I won’t be able to comment on these in winter snow and ice conditions. I recommend these tires and the price point was below what I would expect for a tire with this type of performance.

  7. Purchased these to replace Michelin Supersports on my daily driver and am very happy with the results. Very quiet (especially on a car with not much sound insulation), noticeably softer construction for a smooth ride (as well as being noticeably lighter), and great traction in dry and wet conditions. I am a very spirited driver that enjoys taking empty backroads or twisty on-ramps quite hard and am an experienced racer/trackday goer that is very nerdy about my tire selections. Overall, for a daily driven street car, these are as good as you’ll ever need and also make for a very comfortable cruiser on the highway. Compared to the Supersports, they do not provide as much cornering grip and seem to flex a bit more (more sips along the outer edges compared to a semi-slick design on the Supersports) which equates to a little less feedback and feeling when really pushing them hard. However, I’m not fighting 1/2 second times when I’m driving for fun and most drivers are not experienced or skilled enough to notice the differences under heavy cornering loads. For my driving they are still good enough to give me a smile and not leave me wanting more. Can’t comment on tire wear so far but that has never concerned me much; the car isn’t driven much and they usually dry-rot before needing replacing.Overall I am happy that I traded a little performance for comfort, as well as a bit cheaper than other comparable choices. When you rarely drive 80%+ of the car’s capability, especially on a daily driver where you’re cruising most of the time, then a tire like this makes more sense.

  8. I was looking to replace the Kumho runflats on my sc430 and the difference in road feel and responsiveness is like night and day.With the hardtop up, it drives like a luxury coupe is meant to be,quiet and no more jarring.I also liked the concept of being environmentally in tune when the P7 was developed and so far,these tires have delivered in their claims of better stopping ability and increased fuel consumption.So far, so good!

  9. OE on my Audi A4, rotated twice in its life, 1st at 4000 mile second at 9000 mile, now it comes to 15000 mile and they need to be replaced. Dry & wet traction are both good for normal driving, but may not be sufficient if u drive a bit aggressive. It gives a bit vague steering response when u maneuver quickly. Also be aware that both wet & dry traction start degrade quickly at around 10000mile.

  10. I’m using this tire on my VW Scirocco (couldnt find in list). I was using PZero Rosso on my previous car (Golf GT) and be sure there is a huge difference, I mean these tires are great at dry and wet. When I first saw these Pirellis on Scirocco I feel disappointed because of my previous Rosso experience, but I think Pirelli has learned its lesson well.

  11. I must say this tire does alright on the dry pavement. I drive like a lunatic tho and let me tell you how stabil my car was at 130 going down an expressway that was a 45 zone. It felt like a mountain that couldnt be jittered or moved at all. It was as planted as a sequoia and this was all in the rain. Great stability maybe it was the caar itself tho. My other car i wouldnt of felt comfotable going faster than 65-70 in the same conditions. So these tires are commendable in the rain and do ok on dry pavement its a good performance luxury hybrid all tire.

  12. After the original Tyres Dunlop sport 600 i set the Pirrelli Cinturato P7.There is a lot of difference betweenthe two tires,is like to drive another car.The dry and wet traction are wonderful.Even in Snow the traction is respectable and seriously in my last travel (Going to Sky ) i found a lot Snow.In all conditions the P7 wins.Really i thought that this tires was design to this car instead the Dunlop.

  13. Tire is good if you dont drive quickly or if your car has a lower weight but I feel like every time I make a hard turn the back end washes out – I thought it was the suspension but i just had upgraded swaybars put in and the back end still looses control in hard corners – very dissapointing for a tire with good reviews! I will try a goodyear or michelin next.

  14. This tire was OE on my Audi S4. It has mediocre performance and poor thread life. After the Pirellis wore out in 21,000 miles, I replaced them with Pilot Super Sport, which have much better turn-in, better feel, traction, and comfort, and have a higher threadwear rating.

  15. These were the stock OEM tires on my 2014 Audi S4. The car has been driven spiritedly on the street in mostly dry conditions in Southern California. Grip has been average for this performance car, as well as steering responsiveness especially over bumpy surfaces. The edges of the tires have worn quicker than the center and are down to their wear indicators.

  16. I was looking for a high performance tire to put on my Solstice and after lots of research I settled on these Pirellli P7 Y rated tires. One of the best tire decisions I’ve made! I was immediately struck by how amazingly quiet they are. My top was down on a warm spring day right after I had them installed and I was blown away by the fact that I could not hear the tires rolling at all, I had to listen hard for the whisper. Handling has been a dream so far, I’ve had them since spring and I put the car away mid-October. I did a long highway trip to British Columbia from the prairies and it was a beautiful drive through the mountains with these. Awesome ride, great cornering, excellent through any rain and super responsive all the way through. I’ve found city driving to be really good too, very precise steering. I rave about these tires to my friends and do not hesitate recommending them. I can’t really speak to tread wear just yet but the tread looks pretty much the same after the first season of driving with equal city and highway miles (about 5,000 total).

  17. These tires are trash. I put less than 20,00 miles on them & they are more than down to the wear bar. I have had these tires less than a year & they are already bald. I will be needing a new set & you can bet they won’t be Pirelli.

  18. These tires were purchased and installed in September 2017 and with less than 23,000 mile on them I have to replace them. These are on my wife’s car which she uses mostly to go back and forth to work (about 8 miles each way). She also uses it to do her regular shopping and I do live in a fairly rural area of NE PA so a trip to the grocery store is a 20 min drive. We are both in our 50’s and her driving style is the person who always drives the speed limit so not an aggressive driver at all. Using the Penney method all but the very very top of Abe’s head is visible on all 4 tires. Tire wear is even on all 4 tires and the tires were rotated every 5,000 miles. Last night in the rain there was serious slip-age on acceleration from a stand still and while trying to accelerate from approximately 30mph. When we first put these tires on my wife LOVED them. The traction was fantastic and they did well in the snow. The longevity of the tire is TOTALLY lousy and I would not buy them again nor recommend them. Looking at other tires. Original price $544.80


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