Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus Sizes & review

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The Cinturato P7 All Season Plus is Pirelli’s Grand Touring All-Season tire designed for the drivers of touring and luxury touring cars looking for tires offering predictable handling, everyday comfort and all-season traction. Developed to be environmentally friendly, Pirelli’s EcoImpact icons confirm the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus’ contribution to the environment with regards to energy efficiency, clean air, low noise and long wear. Designed to be driven in America’s diverse weather conditions, the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus features lower weight, less rolling resistance and reduced noise while enhancing wet braking and year-round traction, even in light snow.

Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires use a tread compound that features low oil and high-silica content to reduce braking distances and rolling resistance. This compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design that blends dry handling with wet road and wintertime traction. A continuous outboard shoulder promotes steering response while the pitch sequencing and phasing of multiple inboard tread block sizes reduce pattern noise. Four wide circumferential grooves help evacuate water to increase hydroplaning resistance while engineered lateral and longitudinal sipes increase the number of biting edges to enhance wet road and wintertime traction.

To enhance high-speed durability, handling ride quality and wear, the tire’s internal structure features twin, lightweight steel belts reinforced by variable-tension spirally wrapped polyamide. The Cinturato P7 All Season Plus features a progressively flexible sidewall to cut down on deformation and unnecessary dispersal of energy, thereby reducing rolling resistance.

Note: Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires are designed and produced using eco-focused manufacturing methods, in addition to featuring low rolling resistance (LRR) compounds and constructions to enhance vehicle fuel economy. These tires are identified as such with Pirelli’s Ecoimpact designation on their Sizes and Specs pages.


  1. I purchased these tires because of the high ratings. I soon learned how wrong those ratings were. These tires are terrible on damp or wet pavement. They have actually gotten so bad I don’t feel safe on wet roads anymore. It has been this way from the beginning and is now much worse. I wanted to get the Michelin Premier A/S which I have installed on my wife’s car and love them. Unfortunately they were not made in my size but now are. I will replace the Pirelli’s as soon as possible.

  2. I’m writing this review after I got the full life from these tires. After first getting them so noticed they cornered much better than the stock Michelin. The road noise was about the same except for the slapping noise when running over the joints on the concrete. After 5k miles I was getting vibration at highway speeds. So I got them reblanced again. That helped but still was a problem. 2k miles later had them rebalance again. Still not good. After many more attempts still not good. Finally noticed at 20k miles on of the tire treads was split( was told it was a manufacture defect and replaced. Vibration got better but never really went away. Many rebalancing events just waiting for the tires to wear out. Close to the end I noticed at low speeds my steering wheel started moving side to side. The treads where slipping. Finally they where worn out. Replaced tires with Michelin and finally I got my smooth riding vibration free car back. If you get vibration at all take them back. I can’t recommend this tire.

  3. This is a responsive and long-wearing tire. It handles extremely well on dry and wet pavement. It sheds water really well, even in heavy downpours, delivering good traction. The tread is not very good on ice or heavy snow, though, since the horizontal grooves of the tread don’t have much bite. This is a serious concern in places where winter is a good chunk of the year.

  4. These tires are good all-around performers. They are great in the dry and wet. However, if there is standing water, it does hydroplane quite a bit. It was more hydroplane resistant when new, but after about 30k miles, that resistance is greatly reduced. It has been better than expected in snow. The 5″ snow storm that paralyzed NYC did not bother these tires whatsoever. I took back roads and steep hills to avoid heavy traffic and these tires didn’t skip a beat. They also wear very well. After 46k, I still have 6/32nd left all around. I highly recommend these tires for light snow, dry and wet conditions. Just be aware that hydroplane resistance could be much better.

  5. 245 45 40 xl tires are super quiet and very comfortable riding had run flat tires very noisy after replacing tires my caddy rode so quiet and comfortable that I couldn’t believe how bad the run flats were if you want a great almost silent and comfy tire go with the p7 pirelli after 30000 miles still have 7/32 left just make sure you check air pressure on them at least once a month.

  6. What can be said about these tires other than AWESOME! on my Diesel Golf at 55K they looked like they were almost new…too bad I was in the VW Diesel Gate Buy Back program or I would still be driving on these. Now have the gas golf and after 35K on OEM Falkens, I just put these same shoes on this Golf. Super quiet, smooth and great handling wet or dry…should last for 60-80K to be sure. with Tire Rack $40 for South Bend delivery it was a great deal!

  7. I bought these tires based on the recommendations from the reviews I had read. While I felt the tires handled well, treadlife seemed to be good, and road noise was acceptable, the durability of these tires was absolutely terrible. I bought the original set, and replace two of the tires due to broken sidewall belts, after picking up nails and other road debris on what seemed like a monthly basis. After two more sidewall broken belts and finally split tread on one of the tires, I replaced the tires with a set of Conti PureContact LS.Honestly, I liked the handling of the Pirelli’s better than the Conti’s, but could no longer deal with the constant trips to my tire dealer for plugs and replacements. I have NEVER had a side wall bulge, never had a split tread, and have not changed anything about my driving style – the only thing that changed was the tires. I have read other reviews more recently about similar issues, and my observations were confirmed by my tire dealer.I hate writing this review because I really did like the tires, and wish Pirelli could do more about the quality and durability issues, and stand behind their product when there are obvious problems.

  8. Just hit 100K miles on this set of tires. Had them rotated with oil change and should last another 10K. Easy driving mostly highway miles in California, happy with the tires and was very pleasantly surprised at the treadwear. The OEM tires that came with the car Yokohama BlueEarth lasted only 40K with similar driving but had around 2 MPG better gas mileage than these Pirellis. Overall, very satisfied.

  9. These P7’s are a great all around tire for my spirited style. There are tires that handle better, do better in heavy rain, and in dry conditions, but you’ll pay a lot more for them. I have these on my daily driver and my girl’s car, and have no worries about us driving anywhere or anytime. The gas mileage is pretty good with the P7’s too.

  10. After 24,500 miles on the BF Goodrich gforce Comp2 A/S, I did notice that they were getting louder, and at times, my traction control light would come on when taking an exit ramp curve. They were becoming slippy.. To make a long story short, last Monday, NTB installed 4 Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires. Tire Rack shipped them in 1 day from Delaware to Pittsburgh. I’ve got over 1000 miles on them already, and they are extremely quiet. No problems in heavy rain. They feel a little bit softer than the BFG tires, but they are not squishy. PSI is at 35 – had them at 37, went back to 35 after the first 600 miles. No perceptible range loss – temps have been above freezing here in the Pittsburgh area – car is still charging to 43 to 45 milesAlthough some of the reviews of this tire from Tire Rack were negative about its performance in wet conditions, I’ve not had a problem when driving in downpours. Hoping to get at least 50K out of them. The roads around southwestern PA are tough on tires. I’m driving anywhere between 100 to 200 miles a day, so I’ll report back in a few months after we get some snow. Stay tuned.

  11. I bought these for my Jeep Cherokee. I wanted a softer and quieter ride than the stock Continentals (which had great handling and wet performance, but seemed to transmit every minor bump and imperfection in the road.) The P7s were the highest rated for ride and low noise in my size, and they did not disappoint. Very quiet, I am actually hearing some wind noise I never heard before. The ride is much improved over minor bumps. It is not a sedan ride, but I don’t expect that from a Jeep.Handling is very good, which it was before because of the frame the Cherokee shares with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. But the feel is much different than the Continentals, which were much more direct and hard riding. The pirelli’s by contrast have a an almost fly by wire feel to them. I wanted the softer ride, so I can’t complain. The feedback from the road is much more subtle, and it took some getting used to. So handling is still good, just different.Overall I really like the tires. I got my smooth quiet ride.

  12. I really wasn’t sure about going with Pirelli’s in general after hearing many in person opinions that were mixed, at best. I did my own research and decided to take a risk on these P7 Plus’ and it has been ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! This was the second set I have purchased and I will continue to do so as long as I am able. The good:Winter traction – These quite frankly have no business being as good as they are in winter conditions, including my own experience driving in up to 8 inches of snow and through nearly whiteout winter storms where I was able to confidently and easily maintain 60mph on the highway while passing everyone else who were limited to 30mph due to inferior tires. Owning these, I never once even considered the possibility of purchasing a set of dedicated snow tires as it was unnecessary.Ride quality – The side wall does feel a little stiffer and it is noticeable over hard bumps/potholes. That said, I have never experienced tires that minimize normal road vibrations so extremely well! These tires really feel like they glide without feeling “floaty”.Fuel economy – Before switching to these tires, I would regularly get between 26-28mpg on the highway. With these tires, I regularly get around 32mpg hwy in the same conditions and have hit as high as 38mpg on the highway in ideal conditions!The bad:Noise – While these tires are exceptionally quiet most of the time once you break them in, that is not the case when you first mount them. Until you’ve driven 1000-3000 miles on them, they can be noisy enough that I could see it being annoying if you do not have a car with adequate sound insulation. After the initial break in, they can still be mildly noisy only on certain types of pavement, but not enough to be bothersome in any way.Overall I will definitely be purchasing these again and will continue to recommend them very highly to anyone asking!

  13. Had the ExtremeContact DWS 06 tires on my car for a year when one popped from a giant pothole. These were the only tires in stock in my size at the nearest tire shop.Replaced the 2 rears with these tires 20,000 miles ago.Everything has been horrible since then.As soon as I got on the highway, you can feel the car pulling left to right from the concrete roadways which no other tire I have owned has done. Took back to tire shop because I thought the alignment was off and they rechecked and could not find any issues. On the grooved concrete you will feel the pulling, but on asphalt they feel sturdy and firm however here in Denver, CO the road is 50% asphalt and 50% concrete so daily I notice this. At highway speeds the tires fight back and forth aggressively and is very scary feeling. The car literally bounces left to right when going 65+ MPH.Then we have the snow. These “All season” tires work OK in light snow with constant slip but compared to the DWS tires, these are trash. Once you get deep snow, make sure you have a tow took because they just spin and give no grip. Ice traction is even worse. There was a snowstorm and 2 days later there was still a patch of ice on a flat surface. After I stopped the tires could not gain ANY traction. Eventually had to take off the traction control and redline to get off the ice patch. Snow cornering, these start to slide first compared to the DWS tires.These tires honestly are TRASH. I have never felt more unsafe in dry/snow weather. Even though they still have 80% tread left on them, I am trashing them to try out the CrossClimate+ tires next week.When cornering and braking in snow/ice you can feel the DWS tires griping much more to the point the back end starts sliding to the side since there is so much more grip in the front.+ points since rain traction was OK along with turning traction on dry asphalt.Will never buy these again.

  14. Rode 60,000 miles on these tires before buying another exact set. Could’ve probably gone another 4K miles before hitting the wear indicators on the tires. All four tires wore evenly. Recommend tire rotation every oil change. Here in Florida the weather is great all year round, so they are excellent for summer. Tire performed very well during rainy season which was the primary reason we bought the tires. With heavy rains never lost confidence with these tires. Saved $217 since the last time I purchased from Tire Rack due to close out.

  15. I run these tires on my BMW and my Alfa Romeo. Great all around tire on wet and dry roads. I’m also putting these on my Audi A6. I’ve been very impressed with the long tread life and even wear. Not a tire for auto cross, but for a daily driver, it’s hard to beat.

  16. The Pirelli CinturatoP7 All Season Plus II Size: 235/50R18 Mounted on My Credit Union Owned 2016 LTZ Limited Fleet ChevroletIt’s the only way to see the usa.Good Year Eagles, Z rated tires are a standard on this Vehicle. It’s a LTZ Limited 2016 Fleet A specially designed vehicle .Gm and Enterprise Auto rental designed this car to meet Enterprise highest standards for their Chevy line of Vehicles. This car was Enterprise’s #1 vehicle top of it’s American Line.” You can only purchase one from Enterprise Auto Sales, or at the AuctionThe Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II – Size: 235/50R18 Mounted on my VehicleSuccessfully replaced the Good Year Z rated Eagles that came stock with the car. Before I decided to go Italian, I ran two sets of Good Year Eagles.Those Z’s were nice, more noisy, well performing , very fast rating, and the front wheel drive wasted them at 30,000 miles.Not a mile more either. If your car is not high performance you don’t need the Z rating.The 2016 Chevy LTZ300hp 6spd electronic transmission, 254 Foot lbs of torque any where in the RPM, Variable Valved Timing,moon roof, Bose stereo. It is one very sleepy looking muscle car. A real Ma and Pa with kids.At speed + the car actually begins to compress the suspension, creating aerodynamic conditions that the faster the car is travelingthe likely hood of it going airborne is swiftly reduced.It negotiates any sudden direction change at speeds well. It is a quick handling car that behind the wheel you have no roomto relax and look at the scenery. You get a sudden pain filled screaming cramp in your steering arm, and you are not going to stay on the road. You are Crashed. If you hit it hard out of the gate, and you don’t hold tight to the Steering wheel, You will immediately be off road.The front wheel drive axel is shorter on the right front then the Left front. You take off, your steering wheel will be immediately pulled hard to the right,then just as hard to the left.

  17. Good tires overall. Dry traction is good as well as road noise and comfort. Wet traction is good but could be better. Snow and ice are medium. These tires were a great value. I am at 75,000 and will likely go a couple thousand more until they need replacing.

  18. The wet traction on these tires is absolutely horrifying. It is junk. If feels like I’m driving around with bald tires. I have probably have at least of the treadwear left and it is a complete disaster. The slightest amount of water on the road in these things feel like I’m driving on wet snow. The wet performance on these tires is an absolute dealbreaker, and I will never buy them again. I have no idea how the wet performance on these tires this rate is so high. I’m gonna have to buy new tires because it is absolutely risky.

  19. My last set of P7s, fitted to a 1987 Alfa Milano, were very good on dry pavement but scary over wet. They were also rather noisy in highway driving. These are another story entirely – quite smooth under all circumstances so far, with excellent response and feedback on aggressive cornering. What a difference fifteen years can make! The tires now on my Milano are not terrible, and probably have less than 1000 miles on them, but it’s getting a set of these as part of a general refurbishing as soon as I’m ready for them!

  20. Im on my 3rd set of these on my 2015 bmw 5series xdrive. Ride quality is excellent. The tires are very smooth on the road and can handle bumpy roads very well. Its a very good tire for those looking for an overall comfort ajd smooth ride.

  21. I love these tires. I purchased them several years back and have gotten about 65 – 70K miles out of them. My Mazda his my daily driver and I work in the city. These tires were built to last and are fully worth the investment. Brand new I could slam on the brakes at 40mph and not skid once on a damp road. These proved perfect for light snow for the area I am in in DE. I will be putting my second set of these on again in the coming months – highly recommend for your light / compact sedan!

  22. These are just fantastic tires in this application on my car. I drive my Passat harder than most and I maintain it to get the best performance possible. These tires have been an upgrade in every way from the factory Continental tires. I am running more HP and torque than a standard Passat which means I need more traction because with the extra boost its very easy to lose traction with my set up. These tires are sticky in dry conditions and keep the power put to the ground and not wasted in wheel spin. Cornering and traction in wet conditions is outstanding. I can drive with confidence in rain and wet conditions knowing that I have traction with these tires. Keep them rotated and aligned and I don’t see any reason why you won’t get 50k minimum out of this rubber even when driven fairly aggressively. Only upgrade I think you can make from these is maybe to a very very high end Michelin, Goodyear or Pirelli summer tire but you would also lose value in that swap. I got these at a ridiculously low price from Tire rack that made my wallet enjoy the experience too! Highly recommend them.

  23. Overall I’m not a tire expert so I don’t know if my ratings are all that valuable but I will say this: the tire has worn evenly and still has plently left after 20,000 miles. The only real downside I’m aware of is that even though in theory this tire has low rolling resistance, I did see my mileage go down on my Prius v after installing these tires (compared to the factory tire). I haven’t tracked mileage much since then so maybe mileage improved over time, but when new they definitely got worse mileage than the factory tire did.

  24. This tire came on my pre-owned 2014 AWD Fusion and was presumably new at time of purchase. I wouldn’t have picked this tire myself, but I was pleasantly surprised by its quietness for the first 75% of life, and the longest treadlife of any tire I’ve tried (granted I usually get ultra high performance AS’s). Its near the wear bars now and as a result, they got loud but its hardly a knock. Dry traction acceleration is fine with AWD (even tuned to 350 ft-lbs) but braking, wet or dry, leaves a little to be desired. Steering feels pretty responsive for a grand touring tire but you won’t be setting any lap records. They’re also pretty light, helping fuel economy (high 30’s and even into 40’s sometimes). They are great if you live in an area that gets snow frequently, and they do pretty good on ice for something that is not a dedicated winter tire.I decided to replace them with Conti DWS06 because I was willing to sacrifice snow/ice and treadlife for improved grip everywhere else, especially wet braking. My commute often has people slam on brakes randomly (wonderful MA) and we have much more rain here than we do snow so this seems like a better trade off. I am hoping gas mileage is not affected too much; while the Conti weighs 1 lb less (so 4 lbs of rotational mass overall), it has a much wider tread width (more than just the 10mm width size jump I’m also doing). I hope the cost increase is justified and that I don’t regret the move to Conti. While I use the Conti on my other cars and know them well, I also know they wear out pretty fast.If you drive easy, don’t get much rain, and like a very comfortable ride, you can’t go wrong with these Cinturato P7 Plus. They’ll last forever, and are cheap right now on closeout.

  25. *Disclaimer* I got one of the last sets of the Pirelli Cinturato Strada All Season which was exclusive to Discount Tire. This tire has nearly the exact same design as the P7 All Season Plus and very similar performance. Discount Tire no longer sells the Strada AS tires, so I am leaving a review for its sister tire.These tires were a happy coincidence as I ordered the P4 Four Seasons Plus, but my car ended up with the Pirelli Cinturato Strada by mistake. Management allowed me to keep the Cinturato Strada tires for the lower price of the P4 tires and they earned a loyal customer. I got lucky because a week after getting these tires, a slight blizzard hit and the tires handled the snow just fine. Granted, they were brand new. I decided to wait until I got a decent amount of mileage on these tires to leave a review. First, the tread life is far better than the OEM Bridgestone tires that came with the car. I barely got over 30K miles out of those Bridgestone tires and now I am 21K into these Pirellis and the tread life is still 7/32″ – 8/32″. I will admit that I am a “spirited” driver (my wife will attest to that) and I love testing tire grip. Despite my driving style, the tires have held up wonderfully and I spent a few months as a busy Dominos delivery driver! I have also driven from Louisville to Dallas and back four times which accounts for nearly half of the mileage, so I am very impressed with their durability. I live in Louisville, KY where it rains often and the performance in the wet is nearly identical to the performance in the dry. I would say that because of my driving style, these tires are even more dependable.Conclusion: These tires have proven to offer very good performance for an all season tire with top notch handling, decent comfort and noise reduction, and impressive durability. I am confident that I will get a solid 70K miles out of these tires. If these tires are in your budget, I highly recommend!

  26. I purchased the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus with a new set of OZ rims. I replaced my Hankook Ventus nobles which I got 30k miles out of. Im hoping to get at least 50k out of the Pirelli’s. They came mounted and balanced (at no charge) and I installed them the same day. I cannot get over how nice the ride is with these tires. They are very smooth and quiet, which surprised me. I am very happy , so far, with these tires.

  27. I’ve been quite happy with the driving performance of these tires. However, my experience has been plagued with constant slow leaks that I would take them to the tire shop to fix, valve stem issues, etc. Finally, after only 5 years and about 20000 miles on them, I’ve been told to replace these expensive tires as soon as possible due to apparent dry rot even though a lot of thread still remains on them.

  28. Nice and quiet when new. Definitely not a performance tire, but a reasonable compromise for a Volvo station wagon. Have worn unevenly and cupped despite rotating. Very noisy after 25000 miles. Need to be replaced soon; have only lasted half as long as expected. I gambled on Pirelli; should probably stick with Michelin.

  29. I’m a Uber driver, and I drive everywhere: Gravel/dirt roads, Baltimore potholes, Pittsburgh winters and hills, DC insanity, Ocean City sandy streets, and Northern Virginia pristine highways… They just finally reached an illegal tread level, two years and 100,000 miles later. I drive wild, with hard turns and high-speed braking on the Captial Beltway, as well as tons of potholes through the numerous cities I’ve driven. I’m on the road 500-1000 miles a week. Never have I ever experienced such amazing tires… much better than the OEM Mercedes tires, and any other set I’ve owned. I’d rather pay $1,200 for this set again than the 3-for-1 dealer special for tires that barely come close. The only downside on these tires is that their snow grip isn’t that great, but I was fine in many deep-snow situations; I just couldn’t drive like I did with the Jeep… I highly, highly reccommend. As for road noise as others have mentioned, as a deaf person, I can’t speak to that observation…

  30. I drove through a hailstorm at 70mph and the road grip was like glue! The tires feel pretty good all-around including handling, comfort, and noise level. I’ve only put 3,000 miles on these so far. They were driven in summer mostly in Texas but also a bit in New Mexico and Colorado. Mostly hot weather but also through a hailstorm and heavy rain. No complaints at all, very pleased..

  31. This was the second set of Pirelli Cinturato P7 AS+ we’ve owned, the prior set on a 2005 Acura TL that had an automatic transmission. Those tires seemed to not wear nearly as quickly but unfortunately that vehicle was totaled after 28186 miles on the tires so was not able to fully evaluate. We’re trying these tires one more time taking advantage of the tread life warranty but fully expect to only get 30,000 miles.

  32. These tires started on my 2012 Jetta which were then transferred to the replacement to 2015 Jetta, in that time these tires have provided superior handling with excellent handling, wet and snow performance. I’m currently looking to replace them and P7s are high on my list for replacements.


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